Scrap All Drink Drive Laws

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Release Date: Sunday 9th December 2007
Release Time: Immediate

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The Libertarian Alliance, the radical free market and civil liberties think tank and pressure group, today calls on the British Government to repeal all laws against drinking and driving. Drivers should be free to drink as much alcohol as they like before and while driving. The Police should be allowed to intervene only if a driver appears from his actions to be a danger to other road users, or if he causes an accident.

Dr Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance, comments:

“The current law on drinking and driving is a prior restraint law. It can only be enforced by indiscriminate stops and searches. Most of the drivers stopped are not driving erratically and do not test positive. This is a breach of  the Common Law prohibition of searches and seizures, except by judicial warrant and on evidence of some specific criminal behaviour.

“Moreover, every officer assigned to looking for drivers over the limit is one officer fewer to catch real criminals. This is specially the case at Christmas, which has lately become carnival a time for burglars and muggers. There are fewer officers around to deter them, and fewer to go looking for them after the event.

“Much of the propaganda against drinking and driving has nothing to do with reducing injuries to life and property, and everything to do with making it harder to enjoy a drink in good company.

“If we want to reduce the number of deaths on the roads, drinking and driving should not in itself be a crime. It should be possible for a person to drink a bottle of whisky, get into a car and drive away – and the authorities should have no power to stop this.

“Punishment should only come if a driver is so erratic that he is plainly dangerous or if an accident is caused. But it should then in this latter case be very severe punishment.

“In general, we believe in real punishments for real crimes. Unless a real crime can be shown, we believe in telling the police to mind their own business.”


Note(s) to Editors

Dr Sean Gabb is the Director of the Libertarian Alliance and edits its journal Free Life. His book, Smoking, Class and the Legitimation of Power, is available at Amazon. His other books are available from Hampden Press at

His longer opinions on drinking and driving can be read here:

He can be contacted for further comment on 07956 472 199 or by email at

2 responses to “Scrap All Drink Drive Laws

  1. crap!…zero tolerance, NOW!…and im a banned driver, just glad i didnt kill your child…

  2. Steve:

    I don’t drink and drive. And I’d rather others didn’t drink to excess. But this “Zero Tolerance” stuff is just recycled Giuliani-speak, from the days when he and his “police chief” William Bratton drove 800,000 poorer or non-conforming people out of New York, where they lived.

    Frankly, people don’t want that repressive crap in this country. You can always go live in Los Angeles if you want it — Bratton’s there now.

    Have a nice day…