Libertarian Alliance Conference Recordings from 2003

Sean Gabb 

I have just processed an uploaded an audio file record of the 2003 Libertarian Alliance Conference in London. The star turn of this conference was, beyond any doubt, Bill Thompson. His expose of the paedophilia scare was masterly then and still grips now. But the other speeches also were excellent.

To hear the speeches, go here:

The speeches were:

Saturday Session

Professor David Conway – Zionism and Classical Liberalism: Friends or Foes?

Chair: Dr Sean Gabb

Alberto Mingardi – The Politics of The Lord of the Rings: J. R. R. Tolkein Versus Socialism and Fascism.

Chair: Rebecca Baty

Dr Larry O’Hara – The Secret State in Britain

Dr. Stephen Davies – Alternatives to the Nation State: Pluralism and Liberty

Chair: David Carr (Introduction by Dr Chris R. Tame – who apologises profusely for a confusion over the banquet)

Scott Tips – The Codex Alimentarius and the Worldwide War Against Freedom of Medicine

Chair: Christian Michel

Sunday Session

Dr. Bill Thompson – The Paedophile Scam: False Allegations and Special Interest Groups (Read this article)

Chair: Dr Chris R. Tame

Dr. Dennis O’Keeffe – The Crisis of Compulsory State Education and the Case for Voluntary Attendance.

Chair: Brian Micklethwait

Paul Coulam – The Myth of Sexual Ethics.

Chair: David Farrer

Professor David Marsland – The State of Social Theory: Error and Lack of Ambition.

Chair: Dr Tim Evans

David Carr – The Coming Threat to Internet and Digital Freedom From Governments and Corporations

Chair: Martin Summers (Introduction and postscript by Dr Chris R. Tame)

Dr. Phil Collins – Banquet Speech


Sean Gabb

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  1. Simon Rigelsford

    Larry O’Hara’s speech doesn’t seem to have been uploaded…?