I should explain the post below THIS ONE. (Sorry!)

David Davis 

Our one blogreader (HI!… ‘You all-right ?) may be confused by the prevailing frequency of references to the UK’s major supermarket chains. This is because;

(1) People need food. Or they die. Socialism, being of the Devil, then arises, and takes a view.

(2) Socialism exists. Bummer. (…ON THE EARTH, FOR NOW…YOU PRE-CAPITALIST-MARXBOUND-BARBARIAN-UNENLIGHTENED-SLAIRS JUST WAIT TILL WE GET PROPERLY STARTED ON YOU, FROM SPACE…..(by just leaving you to stew in your own choices)…..) It therefore attracts dangerous, unsocialised, saddo dirigiste deadbeats; these are persons who can’t be trusted to do any useful work for real-people-who-are-responsible-for-others, and who thus have to pay bills and all that stuff, and who (that is to say, the deadbeats) instead therefore have no choice but to go into politics in Britain in the 21st century. Even the libdems won’t have them from now on, being desperate and running out of time, so they-deads have to go into the Labouring Party. Just look at the Labouring-Party today. Drowning in money, and no clue as to who it was from, and having to give it back, and looking very unprofessional overall.

If I was a truly-madly-deeply-professional Statist, such as Saddam Hussein or Stalin or Hitler or Castor or Pol Pot or Chirac or Putin or Mugabe, I would have had them all shot by now, and a new lot re-elected to serve the people even more effectively and, er, can’t remember the next word but it is superbly portentious and redolent with gravity and meaning – like 666, the years of the 5-year-plan.

(3) Deadbeats and socialsits (I like “socialsits” and will save it for later) think they are important, and want to affect the lives of other persons – just like those chaps who write and distribute viruses; so they “plan” stuff.

There is no other purpose to these people’s lives; I can’t fathom how such a fate has befallen the brains of such a large number of hominids, in so short a time. The Renaissance was not meant to lead to this pass. 

(4) “Food” hits all the buttons of highly-charged graphic art, such as the images of burstingly-large corn-sheaves on all the currency of the old Soviet Empire.

(5) Socialsits want to get at the mass food-distribution system in the UK. For heaven’s sake, they invented rationing. They would like to bring it back in some post-modernly-disguised form, for they hate the fact that everybody from the 4×4-woman-school-run-driveress to the single-mum-from-Bootle-in-a-clapped-out-Metro-driven-by-her-beater-upper, can get food from where she/they can afford to go.

(6) The main UK supermarket chians; that is to say, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury, Morrisons and Waitrose, are very, very, very good at delivering exactly the foods that their particular customer target groups want, at the prices they can (just about ) afford. This is just one aspect of what is called CAPITALISM.

(7) This state of affairs is hateful to the leftist Nazi government in Westminster. So hateful that in fact the better performers – such as Tesco –  are to be ordered to sell land and sites to the worse ones. Just watch.

I make these casual observations in the light of the progressive destruction of indigenous UK food suppliers over the last 10 years or so, by a government that knows the producers mostly don’t vote for it, never did, or ever would.

So we blog about food, and its production, and distribution, and the morality or otherwise of the entities involved. 

If I was Tesco, and I owned all the shares in myself, then I would move abroad, if I was me. I would close my outlets in the UK, sack all the staff, bulldoze all my sites, hand them over to the “competition commission”, and tell the gumment, which thinks it ought to dictate what foods people ought to eat at what prices and from what kinds of outlets, to go on and try to do it for itself.

My last words on this?

“U S S R”

And also…..telephone Robert Mugabe, its friend, and ask him if in the kindness of his heart, he could possibly send us some food.

6 responses to “I should explain the post below THIS ONE. (Sorry!)

  1. Ronald Reagan

    For crying out loud, please clean up your language. Perhaps you can’t write properly because of your dreadful socialist education, but please make some sort of effort. Half the reason I hate socialists is their abuse of language. Please don’t succumb to their level.

  2. Thank you for that!

    I have actually edited it thre times in the last 5 seconds but perhaps your boredband connection form heaven is not fast enough to catch up with my improvements.

  3. Ronald Reagan

    “thre times”
    “boredband connection form heaven”

    See what I mean?

  4. Dave:

    I won’t quibble with your endearing “trademark” neologisms. Instead, it might be more profitable to ask ourself about the nexus or identity of “Waitrose”, which is (as far as I know) a State-created “Limited Company.” I don’t know who owns it (it’s getting harder and harder to rell, with the Saudis alone owning 20% of Wall Street.

    John Blundell, writing on the IEA website, tells us that “… the sole purpose of a business is to enrich the people who own it.”

    David Ramsay Steele always used to tell us that the sole raison d’etre of any business is to serve its customers.

    A broader view might be that businesses are social constructs which exist by meeting the requirements of their customers, their staff, their suppliers, their entrepreneurs… and so on.

    The Mondragon Cooperatives in Spain have been doing just this, with their own money, since 1947, when they started making hurricane lanterns and stoves for less-well-off Spaniards.

    They are now a massive group of 240 Co-ops, employing over 60,000 participants, with annual sales in excess of UKP 10 000 000.00

    They have their own bank now, with assets of over UKP 5 000 000.00

    Any member who wants to start a new business has access to all the R&D and business advice and assistance anyone could wish for.

    The success of this form of organization shows up in the ‘bottom line.’ Their average per annum audited return on capital employed is — at 8% — twice the average for Spanish investor-owned businesses.


    In the unlikely event that I ever go into a Waitrose branch (why should I, when I can shop online with Tesco.com?) I shall ask the nice lady at the check-out if she’s now also an owner of Waitrose.

    Somehow, I don’t think the Waitrose managers are _that_ obsessed with profit. >:-}

    Happy New Year!

    Tony Hollick

  5. Thank you Tony! How are you by the way? Also I think I agree with you re Waitrose managers, but I have to say it’s nice shopping in the Waitrose in Formby (Merseyside…ugh) when I am polishing large staircases down there. there are no queues (the store is by Tesco standards substantially empty,) the stuff is all nice and well merchandised, it is all reassuringly expensive, and if you are (un)fortunate, you might bump into – literally – a “footballer’s wife”….or at least, one of her Servants, who are mostly nice Polish girls. (Like my wife is.)

  6. Hi, Dave!

    Well, the best news is that at my most recent check-up, my (nice, NHS) GP sat back, smiled, and asked me how old I was, “In my head.”

    I replied truthfully “Somewhere between seventeen and twenty-five.” He then said: “Well, you’ll be pleased to learn that you have all the vital signs of a twenty-five-year old.”

    Good news indeed to an 18 stone six foot two 65-year old “pensioner” who’s just got a Nordic Track skiing exerciser for Christmas!

    I love to think of you crafting things in wood. I used to love working with beech. I’m looking for someone to work with on producing a road-going two-wheeled “fighter plane” in plywood and steel (remember the Marcos?) with retractable canopy.


    will give you the general idea. My most recent car was a glorious classic 1987 Ford Capri 2.8i Injection Special from Ford Cologne, withh 28,000 miles on the clock. Driving back to Bristol at 4 in the morning, cruising at 85-ish, the offside front wheel exploded, putting me into the Central Reservation crash barrier, which ripped the side of the car off. I was unhurt. I have guardian angels 24/7… The police came, and very kindly spent two hours looking for signs of Frag 57s (these are frangible bullets used to shoot out car tyres). There was almost nothing of the front alloy wheel or tyre left to examine alas. I have an exciting life! >:-}

    Send me an email and I’ll send you a recent photo of me on the Cascades Railroad from Vancouver to Seattle, and me with the most famous (and beautiful) female prisoner in the US. Everyone goes to prison in the US. It’s the “War on Drugs” and the “Law and Order” lobby. 5.2 million people are trapped in the aptly-named “US Criminal Justice System.”

    I live in a beautiful four-room centrally-heated first floor apartment, one of eight in two blocks of four in a little fenced park with its own car park in a cul-de-sac. Feel free to visit!

    I had hoped I might share it with a gloriously attractive Latvian girl of 23, Inga in Riga, born of Russian parents. Life is pretty tough for the kids of Russian parents, alas. I think she’s in Russia now.

    Send me a picture of you with your good lady. Beeper’s kindly spirit will have spent a lot of effort on finding someone good for you to share your life with! >:-}

    Happy New Year!

    Tony Hollick