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Happy New Year 2008 from the Libertarian Alliance. The bastards are still in power (everywhere) but WE and YOU are still alive, and therefore there is hope.

David Davis 

Happy New Year. Some news is good. Gordon Brown, described as a socialist, is wallowing in mire. He can’t seem to get out, and his hair grows greyer by the day – have you noticed? He will look like Tony Blair, and soon, only bigger (is this worse?)

Nicholas Sarkozy has a new girlfriend, a very pretty young Italian woman, and highly shaggable too by the look of things. Good for him. Presidents of France should have sex a lot, and with very pretty and slightly younger women, for it is their real job, and I think it will keep their very delightful and nice country (which I do love despite my posts) out of trouble, since they will legislate less, getting up later as they then will. Poor old stuck-up anal “de Gaulle”, patriotic as he undoubtedly was, did not look like a male hominid at all, just some sort of, well, I don’t know what – at least he kept us out of the EUSSR for a bit. The fascist pig Mitterand at least had the grace to have illegitimate children (a creation,) a saving grace that some other fascist pig, a rather small and insignifiacnt one, called Hitler, will not be able to adduce in front of the RECORDING ANGEL, on The Day.

Pakistan’s news is less good. At least they have appointed some young lad from the right University. I’m sorry about his mum and send condolences: I knew her very slightly at a distance then, when she was at LMH. She went to grander parties than I was invited to. But I’m sure they’ll sort it out. Better not say what I had just typed and deleted, re nuclear war due to “inadequate control of weapons” – say you’re safe and the devil will get you next day.

Do we care about a failed socialist “bank” which costs us £57 billion to bail out? To save votes and seats in the English North East Soviet?

Nah. We will DRINK £57 billion of lager alone, next Thursday morning. It’s OUR job (see Nicholas Sarkozy, above.) They have sex, we get drunk and sing and shout. But I hope he spanks the bottoms of the enarques a bit.

Liverpool’s  “European capital of culture 2008” is going to go DOWN THE DRAIN, in socialist ruin, and indescribable corruption. (Remember I am the “Director of Northern Affairs”  …….  and YOU SAW IT HERE FIRST  !!!  ) I bet you all 5p. Each…………Every reader of this post who takes on the bet. NB! This does NOT mean I am happy about it; all that money, taken especially from poor-people, even lots of poor-people in Liverpool, and everybody taken in by a scam to rival the Olympics, and nothing to show for it except a few thousand bureaucrats, many of which are ill on sick-leave. Like the chief-finger-man Jason somebody-or-other.

Can’t think of anything else to sound lugubrious about right now, perhaps it’s the champagne working. 

Anyway, We at the LA all wish you, our readers, all that you yourselves would wish for you and those whom you love, which is what is really important in life. Socialism statizes love. This is destruction writ large.

If the STATE “does love”, which is to say “care”, then nobody has to love anybody, and that road leads to disaster. That’s the one and only thing I want to put for 2008, to kick it off.

Anybody who thinks anything else has ROCKS in his head. Happy new Year !!!

More great news about the death of anthropogenic global warming.

David Davis 

A good site is

and this…

and then this…

And people could sign this petition to force Al Gore to debate himself over his lies, not that he’ll take any notice (see my last comment below…)

Finally, for today, and thanks to Tony Hollick for spotting it (it’s also in his comment on a previous post) here is the URL for Martin Durkin’s great documentary on “The Great Global Warming Swindle.”

A thought has just occurred to me about Al Gore. Unless I’ve been asleep, he’s not been much in evidence these recent weeks – not like before. Could he be suffering from Hitleritis? Hitler was seen in public only twice after Stalingrad.

Will Sean Ever Sleep Again?


GOOD NEWS, EARTH IS NOT FLAT …. More on ” Global Warming as political hoax ” … how wonderful.

David Davis 

Got this today from Christina Speight.

I meant to comment plangently and intellectually on it, and did, but aol signed me off in the middle (and I lost everything) as it transpires that my wife’s cousin’s son in |Poland (a student) has cloned my aol account, and so aol sometimes thinks I am signed on in “two locations”.  Never mind, I’m too tired to re-imagine everything on line now, and you’ll just have to imagine what my comments were. I’m sure you can.


Good News! Earth Not Flat

 Melanie Phillips FRIDAY, 21ST DECEMBER 2007

 And now for some good news. Geophysicist David Deming writes that parts of north and south America and the southern hemisphere, from California to Korea, have been experiencing freezing weather of such unusual extremity and harshness that crops have been devastated and states of emergency declared. (NB: I have removed the quotes from this article because the author has objected to their being reproduced). 

However, maybe at long last the penny is dropping. The New Statesman, no less, this week publishes a piece by sensible David Whitehouse which says flatly:  The fact is that the global temperature of 2007 is statistically the same as 2006 as well as every year since 2001. Global warming has, temporarily or permanently, ceased. Temperatures across the world are not increasing as they should according to the fundamental theory behind global warming – the greenhouse effect. Something else is happening and it is vital that we find out what or else we may spend hundreds of billions of pounds needlessly. … For the past decade the world has not warmed.

Global warming has stopped. It’s not a viewpoint or a sceptic’s inaccuracy. It’s an observational fact…. So we are led to the conclusion that either the hypothesis of carbon dioxide induced global warming holds but its effects are being modified in what seems to be an improbable though not impossible way, or, and this really is heresy according to some, the working hypothesis does not stand the test of data. 

It was a pity that the delegates at Bali didn’t discuss this or that the recent IPCC Synthesis report did not look in more detail at this recent warming standstill. A pity indeed, that the entire western ruling class has been taken in by this scam.But now the cavalry appears at last to have arrived.

According to this story, a US Senate report documents the opinion of hundreds of prominent scientists from around the world who say global warming and cooling is a cycle of nature and cannot legitimately be connected to man’s activities. The report compiled observations from more than 400 prominent scientists from more than two dozen nations who have voiced objections to the so-called ‘consensus’ on ‘man-made global warming.’

Many of the scientists are current or former participants in the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, whose present officials, along with former Vice President Al Gore, have asserted a definite connection. The new report comes from the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee’s office of the GOP ranking member, and cites the hundreds of opinions issued just in 2007 that global warming and man’s activities are unrelated. …‘Many scientists from around the world have dubbed 2007 as the year man-made global warming fears “bite the dust”’, the introduction said.

And there probably would be many more scientists making such statements, were it not for the fear of retaliation from those aboard the global-warming-is-caused-by-SUVs bandwagon, the report said. 

And it details some of this intimidation. (Details in article.)

 Looks like man-made global warming theory is melting away faster than you can say Al Gore. A lot of reputations are now going to disappear along with it: all those who were part of the famous ‘consensus’ (not). Those people should never be taken seriously again. It’s over, guys. Reason, truth and real science are fighting back.

RON PAUL quote of the day…

David Davis 

I liked this from Ron Paul (I’m a Lancashire Bumpkin, so who is Ron Paul, and what pop group does he play for?) (SEE the violet stuff below my red stuff!)

28th Dec 19.22 GMT re-edit:- this inserted:-

You’ll be pleased to know that I’ve finished french-polishing staircases for the day, and I’ve now acquainted myself with what Ron Paul is and what he is for. if he does truly believe what he says down there in violet, then he’s the right man for the job. He could even be the president that BARRY GOLDWATER nevere got to be. I rememebr that Godlwater said something strikingly similar in, oh, about 1964?

Few Americans understand that all government action is inherently coercive. If nothing else, government action requires taxes. If taxes were freely paid, they wouldn’t be called taxes, they’d be called donations. If we intend to use the word freedom in an honest way, we should have the simple integrity to give it real meaning: Freedom is living without government coercion. So when a politician talks about freedom for this group or that, ask yourself whether he is advocating more government action or less.

God knows what that gobbledygook means at the bottom. You lot better click it I expect!

Or perhaps not……Actually I think WordPress meant to display it as this;

Much better! Why didn’t I just use AOL as usual…?

GLOBAL WARMING AS POLITICAL HOAX …. NICE search-engine string that hit the side of the blog today!

“global warming as political hoax”

 I love the smell of cyber-napalm in the evening.

And, the latest post about (not anthropogenic) global warming is at the top of the blog tonight, 29.12.07, about 10.15pm GMT.

Why do bureaucrats do what they do, and if we could find out, how could we stop them?

As is often stated on here, “I have not even time to scratch my arse” – so I thank Samizdata for flagging a think-piece about essence of “bureaucrat-ness”, and perhaps why modern civilisations seem to degenerate into more or less petty tyranny over the individual. This is always at the insistence of some powerful group or other that claims to have moral and executive authority over lives and property:-

The face of the enemy

Guy Herbert (London)   Best of • Personal views • Privacy & Panopticon


Sometimes it is worth plagiarising yourself.

I was asked in a pre-interview chat the other day, about 30 seconds from live TV, “Why is the government doing this? ‘Terrorism’ doesn’t seem to make sense; there has to be something more to it.” It’s hard to be snappy on the point even without crazy pressure, so mumbled something about my interlocutor going to Google and typing “Transformational Government”. I do recommend it, but I have a fairly neat explanation for why Transformational Government too. Just not quite neat enough to recall and pitch in 30 seconds on a GMTV sofa at 6:30 in the morning.

I actually wrote it about 3 years ago, in the days when I had time to think, as a comment on Phil Booth’s (whatever happened to him) blog, the Infinite Ideas Machine:

My answer arises from a pub conversation a while back with the post-Marxist commentator Joe Kaplinsky. He maintains  >>”they” don’t know what they want the information for,  they are just collecting it just in case it should ever come in useful, because that’s what bureaucrats do.<< There is much in that, but I think there’s slightly more.

The slightly more is a glimpse of bureaucratic fundamentalism to rival the more explicit fundamentalisms of religious and political fanatics. The administrative class (“class” in the cultural not economic sense) in Britain, but also in Europe more generally – and from which New Labour is almost exclusively drawn – holds it as self evident that the life and personality of an individual is a unitary object capable of being better managed if only there is enough information collected and enough “best practice” followed.

It is a fundamentalist faith in that if the world is out of line with the model, the world is wrong; that written rules and established methods are unquestionable from outside the tradition; and that forcing people to live within the categories determined by the faith is justifiable for a general and individual good that is evident to the elect.

It’s not that control is sought for its own sake, more that they yearn for the best well-ordered and coherent society, and believe this can be determined and imposed given sufficient expertise and information. Hence joined up government. They really do believe that efficiency is achieved by connecting everything to everything else in a giant bureaucratic system. It is the Soviet illusion, dressed up in “new technology” and market-friendly initiatives that co-opt corporate bureaucracies into the dream rather than setting them up as enemies.

The same people who claimed to have absorbed Hayek’s explanation of why 5-year plans can’t work during their turn away from Old Labour are too dull (or too intoxicated by the vision of the power to make a good society) to see that replacing some of the clerks with machines and the telegraph with the internet makes no difference to the basic proposition.

There is always a demonized group too, one which does not fid into the Utopian plans for “society”, to the infallibility of which the bureau-group is the only and legitimate heir. That great theoretical-modelling group the Nazis used Jews and Slavs…Student Marxists from Marx himself onwards demonised “capitalists” and “plutocrats”…today’s global-warming-Nazis use drivers of “SUVS”, and secondarily anybody in the west except Al Gore who needs to use energy. 

Paul Johnson I recall, in his book “Intellectuals”, referred in the last pages to the “Tyranny of Ideas”. My thesis is that as civilisation gets more complicated and ramified, there begin to exist in it more and more spaces, sort of lacunae…These are places in which angry disaffected persons who are (a) quite intelligent and (b) largely useless at any sort of consumer-pleasing work whatsoever (such as shopkeeping, science, or making and growing stuff that chaps want to buy.) Feeling sidelined, and having the articulation needed to be able to project their contrary plans for how civilisation might develop, they metaphorically lose their temper, throw their toys and propose that everyone be FORCED to comply with their model (see Samizdata above) of how the world ought to work.

Their plans sound messianic and plausible to masses of other people who have nothing initially to lose by trying the experiment. In pre-capitalist societies things called “revolutions” (by the left) occur. In advanced pluralist democracies (and no, Germany was NOT one of these in 1919, but the UK still is one, even now) a creeping stalinism comes about.

I think this needs to be explored further, but right now my drving services are demanded by the boys.