Moonbattery hyper extreme. EU says British military vehicles must be “GREEN”!

David Davis 

A good site, Moonbattery – go to it when you have finished with us here. it tells you even more than we can in a short time, how stupid and therefore how evil, wicked, pre-meditated and intentional, the enemies of Western liberalism really really are. I delight in the syntactical promiscuity of the English Language sometimes, in that there are so many, many words for “bad”, such as “LOW”. (A certain socialsit “peeeeeer” used this word to describe Margaret Thatcher. “LOW”. Does anybody remember that one?)

There was a repport in yetserday’s Telegraph about this new directive from the increasingly unlibertarian EU. (I like “yetserday” and “repport”, so I will leave them. Perhaps we’ll get googled by socialist-de-educated British schoolkids more. This raises a point; should blogs clear out typographical errors becuase it’s morally right, or should they leave them in in support of the increasingly sub-literate generations under State education? Discuss…..) 

They must emit only the statutory quantities of carbon dioxide etc etc etc mumble groan whinge rhubarb knickers. 

Firstly, I thought our vehicles were…er, green. (Well, sort of a drab shade, for defending the wimpish-euro-communist-Europeans against their fellow-fascists in Russia.)

Secondly, have you SEEN a modern battle?

My dear! The noise! The people! The pollution!

I don’t know what these enarques have been smoking who dreamed up this nonsense, but (1) I bet it does not apply to French/Italian/Austrian/Spanish military vehicle builders, and (2) the last thing on my mind as a Field Commander up against say the Russians (could be) or the Sudano-Iranians (may well be) is how much Carbon Dioxide my APCs are putting out. One enemy shell using modern smokeless stuff of very high detonation velocity (and say a 120mm round of bursting charge 10Kg) will exhale say 500 moles of the stuff conservatively; that’s nearly 2,000 cubic feet or about 60 cubic metres at the lowest possible blast temperature, or what the defending vehicle will exhaust in a day’s hard driving…..hopefully not in Europe but earlier in the war so outside.

Libertarianism is under attack from all sorts of angles that we did not even imagine. Could such an organisation as the LA, or this blog, have arisen if there had not been a defensible island that happened to be the birthplace of modern liberal thought? And which the continental Reiche, used to long land borders and bloody intra-land struggle as a way of living, could not immediately get at?

 Oh and I will put “socialsit” on wikipedia sometime.

2 responses to “Moonbattery hyper extreme. EU says British military vehicles must be “GREEN”!

  1. “Civilisations die by suicide, not from murder”.

  2. Shouldn’t that be Socialshit?