First; lost “public funds” down the drain in a socialist “bank”. Now, lost personal financial data. If we have to have politicians, then they should be amateurs.

David Davis 

It’s no use just sitting here and dubbing Socialist governments who lack Full-Terror-Police “incompetent tossers”, “wankers“, “can’t run a whelk-stall”, “wouldn’t trust them to mow the lawn”, or anything else the bolgosphere has come up with in the last 20 hours. It won’t make the underlying menace go away any faster.

Despite having no fully-evolved Terror-Police (aka AUBERON WAUGH) they do have an effective monopoly of force, and so there is nothing that can be done to make them behave properly in this scenario and do the right thing, since they “don’t do resignations”, we have no guns, and we can’t get the Queen to call an election as she’s busy. Poor blameless Paul Gray, the head of HMRC, has indeed done the right thing, and hopefully for him and his family he will therefore, not lacking some trace of integrity, get offered another job somewhere in the fullness of time – even though he seemingly coked up over Tax-“Credits” (whatever those may be…..sounds like a tautology to me.)Human nature, deriving from God, is thus of course boundless in its ability to spot thugs and shysters, and Gray is clearly not one of these evil things. (It also explains why nobody votes in the UK any more – if everybody slurping slime at the trough of the State is in it for the dosh and the Mercs-4-Jerks, and you can’t dislodge them, what’s the point?)

This lot has now shown itself for what it really is. First, through destroying or trying to destroy all our institutions that made us a unique and important nation, and secondly through staggering incompetence of intergalactic proportions. Just read the headlines…. (later aditing – ed.)

It is a bunch of people who have never known how to do anything except “career politics”. They are advised by another bunch of people who have never known anything except how to be “career bureaucrats” – the rot started, incidentally, to set in here in the UK in the early-70s when “the brightest” graduates at my University would sit the “Civil Service” (as it was universally known – one was expected simply to know, via the “form”, what this meant, and nod sagely while genuflecting towards the “sitter”) as a matter of course.

Compounding these errors, this bunch has as its friends and “special advisers” and Quangocrats, others who do no really useful work whatever – and who, if they were less successful at self-promotion than they currently are, would be reduced to plugging away in the blogosphere for no money. At least then nobody would listen to them or take them seriously, which would be a blessing!!!!! (The average blog has less than 0.007 reader per day, and that includes GUIDO and other biggies.)

If and when, revolution or no, a “new settlement” can be agreed, then it’s high time that there was thought to be no such thing as a “career” in “politics” or “public service”. Amateurs have driven the world from the Renaissance onwards, which was when it suddenly began to matter to the universe that there was such a place as this Earth. Even the Romans thought you couldn’t be a Senator until you’d become quite old AND done useful stuff besides. this made all Rpman senators effectively amateurs. Later, “Amateur Radio” types, that is to say, geeks; from about 1904 onwards, virtually invented all of the applied forms of all granted-for-taken communications methods that you and I use today. (We “did” satellites-type-stuff, before Rupert Murdoch was a gleam in his OWN eye…..and we were using the Moon! The Moon did not amplify signals, but its reflectivity extablished the principle that satellite comms could be done……Even “wireless  tele-vision” was pioneered in the 40s; that is what hams called it.)

I don’t think a Libertarian Party would allow people to be candidates for selection, until they’d done the Roman bit first either. This is not by any means a full solution to the strategic problem of how you get the right people to serve in a Minimal State, but it could be a start. Get the professionals in, which is to say the amateurs.

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  1. Hi again, Dave!

    This “Missing CDs” thing is either an absurdity, or a cover for something else, or a cruel hoax.

    Anyone who downloads music or videos and burns them to CD knows that CDs can hold about 650 Megabytes of data.

    Anyone who designs database systems (as I have done) will know how to estimate the total size of the database record from the description of the data fields which must be necessary to store the data as described. Simple arithmetic tells us that it’s completely impossible to fit anything remotely resembling that kind of data into mere 52 _byte_ long records.

    So the interesting question is: Why are we all being told this crazy “2 CDs” story?

    Best Wishes,