YET MORE jolly personalised number plates!

Spotted between 08.25 and 09.05, just around the town this morning….

 S4LJY… J2 JUU… 666 DCD… M2O SN…

Then, these three in procession within 50 yards of each other; D8 MOL…D12TTO…M5YOY…

X7MAH…V6NPE…T68ATH (I do wonder about this person…?) DUM 46 (and about this one too.) 

I suppose we as libertarians ought to be pleased that one can have some harmless pleasure while yet labouring under the state-numbering system. But I worry that as socialist hegemonic culture grips ever tighter, the only way people feel they can stand out is status-based.

Personally, I prefer to drive about as anonymously as possible; the state knows too much about our travel habits already.

One response to “YET MORE jolly personalised number plates!

  1. Can I draw people’s attention to this;

    It was on the radio news this morning. Well, my cheque’s in the post (he says in a slightly haughty tone…)