What a bummer! WHIPPED…by Little Man What Now?…Oh dear, we did not react fast enough. Jean Charles de Menezes and his sad (certainly un-necessary) death at the hands of the Met

Oh, shit! 

We find that we in the Libertarian Alliance, have been CASTIGATED on his own bolg, by Little Man What Now. This is over our failure to respond to the sad business of the culpability (obvious) of the Socialist (N***) Police in London over this titled matter. This interests me personally in a sort of academic way, for I did not know that there was a distinction between “Libertarians” and “Vulgar Libertarians”, and would value some instruction so as not to make “Errors”. I’m interested in taxation policy as applied by Nazi guvmints towards poor-people who – being poor –  have therefore to work, as opposed to other people who work for guvimnts and therefore do not have to work, and who thus can pontificate about who shops for what, and where. (See tags like Waitrose, Tesco, 4x4s, etc.) I gather that one gripe agaonst us is to do with that policy position, but I may be wrong.

What exactly is a “Vulgar Libertarian”? I did not know; either a Man (and that is to say also, a Woman) is a Libertarian, or He (and /or She) is not (I thought?)

I apologise for not commenting here about this poor Brazilian, who, it now seems quite clear, was clearly murdered, very bloodily, and probably in totally unauthorised fashion by gun-wielding police, who clearly also thought that they had got someone else, and were clearly briefed to shoot first, very fully, and ask about it afterwards. 

What I would say is that there is a war to the death going on, between two “civilisations”. In this, one side refuses to admit, due to self-imposed and un-necessary multiculti-political-nazi reasons, that it is actually at war with a post-modern tactical coalition of socialism and a pre-capitalist-barbarian-warlord-system, whose priorities are the allocation of women, animals, children and slaves, in lands where there is nothing. Due to un-necesarily-retained hang-up-baggage, largely caused by internal Eageltonization, the one side chooses to attack itself as often as possible, both to show outwardly how “tolerant” it is, and inwardly to show how fierce it is in defence of its supposed real responsibilities, while the other is allowed to say what it wants.

The attacked side is hamstrung by anti-liberal multiculti, but yet it has to be seen from time to time to be “doing something”, otherwise nobody in the masses will buy into the myth that the security services are “protecting us”, and nobody will go along with the progressive erosion of liberties that the Fabian Socialists of the West demand, in order to bring about its demize.

So it was probably inevitable, that a poor Brazilian electrician, who looked  a bit semitic, and who came out of the wrong door in the wrong part of South London (the wrong part of any city on the planet imho, and I can tell you, for I have lived there!) one morning, and who ran onto the tube a bit too fast, would be shot at. Easy target; they probably did not expect the fallout, the Police didn’t. Easy way to “get a result” at a difficult time. Anybody remember “New” “Labour” and “Spin”? they probably thought they could get away with it.

I’m not sure if this answers LittleManWhatNow’s query, but as he said, we are not salaried journalists; we have lives to lead and families to feed; we have not time to scratch our bums (which smart; we ARE fixated by over-taxation by guvmints; and also their depradations against retailers like Tesco who try to feed poor-people for no money at a profit; we do our best.

We do not condone the murder of JC de Menezes by “our” Police, either in error or as a staged stunt – who knows? But there is a lot of other stuff to do, and the nonblog-media have covered it totally already. We blog about what we can, we do not get paid (!) and we do try hard to cover important stuff.

One response to “What a bummer! WHIPPED…by Little Man What Now?…Oh dear, we did not react fast enough. Jean Charles de Menezes and his sad (certainly un-necessary) death at the hands of the Met

  1. Thanks for responding positively; and thanks for noting that the police are a socialist organization.

    As for “vulgar libertarian”, one of your published authors coined the term to describe people who professed to love liberty as a “cover” for the unconfessable interest of maintaining and even accentuating a society of gross and unjust economic and social inequality.


    I hope this helps.