Removal of Christmas. Hmmm. I don’t know – you’re a Libertarian; do YOU want to remove it?

I went round a minute or so ago to Hot Air, a frequent source of satirical comment on the unreality of Socialist nonsense, and found this. Moonbattery. They shall go in the bolg-roll; great stuff, and I am pleased that the planet still contains a few hundred sane people. Let’s keep buggering on!

We learn, as if we did not know, that  some people who disagree with how we interpret the world and the Universe, want to eraze some of the ways in which we do our interpreting.

Fort Collins Removing Christmas from “the Holidays”

November is the time moonbats turn their attention to suppressing Christmas. Yesterday we learned that as part of its overall strategy to eradicate British culture, the Labour Party’s beloved Institute for Public Policy Research wants to downgrade Christmas in favor of holidays from other religions, since they don’t feel they have the leverage yet to “expunge” it from the calendar altogether. On the other side of the world, in Colorado:

Fort Collins has decided to make the holidays less about Christmas, and more about our diversity.

Christmas displays are to be less “Christmas-y,” avoiding “things that scream Christmas at folks.” For example, lights will be blue and white, because red and green lights might remind someone of Christmas, which must never be done at Christmastime, since that might offend those who hate Christmas.

What kind of fiend hates Christmas? Why do the Grinch and Ebenezer Scrooge take precedence over the vast majority of Americans who are decent, normal people? The answer: because moonbats are in charge, and they are anything but decent or normal.

When progressives have succeeded in killing Christmas, it will be a major step toward their goal of replacing our culture with a vacuum that is both sterile and unclean.

Even that we won the World War 1587-1991, and we a single culture, latterly and collectively defeated at least two other evil ones while yet being bust; I want to wonder how we have ended up like this, in the foredays of Armageddon, and up against previously intelligent human beings, from among ourselves, who have become Monsters and Socialists.

Libertarians may sometimes be atheists (I know many who are, although as a scientist I have always found it 100% easy  – rationally –  to acknowledge the existence and benevolent omnipotence of God – that is what Science does – it lets us know what is in God’s Mind) but only non-libertarian Socialist Utopiomaniacs would want to forbid the festivals of one particular religion.

Let these people start to badmouth some revered festivals of a rather-strongly-promoted-and-ultra-Vulgatic-pre-capitalist-desert-survival-guide, for example; 

Or Diwali, which may have some foudation in actual religion, but I am not a 2007-British-schoolchild and do not do “R-E” so I do not know –

– and see what would happen.

If someone does not “like” “Christmas”, or want to “believe” something about it and what it is about, and the “colours that it uses”, which “could offend”…. then all he has to do is go and live somewhere else, where it does not feature in the lives of the other people round him whom he presumably despises? Or have I missed something vital here?

One response to “Removal of Christmas. Hmmm. I don’t know – you’re a Libertarian; do YOU want to remove it?

  1. This is SO right.
    Haven’t you noticed how the ‘blue and white’ Christmas colour scheme rides roughshod over the traditional red and green and seems to have gone on for at least 10 years…….just when …New Labour came….to…er……pow………..