Time to defend poor persecuted Tesco again (for being cleverer than, and with a better-adapted business model than, its rivals and “little shops”.)

The wobblyTory Graph has, as usual, all you need to know here. The Competition Commission (PRAY TELL!….WHY IS THERE ONLY ONE….???) presumably some junta of quangocrats set up by the same guvmint that permits ONLY ONE (State) POST OFFICE and ONE NATIONAL CURRICULUM, has threatened Tesco that it could be penalised for “investing and taking risks”.

The “Regulator” (???) has “concluded that there is a lack of competition in a number of local markets – although overall the sector delivered “a good deal for consumers”.

The breathtaking hypocrisy of the following barefaced statement, made with the disarming frankness of a Hitler or a Giscard-d’Estaing (thank God there has been only one of each – beware imitators who still live! Do not accept sweets from them in the street or on State Visits!) by an administration which monopolises health care, post, education, defence, money supply, and roads, and cunningly cartelises stuff like rail and broadcasting, defies belief;

As well as forcing supermarkets to sell up to 40 stores and more than 100 sites in towns where they dominate, the commission is also considering giving local authorities the power to bar supermarkets from opening extra stores in towns where they already have a certain number or their market share exceeds a limit.

 Listen up; “Local Authorities” are already vastly over-powered and under-responsible to anyone, and are acting in all respects like little (and not so little) Hitlers already. The bloated one here has armoured black Jags and a “cabinet” – at least it’s hung so it can’t go about being like the neighbouring ones. Give all these sociology “graduates” from jumped-up-techs the power to actually push businesses about even harder than they already do, and I don’t think their blood-pressures and heart-rates could stand the strain on their diet of soya mince, pasta without salt and chicken-manure.

Who is to say what the market share of a free and not-enslaved business in its sector, competing freely and legally against others, “ought” to be? What hubris is this, on the part of these ghastly, arrogant nazis? Not content with that, they’ll be hectoring us, the customers, about what to eat next! And this report presages rationing…..you just watch this place in ten years’ time.

I think we should all write to Sir Terry Leahy, telling him what self-regarding, jumped-up little whingers his critics are, for daring to pull his ship down for the supposed crime of being successful and expanding through generating happy repeat business.

Honestly, it makes you wonder what it will finally take, for the British to get up from the sodding telly at last, and kick out their fatal fixation on this kind of slightly nasty, faux-state-Nazism that they seem to have wanted to tolerate in their lives for so long.

3 responses to “Time to defend poor persecuted Tesco again (for being cleverer than, and with a better-adapted business model than, its rivals and “little shops”.)

  1. It’s quite simple, if you want to buy crap quality, tasting food then go to tesco or just about any other supermarket in the British Isles. If you want better tasting fruit and veg for your money leave the country, let’s face it, the produce that has to be imported from warmer climates to the UK tastes crap because of the time it has spent in storage and then transit. What do people in the UK expect?
    And these people that claim to be able to taste the difference between Organic and Supermarket veg, oh god please help me, there is no difference. It’s all pretty bland tasteless crap because it is grown, in most parts, in low amounts of sunlight because of the natural weather conditions in the UK.
    If people want to stop the advance of these big supermarkets, then don’t bloody well encouarge them by shopping in them in the first place. It’s typical of the English to winge on about large supermarkets causing the closure of small independent shops, but where do you see them on a Sunday afternoon when they have forgotten to buy some essential ingredient.

  2. With a little help from Nigel, we purchased our Christmas shopping from Tesco Online. We booked a convenient and inexpensive delivery slot.

    Next day, a pleasant young man from Poland delivered three big trays to my front door, one for the freezer, one for the fridge and one for shelves.

    Everything was cheaper and better than our local Somerfields. (The Tory Nimbys blocked a Sainsbury in our village, Westbury-on-Trym in Bristol).

    Shops are nice. The Internet is nice. I want to be free to chose, is all.



  3. Good comments from both of you gentlemen.

    “Organic” difference is nugatory at these latitudes I agree. Also, Tesco wants to make money, and is at heart American, and Somerfield just pretends to and is at heart European – it will go the way of Lidl and Aldi – where, ther more customers queuing, the more checkouts they close off….