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Moonbattery hyper extreme. EU says British military vehicles must be “GREEN”!

David Davis 

A good site, Moonbattery – go to it when you have finished with us here. it tells you even more than we can in a short time, how stupid and therefore how evil, wicked, pre-meditated and intentional, the enemies of Western liberalism really really are. I delight in the syntactical promiscuity of the English Language sometimes, in that there are so many, many words for “bad”, such as “LOW”. (A certain socialsit “peeeeeer” used this word to describe Margaret Thatcher. “LOW”. Does anybody remember that one?)

There was a repport in yetserday’s Telegraph about this new directive from the increasingly unlibertarian EU. (I like “yetserday” and “repport”, so I will leave them. Perhaps we’ll get googled by socialist-de-educated British schoolkids more. This raises a point; should blogs clear out typographical errors becuase it’s morally right, or should they leave them in in support of the increasingly sub-literate generations under State education? Discuss…..) 

They must emit only the statutory quantities of carbon dioxide etc etc etc mumble groan whinge rhubarb knickers. 

Firstly, I thought our vehicles were…er, green. (Well, sort of a drab shade, for defending the wimpish-euro-communist-Europeans against their fellow-fascists in Russia.)

Secondly, have you SEEN a modern battle?

My dear! The noise! The people! The pollution!

I don’t know what these enarques have been smoking who dreamed up this nonsense, but (1) I bet it does not apply to French/Italian/Austrian/Spanish military vehicle builders, and (2) the last thing on my mind as a Field Commander up against say the Russians (could be) or the Sudano-Iranians (may well be) is how much Carbon Dioxide my APCs are putting out. One enemy shell using modern smokeless stuff of very high detonation velocity (and say a 120mm round of bursting charge 10Kg) will exhale say 500 moles of the stuff conservatively; that’s nearly 2,000 cubic feet or about 60 cubic metres at the lowest possible blast temperature, or what the defending vehicle will exhaust in a day’s hard driving…..hopefully not in Europe but earlier in the war so outside.

Libertarianism is under attack from all sorts of angles that we did not even imagine. Could such an organisation as the LA, or this blog, have arisen if there had not been a defensible island that happened to be the birthplace of modern liberal thought? And which the continental Reiche, used to long land borders and bloody intra-land struggle as a way of living, could not immediately get at?

 Oh and I will put “socialsit” on wikipedia sometime.

Sean in Debate with anti-Semite I don’t propose to keep up this debate, as I have more interesting things to do. However, it won’t do for my own semi-blog to be covered in anti-semitic comments. If anyone would like to have a good laugh at poor Mr O’Farrell, be my guest. Sean

Libertarian World Conference 1991

When I uploaded this the other day, something went wrong. Here it is again – complete with the only extant footage of Chris Tame’s Elvis impersonation:



Various from Sean Gabb

1. I have just uploaded a video file of the “Libertarian World Conference 1991”. This contains rare footage of Chris R. Tame in his prime, before the clouds had gathered that darkened his final years. He is certainly at his best here! The video also shows Hubert and Rita Jongen, Tom Grey, and Alastair James, among other friends. You can view the footage here:


2. I did another BBC radio discussion the day before yesterday on free speech and that Oxford Union debate. You can find the mp3 file here:


3. I have just received the latest issue of “The Individual”, published by the Society for Individual Freedom. The SIF and LA are sister organisations. Though they do not live together, they do share Nigel Meek, who is Editorial Director of the LA and Editor of “The Individual”. This is an excellent issue of the SIF’ quarterly journal, and I hope Nigel will republish some of the articles though the LA.

you can find details of the SIF by going here:

Issues of “The Individual” are located here:


4. Christmas is coming, and I am sure you have friends and relatives who have already have everything that can be bought in places like John Lewis. Therefore, let me recommend two of my books:

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Though it might not be good marketing, I will suggest that you might know people whose visits or telephone calls you wished to discourage. Giving such people one of my books for Christmas might be helpful.

5. Here is another book. I did not write this, but it is worth bringing to attention:

The Great Reading Disaster: Reclaiming Our Educational Birthright (Paperback) by Alice Coleman (Author), Mona McNee (Author) (£16.99)

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That’s all for now.


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The mouse that “can’t get cancer”. Another example of free-market science success that won’t be available on the NHS in England.

David Davis 

The Daily Mail, in its rather sad “two sensational-health-scares plus two sensational-advances (and all for women mostly) per week per front page” editorial policy, trumpeted today;

“The mouse that can’t get cancer”.

I object to this popularly-journalized demonization of cancer – not because it’s an often painful and sometimes currently incurable condition – but because news about our progess towards its being made nugatory, such as with colds and flu for instance, has fallen into the hands of those who drive popular culture and popular-use-of-popular-media.

Molecular biophysicists have known for some years that there are genes which act, sort of like a “dead-man’s handle”, in cells which become what we call “neoplastic”; that is to say, cancerous. these cells have “lost” the ability to respond to ordinary chemical signals from their host body, telling them all the while “don’t divide”. So? They divide. Then they do it again…..and again, and again, and again, and…… the result is? Cancer. Some genes exist in multicellular organisms exactly to respond to this scenario, and they shut down any such cell line. Sometimes, tragically, these genes can become broken, in the course of many many cell replications in one’s life. (That’s why cancers are often conditions of middle or old age.)

But “The mouse that can’t get cancer” is I think a premature stab for us at some confidence in the future. Let’s not get too excited in England in 2007….for…………

Gordon Brown still wants you to die painfully, for a few decades more, like his political forebears still rationed foods and petrol and clothes (even CLOTHES for f***’s sake?) for years after the War. After all, if such was available on the NHS, then rich-people would queue up for it first, and we can’t have that. 

There is no doubt that Man will beat cancer generally and in detail. It may even happen in our lifetimes. But there is also no doubt that, as soon as such treatment whatever becomes available, it will “not be available on the NHS in England”. Probably in Scotland. Most probably in Poland too.

A freer market in university research in the USA has brought this new insight about. isn’t it interestingly tragic that a thingy called “NICE” (the national institute for clinical excellence) often forbids stuff automatically to England, which is permitted to be “funded” elsewhere. Well, there’s socialism for you.

Strategic policy-making for the new century; the Libertarian Alliance is your one-stop think tank.

Just a usual weekly reminder for policy-makers, movers and shakers, butchers, bakers and candlestick-makers (all of whom will experience “change” – that mantra word of management consultancy – if for example bio-fuels get a throttle-grip on the planet’s food supply.)

The Libertarian Alliance’s main web page has on the left hand sidebar, under “Libertarian Alliance Publications“, about 800 items categorised under almost any social or philosphical heading you can think of over a cup of tea.

John Singleton Rip Van Australia

David Davis

Australia has been in the news, as the latest Anglosphere country to vote to (a) lie back and think of England – by adopting socialism – at a time when the world is about to run out of energy and food owing to other socialists being allowed to play with toys while unsupervised by the police, and (b) to LEAVE THE WAR.

It is not clear to me, historically, that Australia ever left a war before….er, before now….or before its outcome for us and it was sure. This is a unique event, which I could not have forseen. We will of course leave it too, but then we have a shitty socialist gumment that is “avvin’-a-luff”, and knows it – even though for 500 years we have not ordinarily left wars before doing the diplomacy that was needed and that we came to do. Spain left, but it deliberately elected such a bunch of tossers, the day after the enemy blew up some trains.

Talk about “stabs in the back”, and history! What phrase was it that the embryonic NSDAP used, to describe the treatment of its nation and forces after Versailles, to leverage itself out of its dangerously moribund and unknown situation in the early 1920s? Do people really want to revisit this kind of scenario?

But today, just today (and never before) this blog got 7 hits about the title I typed above, about RvA and JS. I wrote something about “Rip Van Australia” in August (see the blog archives) and today it came home.

I have no blinking clue who searched, but I bet it was some worried Australians. Good luck to you poor bastards, you will need it I think now – and we poms are in no position to help you either from now on – just like with (not) Poland in 1939. Kyoto? Global warming as a priority? What possessed you ockers to vote for that lapdancing leftist? Were you scared into repudiating your hard-won comforts, or what?

Eschew the lights of perverted science! Be yourselves, not what the Enemy Class tells you to be! Take a leaf from John Singleton’s life, and read his book Rip van Australia.