Fat food obesity diet nazi statist food-police diet-control. People as farm animals…

We do know, actually, in our hearts, really, why the guvmint is picking on fat people.

Daniel Hannan has a good bit of bloggage today, (see above) about this rather pressing (sorry!) matter. I quote a choice bit:

“Anti-fat campaigning unites a number of disparate interests. Anti-capitalists and greenies see it as another stick with which to beat McDonalds. Snobs seize on it as one of the few acceptable ways in which they can still look down on the poor. Above all, bureaucrats descry new opportunities to expand their powers with targets and strategies, bans and regulations, publicity campaigns and task forces.

We keep hearing that we are in the grip of an “obesity epidemic”. Never mind the faux-medical language, which suggests that fatness is an affliction, rather than the result of choices. Is it really true?

Pull out a photograph from, say, a hundred years ago. Observe those jowelly Edwardians…”

To fully enslave a population, I mean REALLY properly, you have to control not only what they think, how they live, and how you shall permit them to breed (that’s coming back next, I bet you 5p) but also what they shall be allowed to eat, and what it shall taste like (remove salts and fats, criminalize their inclusion, and you can then REALLY depress the poor bastards.)

Come to think of it, when I posted about slebs not being seen eating, the other day, I forgot politicians. When did you last see a pol eating or drinking? 

3 responses to “Fat food obesity diet nazi statist food-police diet-control. People as farm animals…

  1. So, way I see it right now, the last chance for civilisation is to knock down global warming. If that theory can be destroyed, it’ll prove that the expertist society is fundamentally flawed, and may knock the nazis back for 50 years or so (until it’s forgotten and they can begin the empire building in earnest again). If experts can be shown wrong about that, health experts maybe can be kicked into touch as well.

    If we can’t knock down global warming, we’re certainly fucked.

  2. You may be happy to know that my students’ attitudes to all the global warming claptrap and Goracle-ism they are fed at school, are highly sceptical and amused, mainly.

    The boys want to own big fast cars, and the girls want to go out with them in them, and then marry them and take children to school in them. (The boys, not the cars.)

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