Trafalgar Day. God Save Nelson. He kept Europe fascist-free for 109 years. Pity it was so short a time.

David Davis

I promised posts about the significance of the battle of Trafalgar on this day, its 202nd anniversary. This is because I wanted commentators and viewers here to discuss the value, or not, of the British international political settlement know variously as the “British Empire” and/or the “British Commonwealth”. The upshot is whether these institutions have been helpful in promoting liberalism (I PERSIST in using that word) to populations, such as the European Autarkies, whose Enemy Classes such as today’s “enarques” persist in not granting liberal freedoms to ordinary people – at least not in name if even they do >de facto<, since lives have got to be lived and transactions have got to be transacted – or even “taxes” can’t be collected! 

When I was born, it might have been possible for me to know living persons who had known very old living people who had actually fought in it, but in 2007, not now sadly. To illustrate what I mean, my grandfather had when young met a very old man who had been with one Dutch brigade which nearly broke at Waterloo (but didn’t quite break, happily. So one guy from it met my grand-dad very very much later.) Trafalgar, a similarly seminal encounter, sealed the fate of the second embryonic EUroSoviet, the natural and mortal enemy of liberalism being born in the British Isles in the late 18th century.

Whatever we may think of the “French” “Revolution”, its direct children, very quickly spawned, wanted and did try to to subject Europe” to a new slavery, under the new nationalist/socialist monarchy of a Corsican gangster, whom they have to have delighted to pretend was French. To this day, I argue volubly with Czechs and Poles (including my own wife) who truly believe that Napoleon was their saviour, and who erect memorials to him, such as near Vyskov in Moravia where he trashed the Russians and Austrians at Austerlitz in December 1805 (they call it Slavkov-u-Brna.)

The dream of pan-European hegemony over the World, often driven by a hatred of Our First Child the liberal USA – and including hatred of Euro-hegemony’s mortal enemy the British Isles, which is the home of liberalism and also of the first people (yes before the Vikings!) to whom The Sea meant “a Road” and not “a Border”, has not died. Today, Broon has signed us up to the “treaty”, that is to say the “constitution” of the “EU”, as so many “European” bureaucrats have so charmingly and frankly told is it still is – almost as though they take no cognizance of our own “extreme right wing” (as they would put it) media here! Because these “treaty” people exist in a fishtank that is without tradition of liberal democracy, and think that they are what they themselves call “opinion-formers”, they have no fear of telling the frank truth about what the stuff they do really means.

I don’t think the world (that is to say; Man) can ultimately stand against fascist nazi communist destruction (all destruction by whichever of these leftist infantile mechanisms is the same as itself) of all that Man has achieved, if from now on Libertarians don’t start themselves to take a political stand. The onward march of Statism has no effective opposition from any “parties” I or you could name now in the UK. Nobody else is going to help us, from anywhere, not even Australia or New Zealand or the Ukraine. If nothing happens, then life on the Planet is doomed since all that we have fought to learn, and could use to get off, could be destroyed. Not now, not tomorrow, not in the next thousand years, but later. Libertarians have a duty to try to affect the political outcomes of elections over the next 100 years, which is all that I think is left when a difference can be made.


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