Why does Waitrose exist

I loved that, sorry.

 It was a search-engine-string to us, from yesterday. I might even examine the proposition myself, and ask Sir Terry Leahy the same question in a letter!

Bet it was another female British primary-school teacher, having a go with her charges, at Tesco, where I expect the majority of her charges’ parents shop.

4 responses to “Why does Waitrose exist

  1. So you remember British primary-school teachers as well eh?

    I with quite an affection. She caught me once in a Wylie Coyote season, and hauled me off held under her arm like a parcel, laughing like a mad woman.

    I was young, but I must have felt like Von Manstein after Kursk.

    The only punishment was to sit on her lovely knee, so all’s well that ends well…

  2. I don’t think you quite get my point Von Braun! No, I don’t remember them in exactly that way. I am referring to the Marsist-educated late-20th-century-type primary-school teachers, one of whom tried to teach my boy that “THE TUDORS” brought to Britain “slavery, racism, smoking and “imperialism”. “. I made her read Garrett Mattingly’s definitive book from the 1950s, “The Defeat of the Spanish Armada”. She did not like it at all.

  3. “I made her read Garrett Mattingly’s definitive book from the 1950s, “The Defeat of the Spanish Armada”. ”

    He he he…

    Yep no worries, I have a tendency to waffle on at times.

  4. So many, many people view this post – I have to wonder why?

    I think Waitrose exists because there are

    (a) very very many people who prefer to shop at supermarkets, than to not be able to park and then to have to queue at the “local little” shop[, while Marge chats to first the butcher-chap, and then to the veg-chap, while trying to pick coins out to pay with, and

    (b) because nobody has time to scratch his/her arse these days even if they are “green” – and so if they ARE green, they voluntarily go to waitrose, where you pay more for greener stuff, and there are less queues at the checkout even thatn at Tesco. I have never queued mnore than 2 minutes at a big Tesco. Not like the Tesco “Expresses” which are more like SPARS, since you queue longer for fewer checkouts. Bad. Only go to those if you are urban, or desperate.