NEW WORD PLEASE! The future strength of the English Libertarian Party will come from the “peripolitans”.

Alan Coren has died. Coffee House the Spectator blog, has stuff on him so you don’t need me as you are all good blogotrons and can get to him yourselves. But he coined a word, and I think it’s grand.


In Greek, all those of you who are sad socialists like Polly Toynbee who have cancelled the teaching of the stuff except for your own children, it means “around the city”. It exactly sums up what in another age would have been called the “Yeomanry”; tha backbone of classical liberalism, and the exact sort of people whom Libertarians need to win votes from, if we are to rescue the UK, and therefore by inference the rest of the World, from the cesspit of idealism.

4 responses to “NEW WORD PLEASE! The future strength of the English Libertarian Party will come from the “peripolitans”.

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  2. Hmm. I don’t disagree, but I think you’re overlooking the peasantry, that diverse group who are forced together into the same container. Perhaps we could call them “neapolitan”.

    They’re going to suffer enormously in the hell being currently forged. They have no political voice. They need one.

    Libertarianism needs to be more populist. It needs to speak to the wider society. It needs to get out among the people, in a shell suit and burberry cap and find a constituency. Confining it to one class isn’t good enough. Libertarianism offers jobs, wealth, freedom, the right to eat chips, wash them down with beer, then have a ciggie without getting arrested by the health police. It offers the real chance of social mobility. Classical liberal economics offers the chance for people to get off welfare forever. I believe we need to talk about how a libertarian system would create sufficient wealth that the welfare state could simply dwindle away.

    The peasantry are being crushed with nanny statism, with welfare addiction, with schools that no longer educate, with lives devoid of hope created by socialists who want them to be hopeless, all the better to manipulate and manage and crack down on, and keep as clients of the growing state.

    Libertarianism, presented correctly, can offer real hope to the poorest and most disenfranchised in our society. Let’s find a way to make it clear that it can be for everyone, peripolitan, cosmopolitan and um neapolitan alike.

    Mind you, we’ve got to get out of the EU first. A minor province of a fascist empire can’t do anything to save itself…

  3. A CAPITALIST CAROL The Light of Liberty rescues Scrooge from the ghosts of altruism. Thank You, David Holmes

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