Libertarians should be concerned about the destruction of UK farming, whether deliberately Gos-Planned by the EU, or whether merely imposed by British metro-Socialists who hate Britain, hate non-Socialist voters, and hate what makes Britain stand out.

This is about a phenomenon which troubles me in the night when I am asleep but not bolging, and ought to trouble all liberals and conservatives who value the possibility that there will be sustainable, modern Western life in Europe and also in the UK, after the EU shall have imploded.

This matters both in “Europe”, just now ground under the fascist Brussels heel, and also its occupied territories such as Britain.

Economic and independent agricultural strength needs to be maintined so that someone, most likely the UK since we have been forced to successfully estrange the Americans from us by running away from Iraq (so they won’t come to help us any more over anything – why ever should they any more? We have, though our tainting by socialism, become what the Vikings called “Oath-Breakers”) can reconstruct liberal national regimes on the European Continent, in the Anglosphere’s image of such things, after the EUSoviet has collapsed in ruin and starvation, as it for sure will do.

Libertarians ought to be concerned that the infrastructure of agriculture in Britain, which can’t exactly be put back in a day if stuff is all gone and we are a weed-and-insect-and-rare-orchid-strewn-theme-park instead, and which ultimately depends on free people freely choosing to grow and rear stuff, on MANAGED GROUND, should not be destroyed.

 Today, I have read some surprising stuff on Eurorealist, a Yahoogroups group. I do not know how to point you to a “group” on here because I am a bumpkin, so just look for “Eurorealist” on “Yahoogroups” – your are all good bloggeeks and blogo-trons. Christ knows why it calls itself “Yahoo”, it just seems silly and rather childish to me, but there you are, perhaps I am too old. Wasn’t it something you shouted in 1993 when you had just killed a great big pixellated socialist nazi monster spitting fire, on “Doom” or “Heretic”? Well, anyway…

There is a thread about the Foot and Mouth epedemic of 2001, plus connections to later events. the best thing I can do is reprint it here as it stood last on my machine;

PLease see my comments later on…………


Re: [eurorealist] Harry Randall has a point!! 
Date: 19/10/2007 14:25:29 GMT Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

“Despite this engineered calamity it was Government
operatives, who due to incompetence? once again
released the virus in the summer of 2007 – leading to
further damage to the British livestock industry – was
this yet again deliberate?”
Judging from everything that has happened and their
unwillingness to vaccinate, I would say yes.
Ask yourselves the Occum’s Razor Question  (invariably the simplest answer tends to to be the correct one:
How did Britain ever get along prior to The EU’s CAP, MAFF & DEFRA?

Please list every single mass extermination of animals in Britain prior to
our membership of the centralised and damaging EUropean soviet.

AT A MEETING IN 1998 IN EU: A Decision was taken to destroy the British
livestock industry (No Ministers attended).
Information came from secretaries attending taking notes. 
PURPOSE? Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania and other countries from the former communist block brought into the main body of the EU (2004). Needed to contribute to the EU ‘pot’
but were unable to pay their way & make a financial contribution. It was decided that
Poland would supply pigs, bacon,
and porcine products.
Slovakia and Slovenia would be bovine , milk and beef – and
Hungary, Romania etc. would supply sheep.

November 2000. MAFF approached T G Norman,
Carlisle, for ‘burn timber’.

December 4th 2000. Animal activists visit Heddon on the Wall farm, Northumberland.

January 18th 2001. 430,000 Euros allocated to F & M vaccine.


Early February 2001. EU begins checking F & M vaccine stocks.

SURPRISE! 19th February 2001 Foot and Mouth discovered in Essex abattoir.TYPE: Pan Asian type ‘O’, a new strain NEVER before
seen in the wild.
Likely to have been developed in a laboratory. TWO
labs in the UK
Purbright and Porton Down.

It is understood that Animal Rights activists had ‘assisted’ links to the Government Labs.
It is confirmed that Animal Rights activists from Norfolk visited Heddon on the Wall farm.

It must be remembered the F&MV outbreak
orchestrated in 2001 led to
the needless slaughter of an estimated 12-14 M
animals, mostly perfectly healthy.
Despite this engineered calamity it was Government
operatives, who due
to incompetence? once again released the virus in
the summer of 2007 –
leading to further damage to the British livestock
industry – was this
yet again deliberate? 
September 2007, Bluetongue discovered in cattle. 
October 2007, Bluetongue spreads from cattle to
sheep. Peter King,
NFU’s chief livestock adviser, said “The biggest
concern is the economic
impact this is having on the price of meat when we
farmers were already
struggling with foot and mouth and low market
 prices. It could have
serious implications on the supply of British lamb.
This particular
strain of virus we have here is very different from
the kind that is
found in
North Africa” (ST report 14/10/07)October 15th, report considered to make UHT milk
ONLY type available

(a). reduce CO2 emissions by reduction in
refrigeration plant.
b). reduced by half UK livestock.

Source: Report Today programme R4 15th October 2007.
This will of course lead to a huge increase in  transport costs, as the
sub standard (not fresh) UHT is trucked to Britain
a Country which,
until EU interference & The CAP, was all but self
sufficient in both
meat and dairy products.

> DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS! Paper prepared with acknowledgment to Greg Lance-Watkins. More detailed information available at:

Click on
 Foot in Mouth from Menu
Harry M Randall 15/10/2007YOU MAY find the clip of Interest:

Now, I am the last person to be swayed by conspiracy-theories, given as I am to fiendishly enjoying taking part in the public flaying and later, slower, slaying, of 9/11 “truthers”, wherever I may find them. But on this food-matter I remember at the time, in early 2001, how neatly the destruction of many, many thousands of “small stock farming enterprises” fitted in with the metro-socialist view of “Britain” and “The Countryside”. There were no votes for Blair and his babes in “The Countryside”, or at least not very many (so these isolated “new” Labour voters wouldn’t matter, not affecting the many small  (new labour) Rotten Boroughs in the “cities”) and so whatever the countryside did that was rather smelly, and sort of unfamiliar to Notting Hill, would have to go.

If it was convenient for Blair’s masters in the EU to “plan” another future for the “Countryside of the English Regions”, then he would go along with it.

Moreover, destroying the primary capacity of the British Isles to produce useful protein-based food for itself would, in the medium term, strengthen the grip of Brussels on our Windpipe IF we should ever decide to LEAVE. (Remember, they NEED OUR MONEY, or else socialism in Europe is dead – and that means VERY dead.)

Yet again, I see the UK as the last bastion of liberalism – and therefore a hope of any form of minimal-statism continuing to exist after the USA (understandably) retreats back into Isolationism having been pilloried (yet again) over Iraq and Iran and what will surely follow on.

The EU sees this too, ‘coz the sum-total of the IQs of all those fascist enarques cannot be exactly zero.

They have to break us in our Island or lose the war.

All over again.

Oh, well, here we go, all over again, all over again. Dear God, I beg You; will this battle ever end? How Deep is Your Cup, that we have to drink from? 

Got to unblog now as I have a long-running dispute about knex, between my two children, to sort out.  

2 responses to “Libertarians should be concerned about the destruction of UK farming, whether deliberately Gos-Planned by the EU, or whether merely imposed by British metro-Socialists who hate Britain, hate non-Socialist voters, and hate what makes Britain stand out.

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  2. Well, it’s a conspiracy theory so should be treated with caution… interesting though.

    As to the Anglosphere. I fear we are lost here in our island, at least for a season. It’s difficult to predict the future. On a general note, it seems reasonable to suspect that while the USA is also drowning in statism (and indeed the source of much of it, from their vaunted liberal academic institutions) their unique balance of crazy lefties and crazy christian righties strangely may save them. Here in Euroland there’s no counterbalance to the Left. There is just the liberal consensus, and that’s it at the moment, at least in the elite tribe.

    I’m no fan of the christian right, who are a special kind of insane in many respects, but they do effectively counterbalance the left in the US. There’s a genuine hatred among a huge constituency of american conservatives for anything socialist. So it may be the american right who save their country.

    It’s possible to see a future world where it is, almost literally, America vs. The Rest Of The World. There may be bloodshed, or they may have to retreat into extreme isolationism while TROTW ruin ourselves. Or they may save us.

    The transnationalist/international fascist/liberal/whatever thing is reaching a crescendo now. We’re in the thick of it. Gordon’s betrayal will have been our last chance to escape.

    I’m just rambling, sorry. It’s late. I apologise for being so loony and apocalyptic, but I really do see things coming to a head. I wonder if all libertarians can do is stand back, try to look after ourselves, and wait to see what pieces are left to pick up after this whole thing shakes out.

    I mean, seriously- we talk about libertarianism while the EU and UN are building the prison around us. Is there any realistic possibility of even slowing the train down, let alone stopping or reversing it? The entire managing tribe (or class, take your pick) with the exception of a few voices out here and Republicans in the US are in favour of this worldwide “governance” on liberal authoritarian principles. The NGOs and charities and other teat-suckers grow in power daily. The enabling AGW panic seems unstoppable. And oh yes, there’s that religious death cult who want to blow us all up because western girls go to nightclubs, that as well. How are we responding? Abolishing the British Government. Way to go, Britain!

    I find it difficult to be optimistic, and to avoid being a paranoid, pessimistic nut.