Given that Gordon Brown seems to have shot himself in the foot, is it worth Libertarians trying to hijack the Tory Party again?

Chris Tame was always in favour of this strategy in a long term sense, but only IF the Libertarian Movement in the Western World decided to have a political presence in time. (I think it is inevitable; discussssssssssss…………)

Any thought of it went into abeyance since the assassination of Saint Margaret Thatcher and the consequent wrecking of the Tory Party by John Major and the pig Heseltine (I hope he has learned better in his old age. What a disgustingly self-serving chap he was before now. But I’d mitigate his punishment bearing in mind the sheer tonnage of Rubber Chicken he ate in the 70s and 80s, in his tireless pursuit of Conservative elctoral success. What a trial that must have been.)

Until now. The Tories have been panicked by Boredom-Goredon in his hubris, into hastily cobbling up the most liberal set of proposals to emerge from them this side of 1997.

It’s sooooooooooooo funny! It’s like they are a caveman faced by a previously invisible and silent Giant-Short-arsed-Bear, diving at him from some bushes fifteen yards away, and thinking – “f*** – which way to jump?” They jumped correctly – probably to their initial amazement, and I expect much to the chagrin of “Steve” “Hutton”, whatever that thinkotron might be in reality. I mean, the man is/was in advertising, and has/had no hair. Got to be a socialist in deep cover.

Perhaps we should try to take the Tories over again? What does anyone think about this? After all, there’s not many young pinstriped estate agents in it any more, who thought in the 1980s that we were all saddo geeks coz’ (1) we didn’t work in the sort of offices they did, and (2) we thought stuff, a lot of the daytime and into the evening too. Moreover, there are very few “old people” left in the Tory machinery, since most of these have died under the darkness of socialism since 1990. many of these, grand conservatives and old Liberals that they were, would have been scandalized by the kind of Clear Blue Water that we would want to place between us and The Enemy Class. 

The Tories have already just begun an involuntary and unstoppable journey up the potential gradient of liberal ideas (unless they are stopped and pushed back down by other sleeping Huttotrons in their midst. We can’t predict beforehand how many of these delayed-action-Mines have been emplaced.)

Perhaps they need a further push?

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