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Good stuff here. Fun, geeky interpretations of the world. I save lots and teach with them.


A few are not to my liking as they are anti-American; thinkers and map-geekers tend to be anti-American on the whole, since America invented Macdonald’s the Fifth Horeseman of the Apocalypse, and Cola drinks – the True Fourth –  furthermore, thinkerizing and ideas are something that “modern” “Liberals” (that is to say, socialists and wannabe-definers-0f-culture) do a lot of; conservatives on the other hand, having to work, and also to keep the planet running meanwhile as they are expected to do, do not “do” ideas much. We smell of pig-poo sometimes, and drink beer, but intellectrons smell of (what? I have not met many recently – what is “the Next smell“?) and probably drink wine from somewhere in Cuba. I do not know.

But many of the maps – and there are many, many dozens now on the archive – are very fine and illuminating.

3 responses to “Dig this blog! http://strangemaps.wordpress.com

  1. Marc Mayworth

    “A few are not to my liking as they are anti-American”… how shortsighted is this?

  2. So I’ve got to wet myself with joy, then, about absolutely every map on his blog?

    It’s a generally great blog – what higher praise do you want me to give it?

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