The 10 most memorable TV moments since 1957…it did NOT say WHO was polled about this matter!

I have just spotted this on Hot Air.

The results are here. To reproduce;

(1) 9/11

(2) “Princess” Diana’s funeral

(3) The 1969 moon landings

(4) The fall of the Berlin Wall

(5) Bob “Geldof” saying on TV “give us your f*****g money”

(6) “The Two Ronnies” sketch “four candles”

(7) Somebody called Ricky Gervais dancing on something called the office (can somebody help me about this one please? I have not the slightest clue what it’s about…?)

(8) A Mr Monty Python talking about a dead parrot (can somebody help me here also?)

(9) The England world cup win 1966 (I pesume this is to do with football as it is quite ancient)

(10) The assassination of JFK 1963

You could assume the research-sample was British, since “Princess” Diana came so far up, and Bob “Geldof” came fifth as not many other countries would know what f*****g means, and would merely have thought he was saying “give us your /…/ money” and sort of coughed in the middle. On the other hand, the Moon landings did so well, along with the Berlin Wall and JFK, so perhaps it was an international panel of Old People. Although why would they, being old, care at all about some English Foot-Ball victory or other? Are not there loads of these every week in every town?

I can see why 9/11 came top, even though the audience might be youngish and therefore subject to the thought-dictates of Popular Culture about how many minutes one’s memories ought to linger and be avilable to one. If someone you don’t know, who says he wants you and everyone you know to be dead, comes and kills three thousand people from the sky in front of you, and even gets on the telly,  then I guess it’s more exciting even than “Big Brother” or Simon Cowell who seems to be famous (I had to be told who he is.)

But in the fullness of geological time, and (non-arrival-of) Asteroid-hits permitting, I think that the Moon Landings will be seen as the more important piece of telly, since the threat to civilisation highlighted by 9/11 comes from a newly-fasciated-dualisation of two tactically-based world-views, both quite recently founded within the last 14 centuries, and both based on absolutely fundamental errors in how they perceive reality. One claims to be a religion equipped with a fully-specified Vulgate to be swallowed, but fails all objective tests for this property; the other does not claim to be one, but many of its thinkers think it ought to be.

But the poll was interesting.

2 responses to “The 10 most memorable TV moments since 1957…it did NOT say WHO was polled about this matter!

  1. It was widely claimed that he exhorted viewers to ‘give us your f**kin’ money’ in the course of an afternoon session at the BBC’s Wembley studio during Live Aid. However, this is slightly innacurate; he actually said in response to one of the hosts trying to give at the postal address to send cheques to: ‘f**k the addresses, just give us the f**kin money’.
    Pedantic I know, but facts are facts ;)

  2. Hiya, this is indeed British research, which obviously explains why the 1966 world cup is so high up. The Office is a sitcom about funnily enough an office, Ricky plays the boss, who is quite proud of his rather “different” dancing skills. America run a show of The Office, which is pretty good too. Regarding number 8 I can not help as I am not a fan.