Oh, for f**k’s sake; can’t the Smoking-Nazis take a blasted joke?

Jeremy Clarkson, the great conservative, and his friends James May and Richard Hammond lit pipes of (wait for it) “tobacco”, on “Top gear”, this Sunday just gone, 14th October 2007. I give that info for free in case the DPP wants witnesses, since it appears that they have flouted the Law! I watched it in horror; not at what they did which was satirical, funny, and a poke in the eye for the Nazis who are trying to rule us, but in terror of Armed Police bursting into the studio and doing a de Menezes on the three presenters, who were having a huge bit of fun at the expense of the nasty wicked anti-smokers who seem sadly to exist.

We here on this bolg share Chris Tame’s view of smoking, which is that it is an evil smelly habit, and I for one would not do it if you paid me.

But other people’s bodies do not belong to me, to do with and put stuff into as I wish – I wish that last truism wasn’t the case as regards Lucy Pinder’s or Keeley Hazell’s body, but I guess I can’t have everything in life. (They are welcome to contact me.) Nazis of course don’t think like that, so the buggers are probably going to try to sue the programme or the prsenters and fine them…..wait for it…..£50. Each.

Bad Laws ought to be broken every day, until they wash away into the oblivion of remembered history.

Here’s the stuff in case the link goes down.

Jeremy Clarkson burned by smoking ban

By Tom Chivers

Last Updated: 1:17pm BST 16/10/2007 

Jeremy Clarkson was burned in more way than one after lighting up a pipe in the Top Gear studio.



Clarkson and his co-presenter James May appeared to breach the anti-smoking laws as they pulled pipes from under their chairs during a discussion about Porsche merchandising.

Mr Clarkson, 47, then carried out his own punishment for the alleged crime by putting the pipe in his mouth the wrong way around, burning his tongue and running from the stage.

A spokeswoman for the BBC said: “During an item in last night’s Top Gear, making fun of car merchandise, the presenters lit up branded pipes, which contained herbal tobacco.

“We are very upfront about the style and tone of the show, so viewers know what to expect.

“There were no complaints from members of the audience present during the filming.”

The BBC also said that it had only received two complaints from viewers of the show.


However, the anti-smoking charity Action for Smoking on Health (Ash), demanded an apology from the Corporation. Amanda Sandford, spokeswoman for the charity, said: “Smoking in a studio is illegal. Anything that causes smoke is prohibited.


“We would hope that programme-makers make some form of apology. It was meant to be a fairly light-hearted part of the programme, but the law is the law and it’s not appropriate for the BBC, especially for a programme that’s very popular and seen by a lot of young people, to be openly flouting the law.”


Ms Sandford admitted that there are occasions in live theatre that demand on-stage smoking for artistic integrity.

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  1. You fail to address the undoubted emotional distress from people at home who watch uncensored smoking on screen and… erm… get… erm… ok, you’re right!

  2. Oh for sake can’t the Smoking Nazis take a blasted joke wish he all the best.