Reminder of dates for your diary. 21.10.07 and 23.10.07

Two reiminders for you to flag;

Sunday 21st October is TRFALGAR DAY, when this blog will feature posts and discussion about the EU, its machinations and its role – or lack of one, as the case may be.


On Tuesday 23rd October we remember Alamein, and discuss the role of the British Empire in giving birth to Libertarianism. 

You know what? I’d like to rename the Empire and call it something else, but the word has been lynched by the ghastly Eagletonian Marxist-Imperialists, so the battle will be hard and long; and “Commonwealth” just makes images of the unspeakable pig Robert Mugabe jump into my mind. I don’t know why, but it just does. Great word, exactly descriptive, but it’s been lynched too.

Sorry always to be so rude about Marxists. But I can’t help thinking it’s a character-deficiency that they can only have deliberately set out to acquire. It seems in ordinary life to be impossible to live it reasonably and humanely without becoming conservative. Anybody who has ended up somewhere else must have taken the decision to be there, despite the impingement of reality.

One response to “Reminder of dates for your diary. 21.10.07 and 23.10.07

  1. I reckon Marx was at least a capable and resonant social scientist, he used German thought to pinpoint and model the times he lived in.

    In fact, I reckon we could do with a bit of that ourselves, Sean always gives it to them straight but Cultural War can only serve as the precursor to a more extended evaluation of why we’re right and they’re wrong (Definitely no offence or descent intended Sean).

    See what I’m getting at? I mean, weren’t people brushing up the Bolshevik bar before Marx and that other bloke came along?

    Just goes to show, it ain’t numbers that necessarily count, but the kind of thought that would stand up to the most rigorous jurisprudence in any school of thought.

    That sounds quite good, I think I’ll reward myself with a clean crisp stein of Deutschland’s finest… .-)