The Green-Nazi-Police plans for “food waste” will end in tears.

Today I had the personal bad fortune to have to unload the small plastic regulation State-Soviet Nazi bin of “food waste” that we keep well outside the kitchen (‘coz it smells!) into the slightly larger State-Soviet Nazi bin which a truck of some description comes each week (we hope) and “empties”. So far, it does, but it’s been only abour two months since the  – naturally compulsory – “INITIATIVE” began, and it did take the NHS about 30+ years to grind to its present halt.

It has been much colder than usual here lately – undoubtedly owing to “global warming” – but the staggering profusion of life-forms I observed inhabiting the waste material astonished even me, a Biochemist.

You know….those faux-science TV progs (“PURE SCIENCE, SHEER DRAMA, UTTER CRAP”) where the producer is commanded to insert the Scottish-Female-Voice-Over line…….”WHUT THEY FOOND NEXT….WUS USTOONISHING…..”

What did we do with food waste before? If we was ‘ungry, we ate it. If not we either composted it in our own gardens (we still do here) or fed it to the blasted birds, even stuff like bacon which disappears inside 12 hours, or when I wuzz’ a “lad”, we slipped it all into t’-boiler with t’-coal, and it fizzed somewhat, went red-hot, and warmed t’-‘ouse. 

Or latterly, when coal became illegal coz’ coal was for poor people with chimneysm and caused “fog”, we just poured it into t’-dustbin , shoved on some “Freshbin” to kill t’-flies, and it was taken every week and simply incinerated or safely landfilled like everything else.

Now, all manner of unidentifiable s**te sits about in the open all week, warmed by Al-Gore-gases and incubating Christ knows what (He probably does, but unlike another “god” I could mention, He Knows what Suffering is, and He Takes It along with His people.)

Some of the colours of the species growing on the material had to be seen to be believed. Next time I will photograph them. I’ve seen a few bug-cultures in my time, but not that many in one place.

Was this potential State-directed public health disaster an accidental result of more State Planning, or was it all planned to be part of the self-flagellational aspects of us giving the buggers more money than before?

I wait to be told.

4 responses to “The Green-Nazi-Police plans for “food waste” will end in tears.

  1. So – before these changes you find so horrific, you put your waste in the bin, it sat there up to a week before it was taken away. Now you put it in the bin and it sits there for a week before it is taken away. Am I missing something here?

  2. No. “Before”, it was of course all mixed up with other shite that was less congenial to microbes.

    Such as old tellies, wellies, jellies, video-machines, batteries, mercury, scrap steel, chromates, plastic bags, used knickers, lead, spent car-oil and the like. All of which could be harmlessly landfilled or burned. It also was not concentrated into a little Nazi box, on its own without inhibitors as mentioned.

    Despite global cooling, the temperature that can be achieved in even a small homogeneous mass of decomposing foodwaste is high enough to keep it breeding stuff all winter imv.

  3. In that case it is obviously something to do with you! In my area the general rubbish is collected on a fortnightly basis so it stands twice as long as yours without any such problems. In any case what do you think went on in the landfill? How do you think that material began to decompose and degrade?

    Your idea of harmless landfill clearly depends on a different definition of ‘harmless’ to mine – something along the lines of ‘if I can’t see it’ perhaps…

  4. There’s also the issue of the scientific meaningless of this waste sorting. Food is just part of the carbon cycle. It doesn’t matter where you put it. Microbes it eat, it decomposes, releases gases. Net change to the carbon in the biosphere: zero.

    If you eat it, poo it out, the same thing happens as if you stick it in a hole in the ground. Something eats it, and the carbon is “emitted”. No change at all.

    I can’t begin to comprehend the scientific illiteracy of those making these regulations. What are they going to do, encase our old bread crusts and bits of fried egg in concrete and sequestrate them for a billion years?