If a British Libertarian Party was to exist and it won an election, what ought it to do? (Part 7) The Union, as in the UK

I’m not certain but it seems safe to assume that the Nationalists will have de Iure as opposed to just de Facto power in Scotland, after any General election. This may turn out to be a good thing – for Scotland also. For Wales and Northern Ireland, we shall have to see.

As there will almost certainly be an absolute Libertarian majority in England, the Tories being presumably wiped out totally, the issue of who pays for whom will be critical. Since large parts of the Public Sector will be in the process of being closed down (see Sean Gabb’s new book) and feelings about English over-taxation to pay for others’ “services” will be running high, the current “bill for Scotland” will be in the spotlight. I’m not sure a Libertarian Party would be able to resist parliamentary demands for an Act to end the Union – whatever the pros and cons of this.

Personally, I think it would be sad, but only a bit (like Belgium breaking up.) I’m sure a Customs and currency Union could be cobbled up, for as long as we want one of either. This may flounder on the rock of progressive and continuing Libertarian abolition of duties on everything. “Ever Lower Taxation”, rather than “ever-closer-union”….

Indeed, a currency Union might be unnecessary since presumably Libertarian monetary policy (sounds like an oxymoron too) could allow many “Monies” to be legal tender, with the best and most desired retaining their value and purchasing power, and the less good, such as the Southern Rhodesian whatever-it-is, doing less well and being accepted in “fewer outlets”. I’m sure the Euro would gravitate to somewhere near its true value quicker here than it would in isolation as per now.

I was going to talk about money later. However, a return to Gold, as far as the State Bank is concerned (we shall have to have one for some time yet) might not be a bad idea, as it will be cometing with smaller and faster moneyers, some of whom will have spotted this already. It’s a bad time to buy gold as you will have noticed. Freedom and Whisky tracks it for you daily.

4 responses to “If a British Libertarian Party was to exist and it won an election, what ought it to do? (Part 7) The Union, as in the UK

  1. David

    My gold shares have risen by 133% (by, not to) so perhaps I could fund the Scottish Central Bank in the event of independence!

    Curses – I’ve just remembered, the shares are with the Merrill Lynch Gold and General Fund and that’s in London. Back to the drawing board…

  2. FWIW, I still think if you want to start some proper policy discussions, etc, you need a proper forum, promoted heavily as *the place* for British libertarians and interested others to meet and discuss. Blogs are all very well, but not the right kind of format for discussion.

    Just my tuppence ha’penny.

  3. You’re right Ian!
    OK so what are we going to do?

  4. I have to start somewhere. I have no “places” to do this, nor time – I work! – anybody volunteering to help set one up?