Fat Food Individual Liberty

That says it all!

It was a search-engine phrase inputted to something, which found us here. Welcome to the fat-food-lovers’ blog, whoever you were, and I hope you stuck around for a bit, even if you could get out of the door afterwards.

No human being should be told by the State, or anyone, what to eat or how much. What a bloody f*****g liberty to take. Who do these food-police think they are? And I hope Jamie Oliver is contemplating his children’s slightly-less-financially-secure future, now that 250,000+++ “school kids” including my moderately intelligent son (who now realises that he is a State farm-animal, and hopes he will not get Bluetongue or FMD) all hate him personally for what the State has done to “their” school food in “his” name. The State cares nothing; it even betrays its servants and useful idiots. J-O should have read a few modern-history-books earlier on before going cap-in-hand to the guvmint – such as ones about Lenin, and what he thought about the Jamies of the day.

5 responses to “Fat Food Individual Liberty

  1. The state “cares” about the rising cost of obesity. The capacity of the NHS to deal with the rise in diabetes, heart disease, is limited by finance and sustained by immigration from other countries.
    If you want to be free to eat burgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner then I might insist on you being free to pay for the consequential costs of healthcare and benefits.

  2. If I am forced to eat, or not eat, certain foods, then the forcer makes me into his farm animal. I’m not sure who you are and it is of no account here, but I can’t think that you would want other human beings reduced to the status of farm animals, watched over by a seemingly benevolent State which forces them to certain behaviour “for their own good”.

    The State has no business @caring@ about “obesity” (why don’t they just come out and say “fat people”? Or is that not PC?) or indeed the individual fate of humans, insofar as it does not demand a property right in those said humans. When I am owned by it, I will have put into my body the substances it says – like a cow or a chicken has to. Until then, not.

    Moreover, what’s become of all the taxation I’ve paid – and which you have also paid – ostensibly to fund the NHS and suchlike? Guvmints don’t “have” any money – it’s all ours, taken. Yours and mine too. So we must then be their farm animals and obey them, or else no care?

  3. The state should care about obesity if obesity is more expensive than healthy weight. The issue is that the schools, that the state runs, were feeding rubbish to our children. Standards of nutrition in state schools had fallen way below anything that a private school would get away with. If you had paid to send your child to a private school you wouldn’t put up with them providing deep-fried mechanically-recovered turkey giblets to your child – or would you?
    The taxation that we pay should be spent carefully and not squandered on fattening the population up so that they are then incapable of living without endless expensive medical interventions.
    The turkey twizzler scenario looks more like a factory farm than the J-O version.

  4. The weight of a human being is no business of the state’s.

    The state is an individual’s employee to protect his/her life, liberty and property from the depradations of others who live in pre-capitalist barbarism.

    I cannot accept that a state ought to intervene in the life of its employer, to force him/her to be above or below a certain weight for state-budgetary reasons or any other reason.

    It would be like you ordering your boss to drive (or not) a certain car with the maximisation – or otherwise level-setting of) of fuel-excise duty in mind. I don’t think you would do that, being a reasonable man!

  5. “The state should care about obesity if obesity is more expensive than healthy weight.”

    More expensive to who?