Go to the Torygraph “your view” today. Nobody likes “Zak”, or is it “Zac”? Why don’t we facebook him?

David Davis (yet again….doh!!!)

Here is what the otherwise-wobbly Torygraph kindly published from me today. I could not deny it to you, my bolg-reader, now, could I, as I’m such a vain creature!

Petrol should be priced in gallons (nearly £5 and rising!) to show how damned expensive it now is. I remember when it was four shillings (a gallon.) Then, we can ask what the dickens the gumment is doing with the 90% of it that’s tax revenue already.So long as it’s legal to own any kind of car, any other measure to distort the market for cars implies that people are the gumment’s farm-animals. And we see today what it does to those it does not like, when they have the equivalent of a cold (from which they will mostly recover, like people.)

And no, our “resources” are not running out. That is so much marxist-leninist-anti-Western claptrap, taught as part of the “national curriculum” in schools, so as to make today’s teens more compliant towards the gumment and its plans to kick us back into the 10th century, where it wants us to belong; much easier to manage an immobile population!

“Zac” Goldsmith is I am sure a nice young man, but he should learn to enjoy his wealth quietly, as is his right. He should stick to running a few businesses if that pleases him, or also go after a few pretty girls like his father did very successfully, if he wants to do that too and if he can find someone nice. (SEX. SEX. SEX. Well there you are – I’ve artificially-edited that in to get more hits and trackbacks to us here at the LA blog….this black type here did NOT appear in the Torygraph, so there!)

Then we the people, who need not be his concern as we don’t need it, thanks, and who need to buy food quickly in large amounts for our families, at out-of-town-supermarkets, using largish cars, need not worry about what he thinks. This I think would have been the view of the Sainted Auberon Waugh, today.

One response to “Go to the Torygraph “your view” today. Nobody likes “Zak”, or is it “Zac”? Why don’t we facebook him?

  1. Why is resource depletion part of a Marxist-Leninist conspirarcy? It is amenable to science – the best advocates of peak oil happen to be geologists, even if marxists jump on the bandwagon.

    But fundamentally, you seem to disparage experts which is strange because doesn’t the libertarian philosophy – a la Mises and the Austrian economists – make a fetish of the division of labor. Ultimately we are dependent on experts – geologists, climatologists, medical scientists – to give us the facts. That’s how our economic system has evolved just as for any other facet of economic exchange. We don’t make our own socks or motor cars, why should we make our own climate models or resource depletion models.

    You’re scorn of the experts in resource depletion is illogical even by your own principals, imho.