No free Out-of-Town parking for poor-people to go and buy food. Statists and Tyrannids expose their real agenda: no matter what party.

David Davis 

Yesterday, the “Conservatives” announced via his Majesty “Zak” Goldsmith, that the Tories will allow Soviets (that’s a giveaway about their new-found crypto-Nazism for a start) to “charge for parking at out-of-town shopping centres.

(I doubt whether “Zak” has been to any of these places in his life. I don’t grudge him his fortune, for he has earned it by virtue of being his father’s son as is right and proper, and I owuld not tax him a penny of the capital if you paid me, but he should stick to being a rich-man, lie back and enjoy it, get out more and run a few companies and also keep up the family tradition by having sex with a lot of pretty girls if that pleases him, and keep his green nose out of poor-people’s affairs.)

Let’s analyse this proposal from a monetarist point of view.

Succesive British socialist gumments, such as Labour and Conservative ones, have allowed local Soviets to acquire a notion of their own importance. This is a grave error. Nothing could be less the concern of jumped-up local busibody wannabe-stasi bureaucrats, than the state of the roads, rubbish-collection, street lighting, the police, and the like. These are so important that they ought to be left to sovereign individuals to organise. As in the USA, they might choose to regularly elect and dismiss all the officials concerned, or they might not. I do not know. Or as traditionally in the UK, they might leave it to Parish Councils, who will consist of retired colonels and old ladies, whose concern – stemming from their lives and occupations, such as bringing up children and soldiering, is to agree to do what is right, rather than what appeases the maximum number of marxist-(de)-educated journalists and “pressure-groups”, which are a Nazi notion.


Local Soviets are now so powerful, and have got their teeth so deeply into the ankle of tax-gathering, local newspsper PR and lobbying, that they run armoured black limousines with private plates, and have “Cabinets”. They have even arrived at the notion that they own roads and public highways, and that they have property rights in these that they can sell and deny (that is to say, for parking, or not parking, as is increasingly the case.)


First we have the tragedy of denial of vehicle access to “town centres”, which the Soviet Gauleiters say are “congested”. The effect of this is to deny trade to “local businesses”, which the same Gauleiters say, in another photo-op somewhere else, that they want to support. The Gauleiters meanwhile, in the shadow of DEFRA’s destruction of farming, are allowing “planning applications”, whatever those might really be, for the building of out-of-town shopping facilities (with parking of course, for how else will you get there?) for the busy stressed subjects of their rule, who can no longer find the time or patience to try and park in the town centres, when they really need crucials groceries…now. This is except for non-critical leisure and tourism purposes at other times (explains the proliferation of “Godwhattery” shops, and the death of food stores. (Ask me what Godwhattery is, if you like!) Now we also know why there is a bogus degree course called “Leisure and Tourism” – it’s to engender belief in and support for local Gauleiters, their supposed “occupations”, and their “concerns”….


So we’ve made it next to impossible to conduct normal trade or business in town centres, and we’ve got a revenue-stream from the parking of those that brave it. This is to be spent of course on “improving public transport links”, but you just try doing a weekly shop for a family of four by bus!


Everybody who can, shops by car at the new Tesco (the successful one, the one held up by the mediarazi for you to hate and boo at.) The rest of you, the old and alone and sick, well, if you can’t get to Tesco, and you can’t struggle on the infrequent bus to the town centre if there ARE any grocers left there, well, er, why don’t you just go and die?


In the nick of time to save the world, along comes “ZAK”! He suggests that you are to be charged for parking out of town also, ostensibly to discourage you from using your car because the world is in mortal peril, (because of your 4×4, or your Y-reg Mondeo more likely, and not his) and also “to fund inproved public transport links”.

Now then!

If we are not careful, we may find that “Zak”, the new Tory wonder-weapon, has contracted an infectious form of “Prince-Charles-Disease” – perhaps we should call it acute Windsorrhoea – a quasi-paranoid condition in which the sufferer believes that everyone except him has “an obession with cheap food”. It is a syndrome contracted by fortunate and well-off males who try to attract the public gaze. There is currently thought to be no cure for this, except poverty and bankruptcy.

There’s no point trying to coat-tail Prince Charles on this one. Gordon Brown already bought and paid for his soul the other week when he (GB) was cleverly not at the Highland Games. It was a deal worth upsetting the more quisling tabloids’ photographers for.

People need to buy food, even in a Nazi police state, otherwise there will be no people for the gumment to dissolve and re-elect, every time a 5-year-plan fails. To pay the taxation-level, and the other Soviet imposts, the “people” need to work much harder. They can’t go traipsing gaily all day round “little local grocers” with a basket-on-arm, and then queue to buy “fresh locally-grown produce” (even if they liked it! Perhaps they don’t – has anyone thought of that? What about turkey-twizzlers without which millions will truly starve? No, I’m really really NOT being funny here) and hope to either collect their children from school in time and make ends meet too.

Out of town shopping centres are the local heroes of “ordinary people”. Dave Cameron and his new super-“Zak” will shoot themselves in the foot if they go ahead with this one. Good, I say. To hell with them. As the 1950s play said (I think it was “Look Back in Anger”)………………

“I’m all right Jack, I’ll pull up the ladder and never mind you.”


This is not the 1950s, even here in the North, where at least we don’t have Ken Livingstone I don’t even begin to imagine how you poor buggers cope down South, where the Stalinists in charge in Westmonster don’t like you ‘cos they think you all vote Tory, and so they want to concrete you over.

I pray for you sometimes.

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  1. Well I hope you feel better for that

  2. I do; thanks for asking! However, it’s not clear exactly, to our other readers, what your own view is, and I just wondered out of interest.