It’s true. There IS something creepy and grief-wallowing about Liverpool.

Posted by David Davis 

A few weeks ago, I wrote about this grand old city, now mired up to the nostrils and sinking, perhaps terminally, into the slough of State-sponsored euroculture-capitalism, and not the Libertarian sort. (Left-wing Soviets controlling it and its hinterland, and Stalinist MPs of various sorts, will not help.) What comes after 2008? Nobody seems to have a blinkiing clue! This is a pity, for Liverpool by its location and vistas has so much more going for it than say Manchester, down the road, where it rains lots more and you can’t see the sea and ships and stuff any more. There are even still lots of lovely Georgian and Victorian terraces which Two-Shags had not quite managed to ceaucesucize, before he was rumbled and had his extremities cut off. Lucky for him it was only that.

Very early this morning, I had perforce to visit Speke airport, to deliver some young flyers back to Poland. In the small-hours absence of traffic, and in the relative quiet of a half-empty terminal building, you have time to notice things: for example, how frequent and how fulsomely massive are the Liverpudlian roadside shrines, to muggees, dead-people, victims of RTAs and the like. In “John Lennon” airport, moreover, I spotted some developments not previously seen, which must have appeared over the past 2/3 months. I was upset and incensed……

Inside, on a vast, elevated architectural blank wall, at about third-floor-level for real-people, is inscribed the word “IMAGINE”…that paean to Western self-hate and inward demoralisation, the wimpishly-unformed ravings of a crazed madman, which has done probably as much damage inside two generations to this civilisation’s self-confidence in the face of the enemy as, perhaps the total anihilation of three divisions at Serre, on 1st July 1916.

On another vast blank Stalinist facade about 50 yards to the East are the words of “All we are saying, is “give peace a chance” “.  I could repeat my comments above, and you get what I think.

Then it goes on; there is yet another one, talking about the rantings of “pig-headed politicians……..(ending with) GIVE ME SOME TRUTH…” (I half-agree with the pig-headed bit except that it seems to imply that these pols are not intelligent and have no (iniquitous) objectives, which we all know is so far, so far from the truth!)  There was another one too, which I had not the time to run right down the length of the building to view.

Speke is a grand old airport. If the stalinist grief-wallowers who seem to control the poor place really madly deeply felt that they wanted to rename their airport, and pop music was all the city felt it had to be proud of, then why not call it “Beatles Airport”? “I’m landing at Liverpool Beatles” has more of a ring to it than “I’m landing at “Liverpool John Lennon”. The Beatles together, not one by one, helped to give a shot-in-the-arm to popular music in the 60s, not just Lennon, and they all came from Liverpool, not just him.

What’s wrong with “She loves you, YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!” on the upper walls, then?

What, indeed, is wrong with “It’s been a Hard Day’s Night”? More appropriate I would have thought, flippantly, to airport-delays.

And…..where does that leave the great Imperial shipping lines, that made Liverpool into the modern city that it nearly managed to stay being after WW2, despite the great bombing and despite the cleverer Southern Railway (which bought Southampton Docks in the 30s)?

“I’m landing at Liverpool WHITE STAR!” Now….THAT would sound cool.

No. Won’t do. They wouldn’t have any of this….too triumphal, too “sure of yourself”, too…….good. Smacks too much of bad elitist Imperial(ist) stuff like…..success.

Worse! There actually was a great deal of giant history behind this place, in which ordinary nobodies, just like you, did more than their duty, for years and years and years, and shone.

No….we can’t have you knowing that. Name the place after the saddo Beatle who got shot, and then died. in totalitarianistan, you must forget what you know, and remember what we tell you.

Boris Johnson was right. There IS an institutionalised sadness/death cult in this poor old city. The stalinists in charge don’t give a stuff, and have a vested interest in continuing it, as it’s a convenient way to extract dosh from the taxpayer, for their armoured black Jaguars etc. You can’t help partly letting the people off for agreeing to collectively wallow in it too, since their schools have been trashed along with their jobs and families, so they are currently living in darkness.

That’ll do. Michael Howard, although you didn’t know it, you did us all a service in making Boris pretend to eat humble pie on TV.

2 responses to “It’s true. There IS something creepy and grief-wallowing about Liverpool.

  1. —–ever thought of emigrating — to the Falkland Islands? Just think, small islands just off a large continent, all ready to be renamed South England…

  2. Interesting comment. I wondered about living abroad, once, in 1989. But I’m a northern bloke so I can’t.

    And your point, er, is…er…um…? (Sorry, I’m a bit thick today, me.)