A-level results: More jolly meeja-pictures of hysterically-delighted girls. So, where are the boys?

It cannot have escaped anyone’s notice, this years as in the past ones, that all the exciting and excited pictures of jubilantly happy teenagers in the press, posed as in the act of receiving theie A-level results, are girls. I presume that a few boys did actually turn up and sit some exams: surely it must also be reasonable to suppose that at least one or two of these got grades worth chirruping slightly about in front of a camera?

Libertarians are all more or less agreed that the very idea of a “National Curriculum” – that is to say, where the content of State-imposed education, and by inference, leakage and force, the content of most of that provided privately also – is inimical to human liberty and quite possibly dangerous to the proper and truthful spread of real knowledge also. The last is especially the case where an increasingly authoritarian State, such as this one that we have allowed here while we slept, has all its frames of reference and public discourse informed by gramscian marxism.

In this outfit’s efforts to turn all British children into good, non-sexist, dogma-fearing fascists, it has gutted real education and substituted a contentless, feminized, politically-correct (that is to say, marxist) de-historicized agglomeration of “topics”. the preferred learning style, from primary school upwards, favours girls in the first place, and also practically none of these “topics” is of much interest to boys or is presented in a way that will get their blood up and make them want to feel involved, still less to compete to do well. Intra-pupil competition is off the menu anyway, being an “elitist” concept that must not be allowed to be thought of – let alone spoken out loud.

I am not personally surprised that it is hard to find boys to take part in this obviously orchestrated results-junketing smugfest. And then we have the gumment wringing its hands yet again, asking what’s to be done about boys underperforming……again…..versus girls?

Perhaps happy girls sell more papers than happy boys? I do not know. (Have you noticed how all the girls’ teeth are always invariably perfect?)

If anybody has seen official pictures in the public prints, featuring jubilant boys gyrating for the camera while holding A-level (or GCSE, to come this Thursday 23rd August) results, please could they comment? I would be glad to be proved wrong.

One response to “A-level results: More jolly meeja-pictures of hysterically-delighted girls. So, where are the boys?

  1. A survey of the papers

    Only the Mail has boys celebrating.

    I think the focus on girls in the media is largely to do with them being more photogenic than anything else…