Mark Steyn goes to Australia. Anglosphere stuff. Interesting posts to follow from his site, I expect. (Yet another long title from DD.)

You can get all the Mark Steyn’s stuff here, as I am sure that the reader of this bolg knows.

This is an excuse to talk about the Anglosphere, a real long-term practical construct of ordinary real people (unlike socialism, which is an imaginary system , deliberately and fraudulently sorcerized by dissaffected and unemployable intellectuals. Beat that, Polly Toynbee!) Societies in the Anglosphere have got the way they are cos’ they are based on fifteen centuries of reality that mugs you with its ineffable logic. The Anglosphere is branded “politically incorrect” within the fascist circles of the left (although they don’t say so publicly, we and they both know that they know, in whatever diabolically wicked objects function as their “hearts”, that this is true, and that they are assaulting it and that they would like it dead.)

My reader knows what the Anglosphere is anyway.

Perhaps Mark Steyn is going to Australia because it’s……………………….

(A) One of the only countries left in the War,

(B) He is a popular global columnist, who I try to read every day and who has even published my requests! (But the Strines don’t know that and wouldn’t give a 4-X for me anyway,)

(C) The next likely semi-global superpower, within the dwindling band of those nations that believe in and supposedly and outwardly love life (and individual creativity and free thought), as opposed to death (and the opposite of what was in the last bracket.)

I got hold of and read, a wonderful and inspiring book, about 30 years ago, called


It was put together by a couple of what I can only assume were Australian libertarians. There’s no wiki ref to it so I can’t tell you more about it in my usually lazy way, but the guys are John Singleton and Bob Howard, cos’ it’s in my library. It was published by Cassell of Australia, in 1977, and my copy came from Calderwood’s bookshop, 461 Pacific Highway, Crowsnest 43-5108 price $2.50, a bargain.

The book itself is a sort of clever and also extremely funny dictionary; it is of all the political and philosophic terms of discourse in the coming Armageddon between the forces of darkness, and the forces of Light (oh, sorry, I ought not to have said that –  I meant liberalism, or the “Anglosphere.

(The forces of Darkness are of course all leftists plus all greenazis which are the same thing (some of which know what they are doing, and are doing it deliberately which is culpable, and some do not – which I am afraid is equally culpable in this case as in any war  >à-l’outrance<    – they declared it, not us) and…….others….I’d better not say here as it’s public, and tough laws have recently been enacted to prevent me from saying their name.)

 The entry on socialism is particularly fine; it is so long, and I so can’t be arsed to scan it for you, that I will just put this, which is about para-3 in 4 pages;

“Socialism is an economic impossibility. When the Market is destroyed, economic calculation, and all possibility of it, are destroyed with it. A Free Market is almost a living thing – it is constantly in movement, as money, investment, production and resources, flow in response ot the individual decisions of millions of people all of whom are trying to mximize their wellbeing, and whose activity is constantly directed by the mechanism iof supply and demand with its barometer, prices.”

It goes on and gets even better. But the point is that this book was published almost half an ordinary persecuted Russian citizen’s lifetime ago, in a country that nobody reckoned on being important, at least nobody on the death-loving, success-hating, education-denying, Pol-Pot-smoking, lefty fascists’ side I expect.

I wonder if we can do a rap on that stuff? Any ideas anybody? All that hate an’ death an’ denial stuff suggests rap “music” to me, somehow. “Pol” and “Pot” are good monosyllabic rhyth-bits, whihc ought to be made serious fun of, as he was such an evil thing, and so, so opposite in all he did and stood for, if that is the right way to degrade such a useful word as “stand”.

My usual prize, of a fake FIAT coupon for a 50,000,000-Euro bottle of State-Champagne-substitute (max volume 30 cm³) goes to the first entry of a rap-death-socialism-green “song” opened, that I think is worthy of it, or who lives in Oldham or is of the right ****** mix, whichever is more strategically useful (aka BBC.) 

Watch Mark Steyn’s Australia posts. I think they will be readable.

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  1. Bloody hell mate thats still one of my favorite books of all time, nice to know somebody else appreciated it.