The British State-Education-Results-annual Jamboree is about to hit…yet more Stachanovite “even harder-working pupils and their teachers” to be praised!

Seasonal time to bolg again about edducayshun. I expect there’ll be a bit more edducayshun-bolging in 2-3 weeks………… 

Mid August marks the arrival of the British A-level results. About the 22nd, the GCSEs. About a week before either, the meeja start trailing gumment leaks about how much harder everyone involved has worked this year over last, to produce these “ever better” results. at least that’s how it was under the Blair Terror. It remains to be seem what happens under the Brownout.

As my reader knows, it’s all a sham, and a fan-dance. I, and other (some non-retired, therefore too scared to speak out) teachers who are honest with themselves, all have an archive of things called “past papers”. Mine go back about 40 years, to my own. I would be scared to sit my own A-level maths from 1968, without serious “reading up the night before”. Instead, I would probably have to set them to a class of today’s 2nd-year university maths undergraduates, and expect an average pass rate. Now I am sorry if this sounds patronizing and unfair, to any students reading here, and it’s not meant like that; it’s just that my tester-of-truth, the “Any Child Of Six” whom I employ here on this bolg can spot what stuff leaves the syllabus and when. You can almost set your watch by it.

One simple example is ordinary differentiation of straightforward algebraic functions – like

y = 4x² + 6x -10

or even…….. y =  2sin2x

These were set in one of the 1966 “O” level “elementary” maths papers. (I sat it.) They now do differentiation of various things only in A-level, and according to the exam board it varies from year 1 (AS) to year 2 (A2). There is no mention whatever of calculus in any English GCSe paper whatsoever.

The purpose of course of the whole scam is not about letting the students know how badly they are being robbed (they are.) It is to publicly validate the outcomes of the various “Five-Year-Plans” that the English anti-liberal (that is to say, anti-English-civilisation) Stalinist apparatchiks in the Dis-Educationpolizeiamt have wreaked upon us while we were asleep. These people  – Sean Gabb calls them the Enemy Class –  have marched for long through our institutions, learning in dark, and wickedly – unashamedly – evil, Gramscian ways how to destroy us, as our punishment for making them historically irrelevant.

We kindly saved them time and effort by showing their ideology to be diabolic and hideous, since capitalism and liberty had already shown what would be achieved by sovereign individuals instead. But in return they ungratefully repay us for giving them lots of spare time to shag, smoke pot and live off the land in mid-Wales – by trying to destroy Western Civilisation at its root – here in England.

Why mid-Wales? Or wherever, it does not matter….. The tragedy and the trouble is that I just like Wales, a beautiful country near here, and full of nice kind people; I wish it to be free of these awful Silent-Spring-type greenazis, drags, bozos and half-educated scumbags, who hate everyone except themselves, and who just don’t belong among nice ordinary Welsh – Last year the GCSE science syllabus was “redesigned” – I think they used the word “updated” (so as to contain no actual science) but to be teachable to classes by non-scientists. I leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Here’s a useful link to an article on grasstops. I would print the whole thing, but you can find it yourself, and I’d be happy to email it anyway to anyone. It’s about really how Gresham’s Law works in what the writer calls “public education” – (in the UK it’s called State education.)

A Libertarian, for new readers, would of course reject totally the whole idea of a “National Curriculum” – as if the gumment had any business whatsoever in telling people what people ought to be taught, and indeed, what questions can even be asked or what topics discussed, or how, and at what age.

But watch how the pass rate, say, for A-levels, has gone up yet again. I wonder if it will exceed 100% this time? The usual fiat coupon for a bottle of state-champagne-substitute for the commentor who gets nearest to the right answer for the overall pass rate. Your bets to be given to TWO decimal places please, for tie-breaking purposes.

2 responses to “The British State-Education-Results-annual Jamboree is about to hit…yet more Stachanovite “even harder-working pupils and their teachers” to be praised!

  1. 98.54?
    I see that grade inflation is estimated at 2 grade places over the last twenty years, I’d be amazed if it wasn’t higher.
    Still, as long as Government can publish figures on how many tractors were built in this quarter I suppose they will be happy to have delivered half arsed ‘education’ to our youth.

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