Sean Gabb in the Media

Two things:

Me speaking on BBC Radio Three Counties about extending the DNA Database:

Me speaking to webcam about the proposed extension of the 28 day detention limit. This was supposed to be for an Internet TV station, but something went wrong with the upload, so I stuck it on Google:

2 responses to “Sean Gabb in the Media

  1. Sean, I listened to your DNA thing. Very good indeed, and you were surprisingly not heavily hectored by the presenter!
    Nest time, would it be in order if you were to make also the point that, children aside (a point well made and understood) no extra-individual “authority” ought to be able to compulsorily hold a person’s DNA data for any reason whatever, without the consent of the owner to be given on purely medical grounds? I discern here interesting parallels with Intellectual Property Law; a person’s DNA is his own property, possibly the most inalenable that there could be – and to copy and reverse-engineer it, which is what happens, is tanamount to SOFTWARE PIRACY – specially as the user is going to do something not to the owner’s advantage – unlike if someone was to say copy Windows. Bill Gates and Paul Allen and their employees are not personally injured or improsoned or ruined by Chinese and Russian software pirates; they simply make money at a slightly less fast rate than they would have done otherwise.