The Tory party really is dead; photogenic, luvvy-duvvy leader facing new PM fails to reverse decline.

The by-election results give us all we need to know.

 Sedgefield results: Phil Wilson (Lab) 12,528 (44.77%, -14.11%)
Greg Stone (LD) 5,572 (19.91%, +8.02%)
Graham Robb (C) 4,082 (14.59%, +0.19%)
Andrew Spence (BNP) 2,494 (8.91%)
Paul Gittins (
Ind) 1,885 (6.74%)
Toby Horton (UKIP) 536 (1.92%, +0.36%)
Chris Haine (Green) 348 (1.24%)
Stephen Gash (Eng Dem) 177 (0.63%)
Tim Grainger (Ch P) 177 (0.63%)
Alan “Howling Laud” Hope (Loony) 129 (0.46%, +0.08%)
Norman Scarth (Anti-Crime) 34 (0.12%)
Lab majority 6,956 (24.86%)
11.06% swing Lab to Lib Dems

Ealing Southall results: Virendra Sharma (Lab) 15,188 (41.48%, -7.28%)
Nigel Bakhai (LD) 10,118 (27.63%, +3.19%)
Tony Lit (C) 8,230 (22.48%, +0.91%)
Sarah Edwards (Green) 1,135 (3.10%, -1.52%)
Salvinder Dhillon (Respect) 588 (1.61%)
Dr Kunnathur Rajan (UKIP) 285 (0.78%)
Yaqub Masih (Ch P) 280 (0.76%)
Jasdev Rai (
Ind) 275 (0.75%)
John Cartwright (Loony) 188 (0.51%)
Sati Chaggar (Eng Dem) 152 (0.42%)
Gulbash Singh (
Ind) 92 (0.25%)
Kuldeep Grewal (
Ind) 87 (0.24%)
Lab maj 5,070 (13.85%)
5.24% swing Lab to Lib Dems

If there was ever any point in the Libertarian Alliance trying to capture the Conservative Party, there is none now; it has too few MPs to make a difference, most of its “members” are dead, and it has effectively no representation at all in much of my part of the world.

Voters this time seemed to think the Lib dems offer a more convincing way of having current Tory policies delivered than the Tories would themselves. And, moreover, STILL they put in a Labour MP. you’d think a child of six would by now understand that Labour hates everything about Britain, British culture and British history – in particular any and all English contributions to its Institutions  –  and wants it expunged, erazed utterly from the memory of Man. 

Perhaps most people don’t care much about the sustained abolition of their country and their culture, which is what I’ve suspected for the past 15 years. Perhaps they are too busy, or too exhausted by recreational pursuits such as “reality TV”.

Perhaps it doesn’t matter that they don’t give a stuff, in the entire Fullness of Time. Our Finest Hour may indeed have come and gone. S**t happens, after all. If so, then we still have a grand historical record, to be utterly proud of, and which no other nation or civilisation on Earth can match, or perhaps ever will. 

It does not mean to say they, these seemingly uncaring compatriots of ours, don’t share Libertarian values, if they knew what these were. The Tories have gone collectivist just like all the other saddos who can’t get proper jobs doing real stuff; their home-tragedy is that while wanting to be liberals at heart, they don’t know how to do the Marxism-crap like the real fascists and statists who have been practising it since being in nappies; so they not only seem to echo their enemies but they sound unconvincing with it.

To hell with the lot of them. There is a case for now founding a proper Libertarian Party in the UK, which is why I’m going for the £1,000 essay prize in memory of Chris Tame, and all you readers who agree with me ought to do so too.

Go to the LA’s home page (link above) and you’ll find an announcement on the front page.

7 responses to “The Tory party really is dead; photogenic, luvvy-duvvy leader facing new PM fails to reverse decline.

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  2. Nobody of the sort of people you and I are talking about know what is, or wants to listen to, a “Think Tank”. The only “think tanks” they have heard of are the ones paraded on telly and in the meeja, which is because these already peddle socialist-nanny positions, typically about how “scientists” have published new evidence that all the nice stuff you love to eat like burgers, is now all 100% bad for you.

    The LA does the job of being a libertarian think tank admirably, or else I would not be a founder member or an officer thereof, and neither would the others! There is a place for the LA, and other national libertarian movements elsewhere, to disseminate ideas and win hearts and minds as Chris said. However, the dark clouds of Statism gather apace, because we were all asleep in the 90s, and drunk with the joy of the collapse of the USSR and its wicked empire. We thought socialists had learned their lesson, but they have not, and “the hour is late”.

    However, imho “ordinary people” may take a “party” more seriously. It will also give the “authorities” a chance to traduce it, wash its supposed dirty linen for it in public, and smear it, just as they have done with UKIP, the most recent threat to the existing order. If the buggers do this, it will be a good signal that the time is right for such a party.

  3. David

    I publicised your conference on the Australian Libertarian Soc.

    I agree with you that there is need for a libertarian party, more so in the UK than in Australia. I hear Sean Gabb doesn’t. Why?

    A new libertarian party in Australia, The LDP, hopes to field a decent number of libertarian candidates in the upcoming Federal elections. We wont get more than 2% of the vote this time, but should be ready to battle in earnest next time around.

  4. I’m not absolutely against a political party. I am only rather opposed to the idea.

    As for the Tory Party, I do agree with David that it is no longer even worth thinking about capture. Indeed, I hope any new party of tradition and liberty will refuse to accept any parliamentary candidates from anyone who is or ever has been a Tory MP. These people have spent the past ten years stopping anyone else from doing a job of opposition they have themselves been too incompetent or dishonest to attempt.

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