Boris Johnson for Mayor of London!

It ought to be more like “Boris Johnson for Prime minister”, insofar as we are forced to have one of these plus all the attendant and increasing governmental burden of bureaucrats. But I suppose we shall have to wait quite some time for a party to form, with sufficiently liberal-capitalist values and the accompanying minimalist programmes, to carry him. The Tories won’t do at all; they are in fact finished, dead, gone***; perhaps Boris knows this and is sliding out gracefully while he still can, to the possibility of winning the “next best thing” in power terms.

Paul Johnson, in the spectator about the time of Major’s premiership, predicted the current state of the Conservative Party. There is clearly no hope any more for popular, talented individuals with the merest streak of humanity left in them. I can’t think, moreover, what David Davis is still doing there.

***In many towns and cities here in the North, there is now in fact no functioning Conservative Party organisation “on the ground” whatsoever. Replacing them are “Lib Dem” offices, often in converted shops, acting as permanently manned “drop-in” sites, with a girl (or sometimes a young man) just out of “Uni” and with no job to go to, a computer, tea, and the usual stuff. The MP (often a libdem now, not just boring old Labour) uses it as his surgery, and campaigning is conducted quite efficiently. I can’t see the Tories managing this any time soon.

Perhaps the time has come for London to elect a Mayor that looks like the city thinks it does, in the way that Reagan got elected in 1980 as he looked and behaved like America’s image of itself. At least he only had Carter before him.

3 responses to “Boris Johnson for Mayor of London!

  1. Long Live Boris Johnson!

  2. JohnDemetriou

    Bloody marvellous news.

    By the way, not sure if you’ve heard of Boatang and Demetriou – we’ve been going for coming up to a year now and we’re big big Libertarians.

    We’ve linked to your site – I think it’s brilliant, if a little zany! Good shout guys.

    Come visit us if you fancy.
    Long live Libertarian politics. My god do we need it more than ever with that Stalinist shit Brown in power.

  3. Thanks for your kind praise!

    We’ve linked to you, John. Interesting stuff, I will run down and read it methodically, asap.