A book on Adam Smith by Dr. Eamonn Butler and an event on Smith and Burke not to miss

The Institute of Economic Affairs has just published Dr. Eamonn Butler’s superb new guide on the life and work of Adam Smith – Adam Smith: A Primer

Moreover, on Tuesday 24 July Dr. Butler, who is of course the Director of the Adam Smith Institute, will be speaking on the relationship between Smith and Burke at a Burke Society Dinner to be held in London’s prestigious Garrick Club.

Talking about the relationship between these two Titans of the Eighteenth Century and their influence on their time, Dr. Butler also assures me that he is going to address the relevance that they have today when addressing such disparate issues such as education, ‘fat cats’, future of the Welfare State and the British Constitution – or world problems such as Iraq, the European Union, Darfur, trade with Africa and so called climate change.

A profound, far reaching and significant debate not to be missed you can reserve your place(s) by emailing Antony Harris at aharris@manufacturingforum.com  The evening (including dinner, wine and pre-dinner drinks) will cost £52.00 per place. If you want to go to this event, act now.

3 responses to “A book on Adam Smith by Dr. Eamonn Butler and an event on Smith and Burke not to miss

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