Welcome to LibertarianUK.net

Yesterday, I was alerted to the recently established web site: LibertarianUK.net

Having now had a look at the site in some detail it is clearly good news and to be welcomed. Its team of authors are clearly sound, thoughtful and professional. They certainly write well.

I hope that like the Libertarian Alliance they continue to thrive long into the future. The more libertarian groups and web sites around the better.

5 responses to “Welcome to LibertarianUK.net

  1. Thank you for your comments on LibUK. I should point out that we don’t pretend to have the skillsets and longevity of the Libertarian Alliance but, through a more informal style and intimate knowledge of web technologies, we may be able to appeal to a younger, web-savvy audience.

    Anyway, the support of your august institution is very much appreciated.


  2. Given that the site is The Devil’s Work, I find it a little clumsy. I expected a bit more from the horned one somehow.

  3. Lurch,

    Yes, I threw it up in a couple of hours. I shall be dedicating time to making it look and feel better.


  4. see it’s very define,your one of a kin. Zaid Bethanie.