For the coming Dark Age, all libertarians, and indeed all people, will need other skills.

p1010169_blog.jpgstair2This This is a picture or two of (parts of) a rather nice staircase that I have just spent two weeks French-polishing.

Most of the people who read this blog must be libertarians. By definition that means you are all fairly intelligent, well-read people who can also sometimes write and argue well; it kind of goes with the job, as you find yourselves in these “situations” with either normal people who just need to be given the low-down on how reality works, or socialists and genuinely persuaded “big-guv” types who need to be argued with as they live even today in Wonderland.

As the outlook darkens in much of the West and particularly the Anglosphere, and as Science retreats before superstition, the Rot Will Set In, but (in the words of the late Enoch Powell) “be of good cheer, for it will take quite some time”. Sean, a student of the effect of Rome’s decline, would I am sure comfirm that Rome did not cease to be a great city (if not instead a barbarous one) for centuries after the fall of the Western Empire, if ever. Buy his excellent, informative, bloody-and-thundery book, “The Column of Phocas”, here.

We will not all be able to make a living by writing and speaking to meetings and TV progs about our beliefs. Nor indeed will some of the traditional outlets of skills be still as available as they have been, or at all, such as teaching or lecturing. I forsee a major closedown of “universities”, especially in the UK, as their output is found over the next 10 years to be manifestly unsuitable for any kind of profitable employment. Maybe ten will survive, if that.

But there will always be rich(ish) people who need stuff done. Now, these are mostly in the private sector, but as time passes they will increasingly be senior “local gumment” “officers”, Police Chiefs, Party Gauleiters, and of course “Sports” “Stars” and “Media Celebrities” such as “News Casters” and “Weather Girls”. The odd “Mayor”, and even chaps who are allowed to run companies that sell hardware to all the above agencies, may still qualify.

My advice today is learn how to do “stuff”. Anything. But it should be in the sectors that will be servicing the needs of the New Enemy Class as it revels in its Imperial Triumph, and we all have to become its serfs. We have to survive, so let’s learn how to do all the things that make its life worth living for it, and learning of which it has bypassed, so it will be coddled to sleep in its comfort and then be able to be overwhelmed later, as is happeneing to our civilisation now. 

My father said that his father said that you should

“Always rub up against money, my lad, for there is a chance that some of it may come off”.

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  1. “We have to survive”–do we?. I’m sure Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett could have put their hands up and and done odd jobs for Mexican grandees but I don’t think so . To paraphrase Scrooge “If I be like to die, I had better do it, and decrease the surplus population”.