We brought Gordon Brown upon ourselves.

Sean has, below, excoriated Tony Blair in terms that it would be hard to outdo, and has in effect cursed the man To Eternity. This is good and right. I will never forgive him his black coat and his (almost but not quite tearful) “People’s Princess” spin-do on the morning of her death. He used it to initiate our ruin as an emotionally-bedwetting nation, and the long-term damage to us as Upstanding People will be hard to undo, if not now impossible.

Sean is right in the main; the man Blair ushered in, whether he intended or not, the most destruction of Britain’s institutions in the shortest time, of anyone in modern history. But we let him get away with it. We let him do it; nobody stopped him.

 I know that earlier this evening I have lambasted another poster on another forum for complaining about “lazy Eurosceptics” who won’t log on and sign the Telly Dailygraph’s petition about something or other. But as I told that lady, “we have not even time to scratch our bums” while trying to pay for the megasocialist state that Brown has created while under Blair’s tutelage.

But we DON’T go on and we DON’T sign, and we let them get away with it.

Democracy works if everyone, most especially the ones chosen to do the representing, respect its objectives. It is no use whatsoever to pretend it does, if the representatives are clearly out for themselves and their wallets, as is clearly now the case in all countries, and sadly increasingly this one, which invented the whole idea.

We failed as a nation, in 1997, to not vote for Blair. (Germany failed as a nation in 1933, to not vote for Hitler; the destruction that ensued should rightly be laid at the door of those voters – a billion tons of rubble first of all, a quarter of a cubic mile, cleared up by……….the Americans and the British; the tragdey was that Germany was arguably the most cultured and socialised nation in the history of the world, or so it  positioned itself via its own intellectuals and many of ours and our scientists, who knew what they spoke of.

By failing to not vote for Blair, not once but THREE times, we have got Gordon Brown, for whom nobody seems to have voted. Clearly, it does not matter to us as a nation who is in supposed “charge”, any more. (It is apparent that the Queen gave up the struggle long ago, if indeed she has ever Understood What She Was For, which I am beginning to doubt sadly.) Therefore we ought to blame ourselves for whatever now will happen, and it ought to be seen as our own fault.

The British will, sadly, never learn to not consort with socialism until they have had their noses rubbed in it ONE MORE TIME, and then, badly. Our failing historically I think is that we are as a people too human and too nice. Being good, human and nice people, who want to see the best in everyone, we fall for the false charms of shysters, doo-gooders, intellectuals with large sexual appetits, and samples of the last three who write well and play good on the telly (Blair!). All these jerks, many on the BBC, tell us how nasty and grasping we are and how we ought to give all our and everybody-else’s money to the “poor” and sundry other-African Jerks-who-Ride-In-Mercs, via sundry Jerks-who-inhabit-the UN.

We have not cared enough about how we are seen, or about our honour as a civilisation because we are the best one.  we just took it for granted, in 1918 and 1945, and went back to bed to grieve for our lost ones. (I will tell you about the Southport War Memorial Sometime.)

Instead by spending too much time meekly trying to pay the Merk-Jerks’ imposts, and the other imposts imposed by the home-Jerks (like “property taxes” eg the “rates”) and not instead opposing them and their ridiculous notions by force or any political weapon to hand (see political correctness for an example – how IN HELL could we, triumphant in 1989, allowed ANYONE to get away with that as a public intellectual property, for God’s sake ?????) we have allowed ourselves to think that people like Brown and Blair are good people.

Instead, people like TAKI had a great party to celebrate the end of communism……….he ought to be ashamed of being such an intelligent man and yet not seeing what the bastards would be up to behind his yacht, and planning for it instead of whingeing later.

It’s easy to say all this in hindsight. But the British have got the gumment they now deserve, by going to sleep on the job. Ah, the “job”! That thing. They forgot what the job was, which was, is, and will be, to teach the rest of the world How To Live.

We got Bliar first, and now we have got Brown (I think it means “dead” in junky-speak, as in “brown-bread”) because we were asleep. Sometime, but not now, I will try to analyse why we went to sleep. but I still will find it in my heart to blame the socialists who wooed us with sirn-siongs of Utopia, because we are nice and kind.

We, liberalism’s students, Are Here To Teach The World How To Live (we ought to begin to say so in so many words) and there is nothing shameful in that destiny. Radical Islam and Socialism, tragically and erroneously for all sorts of reasons, both think the same thing, and are both entirely and totally irrelevant to the problem, as they are not part of the solution in either case, both having signally failed to provide working examples of civilisatiobs which solve the everyday probelms of real humans. 

One response to “We brought Gordon Brown upon ourselves.

  1. It matters not how many times we get kicked in the balls by socialism, there are too many people who will not accept that socialism is an inherently flawed ideology. They will always assume that it will work this time because the new guy is more competent/principled/whatever than the last. They will never see socialism/communisim for the evil that it is and continue to try to force it upon us, sadly with too much success.