It will be hard to extinguish the light of Western Civilisation and the Renaissance, even under the EU or the Islameu

Copernicus nose being picked

This is a picture of my younger child, picking Copernicus’s nose.

The statue is in Olsztyn, Poland, and was put up even under the Communists. Copernicus, of course you will all remember, was he that by observation and mathematical reasoning decided that it would all fit the facts better, if the Earth and the observable planets all went round the Sun rather than otherwise. He arranged for his work to be published about when he died, rather than face a dawn visit by Armed Police and a subsequent hot reception in public somewhere, at an embarrassing moment for him.

It is highly improbable that the soon-to-be-deified founders of the EU, or moreover those “deeply respected scholars” who follow that dead non-white male dark-age desert war-lord whose name escapes me, will allow the statues of their greatest heroes to be so handled and associated with. Indeed, it is even less likely that the said war-lord’s instructions will even allow statues of him to be erected at all. (This is extremely strange and will be explored by me later.)

But the thought-advances of those dead white male philosphers about five centuries ago have so astonishingly enhanced the lives of everyone, and unlike the manifestos of the EUrocrats or the DNWM war-lord, are based on observation and truth. Combined with the power and rise of an Island polity that sought to limit what a State could do – in the teeth of hard and relentless opposition from Europe – and make it responsive to those it taxed for its existence, science brought individual freedom along with betterment of everyone’s condition.

The advance of  collectivism, whether it be by structures imposed by our own Enemy Class in Britain or by our sworn enemies in the EU who cannot ever forgive us for how we saved them from themselves, or by force from outside via the current disarmingly frank and self-avowed enemies of The West, can only succeed in the end if Science is eliminated. We have got beyond the point now where it can be; Chindia makes more scientists per year, trained in the best traditions, than the West owns, and the remainder of the Anglosphere is sufficiently isolated geographically to survive a bit longer.

The internal UK Enemy Class Gauleiters have currently got their fingers on the windpipe of the English GCSE Science syllabuses, and have turned next year’s GCSE exams into a parade of “politically-correct” discussions of PSHE and “citizenship” issues, with not a calculation in sight.

I’m sure our enemies would not allow the children of refuseniks, or indeed anybody at all, to pick the noses of their heroes’ statues.

So on the whole the outlook is bright, although the enemies may yet succeed in destroying the cradle of the civilisation that made them anachronistic and irrelevant. We have to ask whether this matters in the long term; in my more depressed moments I think not.

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