How shall we get The Hog to slaughter itself?

It’s understandably not something “The Hog” wants to do.

I am reminded of this American proverb, by the gathering campaign among the British Food-Nazis and Fascist-Health-Police that we seem to have produced in partuclarly virulent form here, to put health warnings on wine bottles. Apparently, we as a nation all drink “twice as much as is good for us”, whatever that means. Some of us, indeed, they say, are “problem drinkers”…..

I wonder what a “problem driver” is going to be described as doing in a few years? Or whether we soon may have such phenomena as “problem believers”? These I suggest might once have been called “conservatives”, or even a century ago, “liberals”.

 The “problem” that I forsee here is that the publicly-paid or pressure-group-funded staff of all the Nazi organisations, that try to force us to do stuff “for our own good”, will not plan to pack up their offices, shut them for good and go home (to do whatever it is they do there, I can’t imagine) when they have achieved their next repression-success, this time against the alcohol industry.

What they are doing looks alarmingly like the first stages of their attack on the craven, cowardly and supine tobacco industry. Now it is a fact that, for whatever reasons, the tobacco firms shamefully “sold the pass” in the 1970s and 1980s, and caved in to every assault, when a straightforward counterattack based on liberty and freedom of expression, advertising and sale, of legal goods, would most probably have suceeded, having at the time wide public supprt from a still-educated, and still-critically-aware population, most of which has since died. This counter-attack would have set a standard for proper political debate about liberty and the limits of state coercion in a still-slightly-free society, and  as a result would have kicked the health-Nazis back 40 or 50 years into the foul blood-soaked, 3rd-Reich-tainted slime of their pre-capitalist barbarism.

I suspect that “The Hog” has other harmless individual enjoyments up its sleeve, for demolition. Driving a private vehicle that has any usable speed or range whatever in any slight comfort may be next; internet use, being one of the still-unregulated pasttimes of free persons, may follow. I also urge you all to monitor the progress of campaigns, seemingly by private individuals, usually “concerned mums” (there is never a father involved) about “mobile phone masts”. A move against the world’s telecom firms in the UK would be entirely in line with the strategic goal of denying easy travel or communication facilities, to controlled populations. China might get rather freer thatn we will become, in a couple of decades, if something is not done. 

3 responses to “How shall we get The Hog to slaughter itself?

  1. I must agree with your post rather wholeheartedly, I have noticed this tendency myself see here, here and here. I wish it were not so.

    Alcohol Concern, for example, billing it’s self as ‘the national voluntary agency on alcohol misuse’, likes to imply it is an independent registered charity. It actually receives very significant funding from the UK Department of Health.

    You can bet they push the line the Government wants so the Government can then ‘respond to public opinion’ once they have.

  2. I agree entirely. They are trying to do just that over here in America and it’s making me sick.