Tonight’s Putney Debate: Antoine Clarke on Nicolas Sarkozy

The speaker at tonight’s Putney Debate – Friday 11 May 2007 – will be Antoine Clarke who will give a talk on the ‘Nicolas Sarkozy and the Future of France.’

With the incoming French President being increasingly strident in his comments on the need for France to liberalise and change what can we expect in the months and years ahead? Will he lower taxes and abolish the 35 hour week as planned? Will he usher in a range of free market reforms put France on track for a better future?For more information email

One response to “Tonight’s Putney Debate: Antoine Clarke on Nicolas Sarkozy

  1. Albert Esplugas

    Hi Tim, I’ve tried to contact you by mail before the event but I didn’t recieve any reply. I’ll try again, I would like to attend the Putney meeting next time.