Health Commission poll proves ‘NHS staff no longer care’

I like these survey results presented by the BBC from a Health Commission poll of more than 128,000 people who work in Britain’s national socialist NHS. However, as is typical with so many reports from the BBC the obvious conclusion is not made.

Observation 1) Less than 40% of NHS workers would want to be treated in their own NHS hospitals.

Observation 2) Less than half (45% compared with 50% in 2003) think “patients are the top priority.”

Observation 3) Stress-related problems at work have fallen among nurses and other staff (39% to 33%).

Conclusion: NHS nurses and other staff have stopped giving a shit.

I blame the government and say privatise it all now. Crucially, that also means de-monopolising the General Medical Council and the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Increasingly, the NHS looks less like the pure juice of altruistic kindness and more like a Nazi concentration camp system in which the feeble and weak are experimented on by the immoral agents of a ruthless and deranged political leadership.

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