Public Sector Rich List

The Tax Payers’ Alliance  recently released this excellent analysis of the UK public sector rich.

I have no problem with people in the private sector earning large sums of money as result of their commercial exploits. However, this does not apply to the public sector. As all taxation is theft  these people are the real fat cat parasites of our society.

2 responses to “Public Sector Rich List

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  2. Having worked for a local authority and a Hospital or two in Suffolk , I was always suprised to hear exactly why these public sector high fliers got the money they did; it seems that although these people are really unfit to operate a syringe or photocopier would be “stolen away” by the private sector were they to be paid a paltry salary.

    Personally I wish the private sector WOULD take these reprobate time servers. No chance however as they would have no worth.