How and why Kate Middleton could get a good day-job…and the evolution of the person of the British head of State

The Evolution of the Person of the British Head of State, and how and why Kate Middleton got a job.

I do not know what the probability is of Kate Middleton marrying Prince William is, nor indeed the probability of his yet being crowned as Head of State, such that she will be Queen. But as a market-maker I would guess 0.63 and 0.19 respectively. I would take 10p at 4-to-6-on for the first and 11-to-2 that William will actually make it to Westminster Abbey. The Queen is 80 but quite fit I am told, and is unlikely to be fired by Blair (his snobbish wife would disagree) or even Brown or Cameron, in her lifetime. Brown admires and looks up to her (his wife is not stupid and will keep her trap shut); he is a Callaghan figure in her eyes. 

However, the “Education Manifesto” has been so successful since 1990, that the Nazi Gumment here has now got a problem.

It has got to stage its Hindenberg-Fuehrer-1933-moment quite soon, to maintain the momentum of socialism in the birthplace of its mortal foe, before so few people vote (or know how to care about what to vote about) that even Labour MPs in Rotten Boroughs will not get elected; this is what “the war against the West”, “PC”, the “New Labour Party” and also the “EU” (which would be a useless weapon without its Quislings here at home) are all about.

 The Queen, bless her, is, despite the efforts of our Nazis to discredit her and her children and their sources of funding, still a focus of unity and nationhood. Her grandfather did a lot to popularise the British Monarchy, her poor father exhausted himself to death against Blair’s backers’ allies, further humanising himself and his office in the process, and were she to turn up in our town this afternoon, everything would stop, even the Police-Attack-Squads would become chatty, and you would feel, in the air of the street, that she was genuinely loved. The poor people (want to) know nothing of her successive betrayals of her Oath in the signings of “scraps of paper” such as Rome, the SEA, Maastricht etc. Nor do they care.

Nazism belongs in faraway countries, of which we know little.

The 20th century was a difficult time for European and Old-World monarchs. Not a few have gone by the wayside, some in blood. This latter mostly where there was no real political communication between the monarch and the “people”. Where there was some understanding of this, they have survived. Britain; Holland; Spain (some trouble due to sundry socialists but they got there.) Scandinavia. That’s about it. I can’t comment on S E Asia, eg Thailand, as I know not enough about its history. But here, the ones that survived had some tradition of engaging with their populations.

The next five years will be hard for our monarchy. the Queen is old, and will be tempted, even pressed by “her Doctors” to take a back seat. This will mean poor, intense, tortured, intelligent (more than you know) Prince Charles having to become invloved in State Business. His green-ness is sad, and there is nothing that can be done about it now at his age, but he has meant well. Saddo remarks like “people having to get over their obsession with cheap food” are unfortunate, and will fortunately be ignored outside the offices of FOE and “Green piece” what ever that might be. However, Poundbury will be remembered and copied, all over the world, especially in Rich China, India and Australasia, long after he is gone.

But to get back to Kate Middelton. This is interesting, for her entry and involvement marks finally a return to a much older English monarchic tradition. England has always been an egalitarian society, in the sense that even socialists defined it, which is the ability of movement up and down it due to ability, or intelligence. they only purport to hate it becuase it is the only one which historically has actually existed, with the exception of the USA (which they hate more becuase it is bigger and newer – no equality there, then!) and the rest of the Anglosphere, whose turn will soon come.

In England, the Monarch has mostly been free to marry whom he/she pleases. This has been so for about 13 centuries, more or less since we have had “one” monarch. I am sure that the previous arrangements were even less subject to “peer” scrutiny. This tradition failed somewhat in the post-Rennaissance years, when dynastic contracts had to be made in order to forestall National extinction at the hands of whatever Continental power coveted England’s revenues at any time, the better (having confiscated them) to assault and engilf its neighbours (and we have gone into a “union” with exactly THESE people???) That must be why we have so much Scandinavian and German blood in our monarchy, and so little French and Spanish.

Kate Middleton may yet save the English from their own bureaucrats, but neither she nor I know how at this time.

At a time when the English Monarchy is facing more threats than for three centuries, from inside its own polity, yet it pulls a rabbit out of a hat, and we may survive. Its Principal male Heir, a popular and good-looking, and by all accounts, a sound intelligent young man (who has been to Sandhurst and may get the Sword of Honour, which is no mean thing I can tell you, and the Army is one of the last unvandalised institutions which is fair and upright) has got a “nice middle-class girl” for his girlfriend, whom he “met at Uni”, which is what they all aspire to do now. Yes, the English monarchy may, yet, triumph again, over changing habits and mores, re-inventing itself to stay the head of this curious, brilliant, yet just now I fear, sleeping, nation. This time, the sleep “may” have been “criminally induced” by its present “Nazi masters”, rather than form outside. I could stomach the EU if its “directives” were enforced locally with the same spirit and zeal that they seem to be on the continental mainland, which is not much – but there is of course another agenda at work in the UK, by our home-Nazis, who have been educated in the past 20 years+ under a curriculum which I intend to dissect in my rducation posts here.

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  1. I believe in tradition and I beleive in the only monarchy that actualy works in these times and ages. I hope that Prince William and Kate Middelton workout as a couple, as a marriage, so that these values and the values of Englands monarchy can live on. If you want to read more about Kate, I have my own blog about who she really is @

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  4. why would the Queen expect her future daughter in law to get a nine to fiver? Its not as if the Queen has ever held one???

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  9. She does need a nine to fiver, they have been given a multimillion pound
    house, lets face mate if you or I were in their shoes, would we gat a nine to
    fiver. Like F.

  10. More the point where are the nine till fivers, they can’t find any round here,
    my advice Kate stay put ignore them.