Rewriting the british “National Curriculum”, to help stamp out Nazism

David Davis

I have decided to re-write the whole of the UK’s National(ised) Curriculum (except languages, about which I know nothing except for Latin and Greek. )

It will give me slight amusement in my old age, when, my alternative version being published, many, many thousands of UK primary school teachers will riot (sorry, I meant “demonstrate”) and say “we can’t teach this”. The extrinsic reason will be that they don’t agree with its thrust; for many are trained Marxist destroyers of Western liberal Classical knowledge, and do what they do right now on purpose. But the intrinsic reason will be that they mostly don’t know anything, much, at all, as a result of their Marxist-oriented training. I shall take sad pleasure in being able to say, to many thousands of them: “Well, and, I am so sorry. Go, and go now.” Many of the larger teachers, and there are many, could go…….and break rocks…………..perhaps in China, whose pants are so on fire that rocks still have to be broken, here and there, even in 2007. They could build some of the 562 coal-fired power stations, of which one a week is opening until 2012, as fortunately for China and for us too, it did not sign the anti-liberal Kyoto scam. China is even building a Ground Iron-Rail Way , to, I believe, Tibet. That ought to tell the poor old Dalai Llama something, about where both his real, and his imagined, friends, could now be.

This was brought on today, by my boy, who on coming home, said that science homework this week is a “2-minute “POD CAST” about a science topic in the NEWS”. Firstly, I had no idea what a “Pod Cast” is, and had to take a few seconds out to learn it, as the teacher had not said anything. Then, we had to “Down Load Soft Ware” from the school’s “Web Site”, including, may I add, the homework-brief (I do know what a brief is, altough they did not call it that!)

What is the situation, in all this, of socialistically-overdeprived children whose parents do not know how to interpolate opaque instructions, let alone those who do not possess computers or even internet connections? If they have to pay the electric bill with funny cards in grocery shops, what do they do about internets, I wonder? (Not their fault IMHO – I blame Fabians, Napoleon, Lenin and the Kaiser.) How then can they “access the school web site” and get programmes with which to do the homework and re-upload it ??? We will manage, but I have been just gifted a good laptop with “features”, by the kindness of a friend.

No, this homework was symbolic of new Labour. It was nothing about science, at all, and everything about presentation. Not only is the homework itself a work of presentation, and no more and no less, but it has to be about something else “in the news”. No attempt whatever in the last few weeks has been made to actually teach any science to these poor children.

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  1. This is a great idea. So good, in fact, that I had an identical one some weeks ago (although the thought was precipitated, in my case, by my daughter having several weeks of homework on the subject of recycling).

    I see that Cambridge International Education are launching a new syllabus to replace A Levels. There ought to be a commercial opportunity for someone to do the whole curriculum.