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Contribution to LA Funds

I wish to thank my Dear Wife Andrea for all her work during last weekend’s conference. She worked hard in the Lady Violet Room, setting out her stall and talking people into handing over their money.

In the end, by selling various books and other things, she raised nearly £200 for Libertarian Alliance funds.

Well done, Mrs G!

The View from the Bridge


Ship’s Log

30th Nov 2006, 53.23′ N, 02.02′ W

Ornithology Deck

First, the big news, judging from hits on other people’s blogs, has got to be about a former minor pop singer forgetting to pu winter warmers o before exiting from a vehicle. This must therefore be very important.

Now to minor matters. This evening I re-read the general parts of Principia Mathematica, for the first time in many years. I have long ago lost my (modern) copy, and thought I would google it. This was to cheer me up. The contrast between the authority and clarity of Newton’s prose and the massive importance of the ideas, even in translation from original Latin, and the triviality of subject matter in a GCSE science revision guide and the shallow way it is expressed, makes it look like the presenters each come from different planets or are separated by millennia – Newton being the one who must be far in the future.

And people wonder why science is taking such a tumble in schools, particularly those run by the gumment. It has to be “inclusive”, which means no hard bits, and it now – worse – has to be all cleared for “political correctness”, and approval by Al Gore, the greatest scientist in the world. On this especial matter of “PC”, I invite comments as to what we ought really to call this machinery for degrading and eliminating language, word by word. It is certainly not correct, and I can’t justify calling it political; Compulsory? Marxist? Nazi? Marxist incorrectness is a bit unsubtle although right, and there is a prize of a *.gif of a virtual bottle of State-wine-substitute for the best suggestion. The Ship’s Pusser’s decision is final as ever.

Various from Sean Gabb

Various things to report:

1. The Libertarian Alliance Conference last weekend was a great success. I will not single out any contributor of particular praise. Instead, I am working as fast as I can to get the video and audio footage ready for uploading the multimedia section of the LA website.

2. As said, the Libertarian Alliance has now started its own blog. This as yet has little content. But it will grow in time, as have all our efforts to date. You can see our blog here:

3. Though I still doubt whether blogging in the conventional sense suits me, I have decided to incorporate a number of blog-like elements on my own website. The most obvious of these is a comments button for each article. I have so far managed to insert these buttons on about 20% of the Free Life Commentary articles. You can see one of them by looking at my latest article, all about self-publication:

Every time I publish something, I am deluged with e-mails that I hardly ever answer. Now, you can leave your comments for all to see. I might even be more inclined to respond to them if they are public!

4. You may find this article of particular interest, bearing in mind my own biggest news of the week. Last Thursday evening, I had a call from one of the largest publishers in the English-speaking world. I was asked to send a pdf of my novel, The Column of Phocas.

The following Monday morning, I agreed a contract for three novels. The Column of Phocas will now be withdrawn from the market in the New Year and will be retitled and reissued. The sequel is four fifths complete. The third one I will write in the spring.

When I asked the publishing editor why she had moved so fast and against normal procedure, she said some very flattering things about me. Indeed, before making her offer, she had spent several hours looking through the articles on my website, in particular the article on self-publication. She had also read the reviews on Amazon:

If you have something you want published, my advice is not to deluge me with manuscripts that I shall have no more time to read than the various agents and publishers who have already rejected them. It is to publish the book yourself, to promote it as best you can, and then to offer it to mainstream publishers.

And please bear in mind that it is your duty to get published or to publish yourself. The battle of ideas today hardly concerns arguments over how and whether to privatise the cracks between the paving stones. The battle is fought at the cultural level. We must all do our part to ensure that sound, wholesome views of the sort embedded in novels like – er – The Column of Phocas are set before the public.

Of course, I shall withdraw the present edition of the novel after Christmas. The world must then wait for a retitled edition. In the meantime, I do still have a number of copies left. These, I suggest, would make admirable Christmas presents for those hard-to-please loved ones. And, remember, it is not just I and my friend who insists the novel is a good one. It has been snapped up after a day of consideration by major publisher. Get your copy here:

or here:

5. One last point – I was on the new Internet television station 18 Doughty Street last night. It was an enjoyable discussion. I am told I was rather good. I have no idea where to find a video file of the discussion, but I will make this available as soon as possible.

Regards to all,

Sean Sean Gabb
The Libertarian Alliance
Tel: 07956 472 199

Buy my new book – “The Column of Phocas: A Novel of Murder and Intrigue Set in Mediaeval Rome” – or

Libertarian Alliance reaches 800 publications in print

I have been reliably informed by the Libertarian Alliance’s Editorial Director, Nigel Meek, that the LA now has more than 800 publications in print. Written by more than 200 authors, all LA publications are available for free download via the main web site .  Just click in, go to the blue bar on the left and scroll down and click on “Libertarian Alliance Publications”. 

One good thing about LA publications is that they cover so many areas – including politics, economics, philosophy, law, culture, history, sociology, education, psychology, science, and tactics to name but a few areas.   

Another great thing is that they are not books – being pamphlets you can pick up their messages and ideas relatively quickly.  

Finally, many of these publications are ideal for students and scholars. Obsessing about footnotes they often contain many interesting references and pointers to further exploration.

Bruce Nicoll to speak at the December LA Putney Debate

The speaker at the next Putney Debate – Friday 8 December 2006 – will be
Bruce Nicoll who will give a talk on ‘Epistemological questions for the natural and social sciences’.

As junk science increasingly impacts on people’s lives through a host of popular assumptions concerning cosmology, the environment and healthcare he believes new and more powerful explanatory paradigms must be sought. Highly critical of the consequences of government funding on much scientific thinking he argues for a re-evaluation of the ways in which science is thought about, funded and practiced.

Bruce has lived in China, Kenya, Spain and
Britain. A long time supporter of the LA he is a commercial, art and film set photographer with a fascination for science and a passion for the truth.

For more information email

Dates announced for Liberty 2007: the annual conference of the Libertarian Alliance and the Libertarian International

Following the great success of last weekend’s Libertarian Alliance Conference and as mentioned here the LA is now delighted to announce the date of next year’s event. The conference will be held the weekend of 27-28 October 2007 and hosted at the National Liberal Club:

Whitehall Place, London

Again, more good news – the full programme is being made publicly available from January 2007 onwards

Libertarian Alliance launches blog

The Libertarian Alliance – the UK’s radical free market and civil liberties think tank – today launched a major new weblog at  Welcoming the site, LA President Dr. Tim Evans said: 

 “The LA’s Director, Dr. Sean Gabb, and I are delighted to launch this blog today. Working alongside other writers such as
Brian Micklethwait, Dave Davies, and David Farrer we are confident that this site will not only provide a regularly updated shop window on the LA’s many publications and activities but it will quickly become a popular and easily accessible forum for radical libertarian ideas.”

Established in 1967, the LA is the country’s second oldest free market think tank. Today, its boasts more than 700 publications in print – all freely available for download from  It holds regular monthly speaker meetings, an annual conference at the National Liberal Club, and it attracts ever more press and media coverage.