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How soon will the Euro implode?

UPDATE:- I said this the other day, too.

David Davis

About 12 years ago, or it may be 13, I bet a YEM* person £25 that the Euro, recently issued, would sink to UD$1.00 by that Christmas. It did fall, a bit: my prediction was only wrong in degree –  but I lost my bet and ponied up.

Now Peter Oborne thinks the project is at last about to come undone.

* “YEM” was the “Young European Movement”. God knows what’s happened to that.

Oh dear, a spat with Pakistan, again

David Davis

UPDATE: I forgot to include a link to the report – apologies.

Our Coagulation-PM has got into hot water, it seems, with certain nationalist elements in the Pakistani Intelligence Services.

Apparently this is what Cameron said:-

”But we cannot tolerate in any sense the idea that this country is allowed to look both ways and is able, in any way, to promote the export of terror whether to India, whether to Afghanistan or to anywhere else in the world.”

The problem of interpretation centres on TWO WORDS…”able” and “promote”. If his advisers had said to him to say “unable” to “prevent”, or even “finds it difficult to prevent”, then I don’t think the ISI could have complained – for that would, as we all know, be substantively true.

Perhaps the coagulation is going to founder on the rock of the British Political Enemy-Class, which still owns the Terms Of Discourse, which wants our culture and civilisation dead, which believes what it is saying and thinks we don’t think that, and still, sadly, briefs Cameron’s speechwriters.

Pakistan is a surprisingly large place, like neighbouring Afghanistan, and it is difficult to police much of it, even had its government the strategic will and vision to supress “certain elements”.

“Johnny-Taliban” is clearly getting his gear (even if not his squaddies) from somewhere, and nearby – given his logistics-set-up – is the obvious place. I don’t think the Russians’ writ quite runs as well as it did in those parts in the 1970s/80s, so “north” is probably out: furthermore, ShootinPutin187 knows, to a nicety, how far to push us or not, and this is not something he’d go the the stake over.

France always makes trouble for the Anglosphere on principle, whenever it can. That’s how it is: it’s France’s job and has been for 1,000 years. So I’m prepared to believe that money might be coming from there, if not explosives and IED-technology. But Occam’s Razor does, sadly, point to our old chum “West Pakistan”.

If the ISI geeks want to flounce, let them.

I think we could profitably watch this space

David Davis


James Lovelock talking vaguely sensibly…

in here…you can respect his intellectual honesty about eco-fashion green-ness etc.

David Davis

but not here, where he buys into totalitarianism. h/t Samizdata.

Either we’re about to pull out, or else there’s an election coming

David Davis

So, Gordon Brown has just popped in for a brew with the lads, over on the front, eh? Bet they’re pleased.

The effing bastard will either win the election, or there’ll be a hung-one. You just watch. He’s a wicked socialist scumbag schemer and shyster and snake-oil-salesman, just like his mate Stalin, and you see if I’m right or not. If he gets in again, you just see if he doesn’t end up having people murdered in dank cellars, in the “Ministry” of something or other. Read my friend Richard Blake’s novel “The Terror of Constantinople”, which is prophetic.

Bet each reader of this 1p that Gordon wins, and that the election will have been rigged. You can pay the Libertarian Alliance by paypal when you lose.

The Falklands, the Treaty of Lisbon, and the EU

David Davis

I have also facebooked this to “try it on the dog” as it were.

Good blog, just spotted

David Davis

Coldsteelrain, heart in right place, what more can a man want? I cannot tell exactly, but I suspect it is written by a soldier.

Here is one good observation for a start – and yes I am being provocative here. And I share his dislike of the unloveable, un-nice and smelly Piers Morgan. if “Britain’s got Talent” is some sort of show in the Wireless Tele Vision, and the man Morgan is involved, then I don’t think that ordinary functioning humans ought to have anything to do with it.

Shun him, for he likes Gordon Brown. There will have to be an “Independent Safeguarding Agency” register of such people, and the Police will have to phone us all when one of them moves in nearby, in case we object.

GOSH this will be fun to watch – POLITICAL STREET THEATRE -

Micheal Winning

Too dakr to do the pigs now anyway, so,

David Cameron to take on the Trades Unions! Bring the boxing-match on man!

We cant admit it and we’ll get put in prison for saying so, but everybodyknow that “trades Unions” have been subverted by the Gramsco left [on purpose as the Boss says, and it makes sense to do it for you'd win in a liberal society that's kind and forgiving] to undermine and reverse the trend towards civilisatiion and prosperity for all. And to get it for those that threaten and fight most. Barbarians.

He’ll have to do it, but he’ll go down. Like that other guy. Not thatcher, he was a good guy.

And furthermore (to the last post)…

David Davis

Simon Heffer talks sense about our universities (too many) and history (too little and too truncated and deliberately-not-joined-up) as commanded to be taught by the GramscoFabiaNazis. The connection between this and misunderstanding the more serious parts of my post below, is obvious.

Gordon Brown saves and runs the world…so…

David Davis says “what the hell are we doing, and WTF is he doing, allowing “truckloads of explosives” to be driven about anywhere near places like Yemen?”

He’s up there, trying to be what we used to call “all big”, and yet he has no forces to deploy that can even stop themselves being blown to bits, let alone other people elsewhere.

Perhaps if he took all the UK Police (who will have, anyway, to go) and who function quite well as an occupying army here, not detecting real crime but merely terrorising motorists, and simply tramsplanted them to the Yemen, they’d have something worthwhile to do at last.

That’s all very nice then

David Davis

Gordon Brown has said it’s inappropriate, so that’s all right then.

I was intrigued and then also simultaneously amused by the antics of Anjem Choudary, in stating – and then recanting –  the theme that he and his might march through Wootton Bassett with a number of empty coffins.

There is no reason why these fellas ought not to march there, or anywhere else for that matter. But it’s intended to be an insult, for they know we will take it lying down, and a slap in the face. I think it is impolite and is meant to be on purpose. If I was a GramscoFabiaNazi,  then I would do this to the enemies of a  socialist polity, if I possibly could. It is the right strategy to demoralise and upset them.

Poor old Wootton Bassett. Its torments will end with the appointment of another Foreign Secretary: I can’t think who it would be right now, but it would have to be someone good and tough. This town was never meant to have to do, what it now feels it has to do out of ordinary civility and politeness – since nobody from the dead chaps’ employers feels able to turn out.

My amusement of course was unlike what is now perceived by the majority of Middle England, which, owing to its current pre-occupations with celebrity and Wireless Tele Vision, is suddenly surprised and hurt by what the mountebank has said.

This stunt, which Choudary has admitted latterly, does not surprise me in the least, and I was expecting it. It is what I would do, in his position and with his belief-system driving me.

The comment thread here is illuminating and worrying for the future. The volume is staggering. And – they have not even got round to moderating mine, and I posted it 36 hours ago.

This is what I was trying to say the other day

…but Charlotte Gore said it better.

David Davis

I just contented myself with this.

Iranian Waters…a very important place

David Davis

A British Libertarian State (a tautology in 2009 as I always point out) might want to consider under what justifications it would “hold possibly for weeks” those harmless people “violating” its “territorial integrity”, by yachting into its “waters”.

I have no problem with “territorial waters”. Apart from anything, it means I could protect my fish stocks from robbers whose warlords run their serfs’ lives under a different penal code from mine. But if I was I’madasadinnerjacket, then I would be looking for friends and not alienating them. Not right now when I want to get some toys to play with Uranium Hexafluoride in public.

This “sailors business” smells to me like some ploy for commanding: “We’ll give you back your sailors if you agree to oppose any measures to prevent us playing with Uranium Hexafluoride in any amount and at any time we choose. If you do that, we’ll then agree to only parade them in public in ill-fitting suits for five minutes at a time, to coincide with the “News At Ten” for one full week only, and we’ll ensure the patriotic demonstroids pretending to want their blood will only burn your flag three times out of seven for the benefit of BBC TV reporters, and will only each fire a maximum of 20 AK-47 rounds into the air per News Bulletin.” I bet you 50p that this sort of guff is the stuff of “intense Foreign Office negotiations”.

The buggers think we’re toast, and are treating us like it, to the delight of mountebanks throughout the UN.

People like these governments, staffed as they are by people who like to twist the tails of long-suffering enemies whom they disrespect, are storing up trouble, in my opinion, if and when the powder-keg of Christian liberal toleration fnally blows. There were some rather short windows of opportunity, during the 20th Century, to settle conclusively several questions of this sort, and sadly I feel they were not taken.

The foreign-policy-cost rises with each new incident.

They are playing with us

David Davis

I don’t much care if the Iranian government wants to have nuclear weapons or not. I don’t think it’s worth going to war over…..yet. Not unless they actively threaten Israel, which is the primary point of the things.

A firm, well-morally-grounded and self-confident libertarian foreign policy, actively Jihadizing liberty everywhere regardless, is the enemy of any wannabe “rogue state” which gets guns and stuff.There are no “rogue states”: all States are rogues and ultimately have to be re-rogued, and many simply dismantled.

But it does irk me that we as a nation are seen as a plaything-target by people like I’madasadinnerjacket.

I wonder to what extent Gordon Brown tipped off the Iranians to do this thing to us and ours, to take everyone’s eye off him.

How many Vietnams do the Enemy Class want to inflict?

On us, the West?

David Davis

I was always afraid this was going to happen, and now it has. We ultimately lost in Vietnam because our morale was sapped by the fathers and mothers of today’s Enemy Class at home. Even in short preventive cauterisations and dictatorectomies, such as Gulf-I and Gulf-II ought to have been, the well-orchestrated and articulate chorus of negativity, based as it was and is on our supposed non-socialist failings as a society rather than on how much better we are than our enemies, took centre-stage.

Today, we don’t even have for this the excuse of Enemy Foreign Powers paying people in our midst to say these things. Organisations like the Grauniad and the BBC would willingly badmouth Western Civilisation for nothing. Sometimes I despair.

As a libertarian, I’m not supposed to be in favour of wars, I suppose. I’m not, but in the end, if enemies of liberty ask for war, we ought to give it to them.

The sums differ but the principle’s the same

David Davis

You have to wonder: why do bureaucrats, working in safe offices, not under any sort of stress and not bound to any “targets” (although some penny-pinching ones will probably have been invented for them) need astonishingly generous bonuses? The story’s the same here but the sums are hyperbolic.

It would be less sad if the poor bloody squaddies were actually receiving adequate modern kit, and not having to get their mums to buy what they can for them instead. While we as minimal-statists are stuck with State Armies and Forces, we might as well try to make a good job of the thing.

One would like to think these over-rewarded pen-pushers will get somethng like the right come-uppance in the End-Times, when all wrongs are righted by a Libertarian revolution, but in practice the world does not seem to work that way. The Enemy Class triumphs all the time, it gets all the money, and then everyone else dies.


World War 1 and 1918, 91 years on

David Davis together with Michael Winning, over some beers

We try to mark these events on here because we want to: sometimes we remember, sometime we forget. Unlike all those parsons who are said to have recycled their sermons for an easy life, one tries to write something original each time. The almost universal remembrance of lives lost, 100-odd years ago nearly, and in our wars since, seems to need something fresh to be said each year. The wounds never seem to heal, and it’s nothing to do with today’s almost cunstomary imerative of ritualised collective emoting, forced on us all by Popular Culture and the Enemy Class.

Earlier this year, the two surviving oldest Tommies, Henry Allingham and Harry Patch, both passed on. About 2004 I believe, the last German Tommy also died (was he a “Fritz” or a “Berti” or a “Hans”? Who can tell?) as did the French chap, a poilu perhaps, or just “Jaques”. All were significantly over 100. Nobody knows when the last Russian or “Austro-Hungarian”, Italian or Turk – or any of the others – shared their fate: I suspect in some cases records were scant. To this day nobody even knows for sure how many Turks died.

History is useful: we _can_ know what was in the minds of those alive in 1914, and in the decades before. They told us all the time, and for 200+ years we today have never had it so good where primary historical source material is needed. Comparing the two times, why did they cheerfully go into the terror, the noise, the filth, the lice, the mud which seemed ever to hinder and engulf and drown, into places of terrible danger and risk of anihilation, for week after week and for month after month: and why did their civilian populations at home, put up with the counterpart conditions, of fear, sorrow and privation?

Today the notion of engaging sincerely in a totally-absorbing struggle, for what one thinks is the right way as opposed to the wrong way, seems alien. What is there now to struggle for? We seem to have enough to eat (no thanks to anybody on this continent, though), there is enough of different sorts of Wireless Tele Vision to watch, created for anaesthetic purposes by members of the Enemy Class, all of whom are “producers of edgy/good Television”. We can strut about on Facebook and “My Space” and other such places, showing everyone how great we are. What was the point of World War 2, if we here, although entirely Jewless, Gipsyless, Bourgeoisless, Kulakless, cripple-less, bedwetter-less, and Slavless, could still have sat about in front of our monochrome State TV (waiting list 26 months, price 30,000 GospoEuroFrancs, all TVs to be prodiu by the Glorious People’s State Television Tube Factory in Skelmersdale) to watch “Great heroes of yesterday and for ever: part XIV: Zhukov, the General Who Saved The World”, and “part XXVIII, Joachim von Ribbentropp, Giant Father of the People’s Global Foreign Peace and Love”? We’d all be told via the street-looudspeakers that State-approved mobile telephones with a range of at least 20 kilometers, would be available from 2046, to all those who had voted correctly for at least eight elections in a row, and had who had also lodged “significantly more than” 100,000,000 GospoEuroFrancs with the Gau-Voivoda-Prefecture’s People’s-High-Representative’s “Controller of Expenses and Justifiably Good Disbursements for The People’s Good”.

The penalty for being found to have watched US or Australian television channels would have been some time spent in a “People’s State Health Farm”, the death penalty having been abolished on Human Rights grounds. This “holiday” might have been in North Eastern Siberia, or even behind barbed wire, an anti-vehicle-ditch and trip-wires in somewhere like Kraliký. (Look up how near home that is.)

There can be not a lot of substantive difference between the sort of life we’d have led here, if either the Kaiser, Stalin, Hitler, or Jean Monnet and his other fascisto-Gramscian mountebanks had won, in 1918 or 1945 or the 1980s: who remembers “Euro-Communism now? But how different would it have been from any of the other kinds?

Perhaps the thousands and thousands and thousands of poor wretched chaps, from Preston, from Accrington, from Norris green, from Halsall, and Formby and Scarisbrick and Battersea and Pluckley and Slaidburn and Banks, and from Tunbridge Wells and Bromley and Bridge of Gair and Trefriw and St Enodoc and Trim and Wheddon Cross and Dunblane, and Port-Laoise and Ballintoba, and Bengal and Sydney and Jew-Burg and Pretoria and Mackenzie and Kingston and even Buenos Aires and Denver and so many others, who disappeared without trace in the second decade of the 20th Century, were more prescient than we can know. Yes, they were opposed by similar poor wretched souls who were there either because they thought otherwise or because they were forced so to be. Hayek says markets operate by virtue of myriads of small individual decisions, all affecting a macroscopic result, far more accurately than a single Gosplanner or “State Planning Department” can ever hope to do. Perhaps the idea of individual liberty was more strongly articulated then, or perhaps it just was more under threat then,  than we think it really is today.

We try to go on remembering these poor chaps, their descendants of two, three, four or more generations still turning up, in ceremonies in which we do not customarily parade weapons or missiles or tanks and guns, let alone in phalanxes of tracked monsters, such as in Red Square, because innately liberalism is good and right and compassionate, and the opposite is not that at all. Liberalism celebrates the individual over the herd or the State-directed-collective, whether that latter be penal (as is mostly the case in history) or directed-by-threats, for PR reasons.

Although we could not begin to wish for a scenario in which we’d have to behave as they did (we hate war, remember??? We are libertarians!), we look to their example as individual humans who endured more than the ultimate, in return for trying to do what they thought was right and therefore their simple duty.

There is no reason why an intellectual could ever justify that people ought to give up their lives for an idea. Since we cnanot know whether God allows the Afterlife or not (nobody has returned to tell us) then life has to be better than death. But it depends what the competing ideas are, and if it’s worth trying to live under them. Mostly it might have been…just… but what do we think about the future now that New Labour will be in power for the next few centuries?

My quote of the day: from Charles Moore in the DT, on Afghanistan

David Davis

I have called this one _MY_ quote, because I know that a majority of libertarians, especially in Britain, think we ought not to be militarily involved in Afghanistan – or anywhere else for that matter. Therefore I will not annoy and insult these people by calling it the “Libertarian Alliance Quote of the Day” (although it ought to be.) I take responsibility for it instead of the august think-tank for which I have the privilege to be allowed to blog.

These libertarians, and others, know that I have never failed to support war in Iraq, or Afghanistan, and that I say [regularly] that the West _must_ take war, if need be everywhere that is required, to all those who cheerfully, frankly and materially oppose individual liberty anywhere. The people the West is trying to resist are not “insurgents”. They are not even “terrorists”, which is why the notion of “The War On Terror” is so glib, shallow and meaningless – these people are willing soldiers for a cause, they really believe what they are saying and they mean to destroy us: they are the willing agents of purposeful and committed deconstructors of everything they think we stand for and love.

Here’s Charles Moore:-

If we truly want to win the war in Afghanistan, we need to challenge its opponents much more fiercely. Politicians such as Nick Clegg, who congratulate themselves on asking the necessary, awkward questions, need to be interrogated about what they actually want. Do they want the first defeat of the most powerful military alliance in history at the hands of a small band of fanatics armed with little more than rifles and IEDs?

Do they have any conception of what such a defeat would mean for the world order, for the stability of countries in the region, or for civil peace in every European city? Do they not understand that this fight will be seen all over the world not as a battle for control of some jagged mountains, but between values, and that, if our values do not win, they will lose?

Please read old Charlie Moore on the whole thing: he puts some sharp perspectives on war, its roles – good or bad they may be – in intercivilisational conflict, and where we ought to go from here. I already said a couple of days ago that the alternatives are only (and ever) victory or defeat, and what it will mean. He’s probably read Sir John Keegan. I doubt most of our present politicians have even heard of the bugger.

…and MPs: preparing the world for hegemony

David Davis

The problem of an existing Enemy-Class, and – as a corollary to that – its tendency to Bathe its Hands in the Till, will continue until a revolution in the way individuls view “public service” is accomplished.

In London, at the Libertarian Alliance Conference last weekend, my boy and I, walking about Pimlico in the company of the admirable Brian Micklethwait, spied a number of quite utilitarian but suitable buildings for the battery-housing of MPs. Nothing fancy, just serviceable, warm, fairly comfortable and presumably facilities to make coffee, get up some toasty-cheese sandwiches and tea-without-sugar early before a brisk trot to the House, power the odd electric blanket in winter, and watch “Question Time” if they had to. (But they can’t, because I’ll make them be in the House…for all debates…all the time. And they won’t be able to “claim” for a “VCR machine” because I’ll opine that they ought to be able to afford one already.)

The expenses row gets better: now the bastards are whingeing that they can’t employ their wives or claim for mortgages. Look, if they didn’t think they could afford to be MPs, why ever did they stand at all? Anyway, I thought the point of being an MP away in London is that you could shag your “researcher”? She/he might hope to be your wife in due course, but that was under the Tories: we have moved on now, this is 2010, sonny.

MPs should “enter Parliament” only  _after_  they have had a comprehensive education in reality and proper work, and in living like the people who will be employing them. That might mean they are all conservatives – with a small “c” –  and are cynical and pessimistic about what good the State can do, if even any at all. But that’s good, surely. It will end once and for all the cultural hegemony in modern British politics of the fascist-lefty, professional-activist-Gramscian, all of whose influences have been entirely malign and without any redeeming features at all. These people were only good for acting as Pol Pot’s murderers, and have now truly become what they always were.

Incidentally, I have been politely and informally approached by Various August Libertarians, regarding my use of the term “GramscoFabiaNazi”. As a result I explained, perhaps a bit too forcefully and with a little too high conviction, not only what this term means which they fully understood, but why it is 100% accurate and will continue to be applied at appropriate points, and why it should gain traction. Thus there will be a short digression soon, and I will pen an essay to justify the word intellectually, which will be on here. But I will continue unfailingly to be the eternal foe of these bad, bad, wicked, evil sub-humanoid murderers (who deserve the punishment defined as “Eternal Life” [I explained this OK, didn't I?] ), and I will call the GFNs names and throw insults at them to the end of my strength keyboard.

But for MPs, who clearly do understand the problem but whose grasp of delightful power now exceeds the reach of morals by so much that they can find the brass-neck to protest at the protestations against them? They may find that in the end, we the People “have not the facilities to properly take their surrender”. They better watch out.

Things you didn’t know about Trafalgar Square

Michale Winning

You could have a little look ere it is quite entertaining.

Time I said something about Afghanistan.

David Davis

Hitherto, as you all know, I have never failed to disagree with libertarians such as Sean Gabb, in regard to British Foreign Policy. In particular this refers to our prosecution of wars in iraq, Aghanistan, and elsewhere, since the arrival of the national-socialist-imperialist Government of New Labour.

Watching the Fall of the Twin Towers, nearly nine years ago now, I was convinced that it was right of Blair, be he even a GramscoFabianof the First Order, to immediately stand at the side of the, indeed  _our_ First Child, the USA. Whatever “evidence” of WMDs or mobil ice-cream-van-launchers, or weaponised dustbins ready to receive non-recyclable-waste in under 45 minutes or whatever, he was right to support the removal and encompassed subsequent death of the wicked muderer Saddam Hussein. If Blair had said “Britain must go into Iraq purely to kill Saddam Hussein –  a horrible Untermensch which killed its first human victim on purpose with a provided gun while being aged eleven –  and then we shall either go home or stay to kill more of his willing supporters and relations who have profited by him”, I would have supported that, and indeed it was one of the few right and good decisions Blair took in his life.

He did not need to lie about WMDs to convince me of a good and right mission for the Forces of an upright and moral nation. He should have trusted the People, and simply listened. In those days we would have supported him. I did anyway, even though he was – and is – a scumbag socialist. Go back to the headlines of 2002 and 2003 and 2004 even, and just read them.

But he did the unthinkable. On being found to have lied, he therefore shot us in the foot in full view of our enemies by going ahead on what most people decided were false-pretences. Without doing the obviously needed thing, and changing to what the real motive for the war ought to have been all along. It was almost too late, but not quite.If he had come clean immediately, half our enemies’ support would have melted away – it would almost have been enough to go on. And it would have been _public_ which is what’d have mattered. The next rubbish might then not have come about…..

Our enemies are primitve in some ways but clever and modern in others. They, like dogs, can smell fear and the stench of death. It is fatal to smell of fear and death. They know when the heart of a combatant is not in it: they know when the people at home are not “behind their boys”. This is invariably fatal, and it loses wars, always and everywhere. Look at Vietnam for an even more expensive object-lesson: the feeligns of the heart of the American People, as projected to the Enemy by the American media, gave off a certain smell. it may not have been the right smell in the end, but it did the trick and we duly lost, as was demanded.

Blair didn’t look: he is “post-modern”, whatever that means, but I think I have decided.

Sean Gabb said we have no vital national interest in these places, unless I have totally misunderstood. Although he is my very good and old friend, he is here quite wrong in my opinion: we, the British, and also British Libertarians as a an interested subset, do have such things. It is not in our interest, as liberals and libertarians, whether the prevailing state or us as a group, to for long allow a crowd of media-friendly, powerful and charismatic, sexy, mountebanks – with zillions of cheap guns, bombs, money, friendship with unfriendly regimes such as the USSR, and access to limitlessly-industrial amounts of modern plastic explosives, detonators and charge-shapers –  to promote the idea that liberalism and non-invasive-individual-liberty of conscience, worship, thought, deed and word are a wrong thing for Man. It is our Jihadist duty to go after these buggers to the ends of the earth if need be. if we do not, then we set a bad example for those who would follow liberty.

Strong horse, weak horse. The late Osama Bin Laden will continue to remain fully dead throughout 2009 and 2010, but he did speak the truth on that one. We are not dealing all the time with samizdata readers here: those whom we hope to awake from their darkness in the fullness of time still, in a lot of cases, only know about mis-sold-nags and dust and disease.

This is a First World Army, trying to fight Third-World-Guerillas – admittedly in difficult terrain, but this is 2009. The problem of Afghanistan can only be:

(1) either that the wrong kind of campaign is being fought…we are trying to be even too reliant on vehicles and mobility in force, and should deploy more special forces at night on foot (but we don’t have more than five…)


(2) that the politicos in charge of “paying for it” don’t want it to succeed. They, which is to say: Gordon Brown and the Enemy Class, want us to “lose”. This, to them, is a morale-destroying-weapon to do with our very civilisation and sense of ourselves, both of which they hate. that oculd secondarily explain the lack of “kit”: the more dead young boys that are flown back, the better for the Enemy Class. (I always said they were evil droids, didn’t I!)

Given that Jeff randall is probably right about the mobility of anti-liberal, anti-Western-Canon terrorism, it probably does not matter in the end if we stayed in Afghanistan for “30 or 40 years” (perish the thought!) or if we left today.

I am not sure that Gordon Brown and Barack Obama, who [with the exception of many dedicated Danish Doctors and Nurses] deploy sadly almost all the forces that really matter, really really deeply want The West to win in Afghanistan, if indeed “winning” here now means anything substantive. It is a hallmark of a civilised people that they grieve quite a lot and voluntarily, and now in public, see Wooton Bassett (poor sods) over even what would a mere 90 years ago have been regarded as a paltry death-toll for even just one day of fighting. That we should now regard eight deaths in one day of fighting as politically and morally unacceptable, says a lot for us still as a people, and points optimistically to some kind of recovery of moral fibre and nerve, although I cannot yet define what.

It is too late now to “leave Afghanistan” without it looking to our enemies abroad, which are many but largely impotent, and the Enemy Class at home which is few but all-powerful,  like a major defeat. To both kinds of enemy, imagery is terribly important for they are both primitive and pre-capitalist-neopastoralist, in their different ways. Both kinds of enemy will interpret our leaving as a major strategic victory for them.

What will happen?

Israel will feel weaker and more isolated, and may have to develop Nuclear Weapons.

The government if the USSR will feel more able to lift more firms’ wallets  – both foreign and domestic – more openly.

OPEC, with USSR money, will be able to orchestrate demos at British “Unis”, by “students” who will shout that “Afghanistan was all about oil” while burning effigies of “George W Halliburton”.

Some institutional destruction will be able to be accomplished too, such as various Lieut-Colonels, of the remaining old British Army Regiments that survive, being arrested for “war crimes”.

The ID card programme will be accelerated, since “The War On Terror” “knows no borders”. Cameron will expedite this as fast as Brown would have done, and anyway all the Enemy-Classes’ political dinner-partners, all of whom “design” on “Apple Macs”, will need the bloody money, and quick, or they lose their cottages to RBS “Money-Sense”.

But, all in all, would we all be worse off if we left Afghanistan? Perhaps not. I do not know, do you?

Vaclav Klaus quote of the day

David Davis

Vaclav Klaus: “I am afraid that the people of Britain should have been doing something really much earlier and not just now, too late, saying something and waiting for my decision”

h/t Englishman’s Castle

This is our Munich: what goes around comes around. It’s us in the firing line now, and if the Czechs decide not to come to our aid, then we have at last become the “faraway country of which [they] know little”: it’s our fault, and we should as he says, have been much more agressive towards [all] our scumbag politicos, much earlier.

The time, sadly, for merely delegating to our “representatives” is past. We need to “do more”.


What exactly is… this…??(?)

Peter Davis

if a Libertarian government had a “defence sec”, at least he’d look like one

David Davis

Well, there you go. I could not remember his name until about a minute ago. It’s “Des Lynam”, isn’t it: either Des or Bob, but probably Des.

If we are others are right about an ultimately global agenda for total control of all populations under “law” and slave-driving-prohibition (see IP-J’s formal comment on us earlier, here) then something inevitable follows. A Libertarian government will not only need (sadly but inevitably) the forces and the “kit”, but someone who looks and talks the part as War Secretary – replete with all appropriate knowledge of sad detail –  to bolster the credibility of the “Foreign Libertarians’ Office”, and the Chiefs of Libertarian Defence Staff.

Someone next to whom the Soldiers do not feel uncomfortable when being photographed. (Famous quote about John Major, from that blue-hatted chap we had in Bosnia: “I’m not sure my soldiers want to be photographed, standing next to a **** like that…”)

I see the main strategic objective of the “Foreign Libertarians’ Office” as actively helping classical liberals and libertarians everywhere outside UK Libertarian Jurisdiction. This may be via “promotional” programmes such as literatire, websites, conferences, endowing University Chairs etc, and it may also simultaneously be via “other” methods, it being a duty to spread the axiomatic doctrine of individual liberty based on Natural Rights and the true Nature of Man.


...er...I'm the Secretary for War...

‘We’re not done yet, insists Brown’- Sounds horrifying, init?

Peter Davis


I have a propsition:

List all of Labours achievements to this day, I won’t, since [a] i can’t be bothered, and [b] my laptop would fall apart because of sheer over-typingness (if thats a word) as it is shoddily made.

then tally up:

1.how many have been a complete waste of your money, and have been engineered to put this nation at an educational, tactical, and economical disadvantage,

2.how many have actually been benificial.

i think you’ll find that the ultra-huge-vastly-immense majority will be: a complete waste of your money, and have been engineered to put this nation at an educational, tactical, and economical disadvantage

And, Brown says, ‘We’re not done yet’…

it is now 22:07 GMT and my brain has almost completely shut down, so i expect Fred Bloggs to do a humerous, but serious follow-up to this, while i set up the weaponized dustbin in our ultra-super-secret-weapons testing lab for a ‘demonstration’. expect to see the fabled weaponized dustbin in action soon:








I didn’t think German soldiers would cave in…

so what’s happening?

David Davis

I wouldn’t trust the buggers…

…further than a tired old sidewinder could fly.

David Davis

“A world without nuclear weapons” will not only take us back to 1939 and the sort of sword-wielding-mountebanks we either faced or (just as scary) had in 1941 to do business with and thanklessly supply: it also will provide today’s dangerous mountebanks with the excuse to covertly go about getting more anyway.

Knowing what its true mission is, as you do, the sort of snotrags who get to “represent” people at it and the kinds of countries in it which invoke collective-lynching-parties against liberalism, would _you_ trust the UN to police such an arrangement?

Kennedycare: Lesson 1 – the Kennedys will shag you and then you will die

….especially if you are a pretty young woman.

David Davis

If this was not the Libertarian Alliance, then the headline would have contained a different four-letter verb instead of “shag”.

Calling the USA! Hear us!

Listen, for we are your friends! We want you to succeed! There is no mileage or benefit for humanity in a hobbled, socialist USA!

Rule 1: whatever the Kennedys say, do exactly the opposite (except for your moon landings which were Anglo-German. Jack Kennedy only hijacked what was to happen anyway.)

Rule 2: give the Kennedys lots of young women and money to keep them occupied. I don’t know how you’ll persuade the young women to comply, but the world might contain enough desperate ones.

Rule 3: stop thinking the Kennedys are some sort of romantic Irish neopastoralist anti-British clan.

Joe Kennedy the bootlegger wanted to sell us, your friends, to Hitler, the deputy-arch-GramscoFabiaNazi after “Joe” Stalin his friend. Those of us who are old enough to remember Joe Kennedy (who f****d his sons’ girlfriends – how much of a loser can you be and still make money?) and what he did and said and – worse – thought, will never never forgive him or forget what time he lost us and you, when you and yours wanted to come to our aid in early 1940 against anti-libertarianism.

Do exactly the opposite of what the Kennedys say, straight away: do NOT lose any time.

And just a slight shock on a wet Wednesday afternoon

You can have a look at this.

But we always knew this!

David Davis

USSR plans for “invading” Manchester….

Personally, I’d not have come in via the Trafford route: too many water obstacles, and stuff like that, and you’d have had to take Liverpool first although they’d probably just let you in and the minidressed scousettes would just ride along on your tanks.

If Manchester was what you needed, then much better to seize the heights south and southeast round Stockport and Hazelgrove, possibly using airborne assault with portable artillery and mortars, plus the ring of hills from Bolton, Bury and Rochdale. To do both, too, you could just drive up the M6.

Then you have the entire city at your mercy from bombardment. Forget the “urban guerrillas” – too busy watching the telly. And from there you could just starve the place out.

Please send Michael Yon some money


This is not to say that the Libertarian Alliance supports, or does not support, the prosecution of a war in Afghanistan, or indeed anywhere else, by the West. But I am as blogmaster increasingly concerned that the truth about such wars may not be being broadcast accurately, or at all, by Western MSMs who are institutionally and ideologically opposed to Western Values, the Western Canon of Knowledge and Philosophy, and their propagation. If we are right, then we should propagate. If we are not, then we should not. But we should know.

Here’s an interesting posting from him, which ought to put the wind up people like “Bob” “Ainsworth”*** and “Gordon Brown”.

He needs money, as our government does not like him. He’s just been sacked by our own MOD: that says everything, don’t you think?

You can send him money here. But only if you think you want to.

David Davis

***How can you give the job of “Minister of Defence” to a man called “Bob”? It seems that at one and the same time the GFNs want to overdignify themselves to the skies, while yet using such prosaically peasant names.

You might also like this. Gordon Brown and Alex Salmond ought not to do shady deals about stuff and guys which harm the people who are prepared to do that.

This has been engineered on purpose by the GramscoFabiaNazis

David Davis

If you are GramscoFabiaNazis, and if (therefore as must follow as the night the day) you want to marginalise a potential key player who could be ranged against you in some way, in the setting-up of a New World Order – one in which Western liberal Civilisation is banished to a few subsistence-farming communities on outer islands, and which you can ultimately pick off at will like Native Americans – this is one thing you must do.

You have to ensure that you f*** up their defence procurement bureaucracy, finances and objectives. Hear me out, enraged libertarians, for this is important.

Rommel, von Kluge and von Runstedt came, not very suddenly, to understand this very well in 1944, and had no power to influence what was anyway a fairly-well-run outfit by 2009 standards.

The poor wretched generals and marshalls actually understood it before that, but were not listened to. The only reason “Normandy to the Elbe” took so long, and was so expensive in metal and in lives lost, was the superb fighting power of the average German soldier, even in knowingly unrelievable desperation. The Allies were fighting the finest and most professional army of ordinary soldiers that possibly ever existed in all history.

To me, from where I am sitting, about 100% of all libertarians appear to be “against war”. Well that’s OK if you say so, but I am not convinced that everybody who reads this blog and others is aware of the difference between this position and outright pacifism in the face of people who frankly state their objectives about your fate, should they be so fortunate as to get you into a dark alley.

The point about wars properly waged by The West, against its mortal philosophical enemies such as GramscoFabiaNazis – and even, let it be said – GramscoNazis and their integrated GramscStalinist clone, is that The Western Canon has allowed the development of what we (in the LA year and years and years ago) called, on a lapel badge (remember those?) “Peace through superior firepower”. We even, in the Alternative Bookshop, bought a badge-making-machine, and prodiced them – I still have one.

All we have to do is decide if we are right. If we are, then superior firepower will ensure minimal destruction of innocent bystanders, by ensuring maximal destruction of the guys who are wrong and who despite that persist.

This I think was the original – actually it’s not, it’s the second series:-


And I thought this was a later version when that stock had run out, but actually it’s the real one, the first one – it’s a better gun:-


And this summed it all up:-


GramscoFabiaNazis have nothing going for them except their messianic fervour of rightness in the face of logic, and their aura of divinity based on barbarian-neopastoralist mass-credulity. They are killers and murderers: the two generalised forms of death which they apply to people who displease them, differ slightly but importantly.

They too encompass badge-wearers, just as we did: but we grew up and they did not.

The GFNs must find a way to hobble people who, although behaving as “uncertain trumpets”, ought to be able to possess overwhelming firepower.

Free Life from August 1994

(The blogmaster comments:- The older we get, the less attention seems to be paid to the roots of 20th-Century war, notably the main one from 1899 to 1989…)

Sean Gabb

From “Free Life”

I have mentioned the year 1914. I am making these loose jottings on the 4th August, 80 years to the day since our declaration of war on Germany. I know that looking at the plain statistics, we can dethrone the Great War from the place that it occupies in most liberal imaginations. Other wars have lasted longer. Others have had higher death rates, both absolutely and proportionately. On the same basis, others have consumed more wealth. I cannot say that our statist ascendency is wholly a product of the War: its roots can be traced far back into the 19th century – even into the age of high liberalism.

Yet for all this, I cannot but regard that war as the greatest of all known calamities. The only real civilisation that has existed on this planet came close to blowing itself apart: and no one but a fool can say that a full recovery has yet taken place, or be sure that one will take place.

I began this jotting with the intention of saying something smart and clever about today’s anniversary. But there is nothing smart and clever to be said. When I contemplate the events that unrolled between the 28th June and the 4th August 1914, I become a child again, in the audience of a pantomime. I want to cry out to the person on stage – “Look behind you!” “Don’t go there!”, “He’s coming for you!”. But there is nobody out there to listen.

And that, perhaps, is why we are so busy commemorating the events of 1944, but have chosen very largely to overlook the still greater and more unimaginable events of 30 years’ earlier.

It will be like this all the time when we have gone, but only worse

That’s if we go now, as we are going to do.

David Davis

The strategy is twofold:-

(1) To discourage us from staying, possibly for decades, to help turn Iraq into something resembling a pre-postmodern pluralist democracy with functioning free Markets and free Institutions:

(2) To frighten, by blackmail (onw ought never to give in especially at the beginning) the population, so they will say to us “just bugger off, chaps, and maybe these lions will lie down with us lambs after all.”

One wonders just how !”Al-Quaeda” is allowed to continue to exist…

….If modern Western States have the ability to hack into people’s hard disks via the interwobbly thing, and read files thereupon, then how come they can’t, or I suspect  __/don’t/__ do the same to !”Al-Quaeda”, whatever that may be? All it would then take is a few SAS chaps, or the French Special Forces (france has more to lose in the long run and quicker) to deal with the buggers.


We, the West, and the Guardians of its Canon of civilisation, are up against vicious and dangerous people. Primarily, they don’t live in Iraq and they are not called !”Al-Quaeda”. Not really. They are here. Sean Gabb has labelled them “The Enemy Class”. And they are inveigling and using people like those called !”Al-Qaeda” as useful idiots. They are giveing their idiots all the support they can.

The battle is twofold. We have to expunge 100% of the Enemy Class’s ability to exert power and influence over Western Institutions of all kinds, and (possibly later but certainly now if they cause trouble) eliminate the catspaws. Catspaw-elimination  is like the Dambusters Raid, and shows the Enemy Class that whoever they are, wherever they go and whatever they do, we will come after their projects.

There are going to be (what we will think there will be) a lot of these

The Elizabeth Cross.

I will have some more things to say about this later when I have thought about it a little  – in the context of a liberal civilisation trying to project its values to those less fortunate – as is right and an obligation under Jihad –  and also when I have thought about what this kind of battle is worth.

Question:- “Is Libertarianism a religion?” Discuss.

Strangely, I never thought Roy Hattersley was as objectively-wicked and evil as some that he kept company with

David Davis

And if he means what he says here, then I was right. h/t Samizdata and I agree with Johnathan Pearce.

There is therefore hope for some GramscoFabians like RH. I do believe that he meant what he said in the article.

But many are beyond redemption, I am sorry to say.

Just need to tell you about this too

David Davis

Here. h/t samizdata.

But Samizdata didn’t show you a working one, so here:-

I’ve upset someone

Shit happens: oh well, we sometimes differ about the means of achieving a libertarial polit, and specially about how to communicte with those still to be persuaded…

[UPDATE: There is a constructive exchange of strategic views about what the Libertarian Alliance blog ought to be for, over here. Do read: specially Patrick's long and detailed reply to me.]

David Davis

[OLD STUFF:]You can read what he thinks of my opinions here. It’s a pity that so many libertarians disagree so violently about so many things. This is a sad and inevitable result of lots of intelligent people trying to unsuccessfully reach agreement about important matters: it’s how we lost WW2 for example [ I leave Stalin out of that group for he always knew what he wanted, and got most of it.]

The Libertarian Alliance has existed for so long, and has, apart from being noticed by a few thousand academics, achieved so little reduction in the socialist-megadeaths-per-year count, that one begins in the evening of one’s life to despair of any improvement. Having said that, I do have the pleasure of inviting you all to our conference on 24th/25th October 2009! Only £85, a snip: no increase on last year, unlike what biofuels have done to food.

Perhaps we have not amplified our appeal-base /because/ we are so ideoligically pure, and not despite this.

There is no point in just sitting on one’s arses and talking academically to academics and think tanks and conferences, when real people with real guns are really killing other people who either just want liberty, or are “in the way of programmes”, or just don’t think about politics at all at all ever. (And thus get killed.)

Look here you purists: I’m building a blog – or trying to – and I have not got all the time in the world. People like these might want to know about libertarianism before people like these get to them instead, and make the task of repair impossible.

Or perhaps it’s this that he objects to. I do not know.

I just think that although it is clearly right to be ideoligically pure and consistent, there also remains an ultimate risk to the survival of liberalism at all in any form, as the world darkens. We ought to be sen as serious about defending what we believe in, as well as just being seem as a load of wimpish academics who sit about all day and talk about it.

No possible number of truncated interviews with Sean Gabb on the wireless will alter the course of either this government or the “Taleban”, or the course of Kim Jong-Il before he died. If I am to be now regarded as a hawkish “NeoLibertarian”, then let it be. I am fine with that.

Some people may like this site…

others may not. I’ve put in on the bog-roll anyway, as although they may not smell nice to some Libertarians, they may do things which make them into our friends for a time (like how Churchill thought that “…if Hitler was to invade Hell, then Imight at least make a favourable reference to The Devil”.)

David Davis

Take your choice. Their take on the saddo GramscoFabian Gordon Brown***, and his posturing over Afghanistan, is instructive.

***I don’t think he genuinely thinks he’s a Nazi, the poor fellow, so I won’t call him a GramscoFabiaNazi by name [in public] in case we get sued.

***But he __is__ a Gramscian, which is true by observation and therefore not actionable by him, and he __is__ a Fabian, evinced by the way he has gone about things for the whole of his political life.

Afghanistan: If I was Gordon Brown and considering my policy of fostering a Taleban to take people’s eye off what I’m up to here, then I wonder how Wootton Bassett will vote in an election.

David Davis

[It seems that The Ranting Penguin already agrees with what I'm about to say.]

I don’t think I know what a “Taleban” is. Is it some kind of yoghurt? If so, why are we dying? Or is some “friendly power” secretly arming these buggers? We need to be told.

[In Lebanon, "Laban" is Greek yoghurt, and "Lebni" is a sort of slightly tart soft cheese (it's very nice, on a hot day, on a cheese-biscuit or something. With a biggish glass of Chateau Musar from the Bek'aa Valley vineyards.)]

A “Taleban” ought to be easy to eliminate in theory, faced with the theoretically-sufficiently-armed and armoured specialists of a First-World military power…..

Now, this town has the sad destiny, currently, to be where The Men Whose Names Live On These Walls and who have fallen in Afghanistan, pass through most days now, on their way to rest.

(That’s not in Wootton Bassett, it’s here.)

It is beginning to dawn on me, after years, that I am a curious sort of libertarian. I am in fact a Marxist-Leninist turned upside down. This is getting quite comfortable for me these days, and I will develop my ire further in this regard.

Thus for now: I do not object to foreign wars at all, if fought by a minimalist State based on Classical liberalism, which knows it has an obligated, indeed actually a divine, mission to supress wickednesses elsewhere, such as Statism, fabian-subverted-pre-capitalist-barbarian-survival-guide-warlordism-masquerading-as-religion, general slavery of all kinds (still going on in countries about 3,681 miles from you), “communism” (getting to be old hat now as Chè, Castro, that Sendero-Luminoso-droid, Kim-Jong-Il and Hugo Chavez, Jimmy Carter, and the fascist-pig Mitterand all died physically years ago) and the like.

Indeed, an emergent British – or more possibly English, “state”  having withdrawn from both the UK and the EU – libertarian government, may find itself with a variety of post-Bandung kleptocracies arrayed against it, with erstwhile “friends”, such as “France”, and perhaps even “Belgium”, eagerly selling modern armaments to our new potential enemies, speciifically to threaten us.

But in these wars which we now seem ot be fighting, I believe that we do //not// have to have what Sean Gabb calls a “vital national interest”, in my opinion. The very fact that terrible evils and unfathomable wickednesses are being done to humans in the name of “unity”, in the name of “progress”, and in the name of “people’s democracy”, is the justification to act to stop this nonsense and blood, if we have the power. We are in favour of Natural Rights, which human beings all possess by definition. If we do not have the power to act in these situations, then it is //our problem, and our failing//, and thus I am moving rapidly to the belief that it is [imho] our obligation to acquire the needed power – and to use it in such fashion. Sean knows quite well that he and I disagree in general terms although not necessarily specific ones on this matter and it is quite friendly: we argue about it from time to time in his sojourns up here, and thus reports of the death of the Libertarian Alliance are very premature.

The problem for GramscoFabiaNazis such as Gordon Brown, who like all socialists wants to be seen as “hard” and “warfighting” [it's in their genes sadly] while also crooning pacifistically to the post-modern British neo-CND left, is that he can’t sit on two toilets at once, like John Prescott that unexpectedly clever fellow, can. He can’t both shit and get off the pot simultaneously in two places. He wants to be seen as an important chappie in three ways: “supressing the supply of heroine and cocaine”, fighting the “War On Terror” [a contradiction in terms] and also cosying up to people like ShootinPutin187 whose gas and oil he thinks he needs and who got bloodied in Afghanistan 20-odd years ago. And yet at the same time he has also to appease his Enemy-Class-Paymasters who hate all things British (especially English) and who especially hate the Armed Forces, who of course /won’t/ cosy up to the ZanuLieBorg “Project”, and consist mostly of people either disregarded or despised and hated by the “New Labour Project”.

So where does poor little Wootton Bassett come into this terrible story? You will already all know how very, very deeply I despise and excoriate synchronised public grieving. I have never failed to bore you, year after year, with my hatred of the emotional incontinence which overtook this strong and gripped nation, at the death of the horrible Diana.

But this is different. [If the lefties can say such things, so can I.] Nobody told these poor people, sad at what was happening, to turn out. Not like the mafia-instructions to close all our shops [or else] on the day of Diana’s funeral. They just turned out.

A casualty list of eight chaps in a day, in 2009, is a disaster in today’s terms. This is not 1916, when we were locked in an insoluble battle against an equally-technologically-advanced set of enemies – this is 2009 and we are again fighting what used to pass for [pre-1914] small colonial wars against people that we called “towelheads”, in which we expected to take small but ongoing casualties while yet assuring victory. But our priorities and our perception of the deaths of soldiers in wars today has changed, while our supposed ability to deal with modern battlefields has increased.

This sort of misfortune ought not to be happening to a First-World-Economy’s armed forces, against pre-medieval barbarians [OK they are individual humans, but they "chose poorly" , as the old mailed knight said in the end-scene of "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade".]

Gordon Brown clearly wants and needs a war in Afghanistan. That’s why he has both flagged an increase in the number of our solders there (currently about four brigades) and also a decrease at the same time. He wants to please all his paymasters at once, and thinks we don’t listen. Either he wants “victory”, to destroy all the cocaine and heroin, please ShootinPutin187 and look hard, or else he does not, through not giving our chaps any kit at all that works, so that he puts them all off from joining the Army [a GramscoFabiaNazi medium-term-objective] and thus pleasing the neo-Harold-Pinters of this planet.

But the people of Wootton Bassett are trying to tell him something. I can’t think it will be to his advantage as a Prime-Mentalist.

What is Libertarianism, part 2: The Leg-Iron perspective

David Davis

While worrying about how – and worse: why –  it is now needful to //define libertarianism// , a discussion fortunately kicked off by The Last Ditch yesterday, I chanced on this. A simple and clear statement of what a libertarian civilisation would be like in terms of practical details.

Lovely stuff over at The Englishman’s place

David Davis

Do, please, go and split your pants at the wit of the commentators.

The Moonbats complain about people like us, who love to do what we do about “global warming, for no money, because we believe we are right. Their problem is that they’re not only piss-poor unamusing writers with better educations then ours, and who should therefore know better how to do it: they are also in the wrong, and know it.

New inside look at OCR ICT education…….. …..First hand experience!

Peter Davis

I did this last year at my school, and you could just tell that this task was thought up by the government.  May I point out that the task was to create a video in Windows Movie Maker about recycling.

I think that, well yes, its fair enough that we have to make a video, as we would learn the skills to be able to do it…..But do we have to do it on ‘Recycling’?

Anyway, this was my submission for OCR nationals Unit 23. It got a very high mark, and it took me 20 minutes. I hope you enjoy it … or maybe not.

Yes, you saw it: this is what your children do in year-9 at secondary school it the UK (for foreign readers, this is 13/14 year-olds.)

Blogeditor says:-

Something to do with this stuff would have been more fun…

(…but most of the poor buggers don’t even know what these things are, let alone that they might have even existed.)

Meet the British Army

Peter Davis

These are exclusive interviews with the entirety of the British army (Hint: Red team are British). Viewer discretion is advised. some content may be inappropriate for children, or anyone for that matter.

Too little, too late

David Davis

(And here’s what we said about a year ago, about  a call for “Poles to Join British Army”. Sounds good to me.)

Not many people left alive now, who remember what this was all about. Probably the same applies in Germany, to the matter of this particular epic confrontation and its symbolic significance: so the entire event, within its historical context, will pass just like WW1 out of living memory and into legend.

Perhaps I’ll have to put him on the banner above (since he’s white, dead and famous) after that one’s come down.


Historical education

Yesterday’s technology, for today… tomorrow: Working together to combat ‘Enviro-Crime’ for the children.

Peter Davis

I know that on the last weaponised dustbin post I said it would be the last one, but Fred Bloggs has exceeded the terms of the strategic dustbin limitation treaty (Here) with ‘Fluffy’


More weaponised dustbins:






New, improved weaponised dustbins.

Peter Davis

Now, I know that I and Fredd Bloggs are going about this like a couple of children, and I apologise, but these will be the last weaponised dustbins. 

(I promise…  …unless Fred does one thats better than mine)

Oh, here you are:-

The Flying Dustbin

The Flying Dustbin





Links to the other weaponised dustbin posts:




Not only do they destroy our liberties in the name of safety against terrorism, but they can’t even do that properly.

David Davis

I become even more convinced of Sean Gabb’s broad thesis: that is to say, that the broad Moslem community in Europe has been “set up”, and “had”, by those who would use them as a stalking-horse to undermine English Liberty – and Liberties.

We in this nation have always been bombed and attacked by people who view individual creative thought and freedom with slightly less enthusiasm than we do. It is nothing new. When it happens, it is very sad, and irritating, and people get killed, often innocent ones. But it’s war, and shit happens in wars (that’s why we are against them unless it it unavoidable.)

So, some galumphing secret policeman seems to have been following a couple of naughty boys up North somewhere, and accidentally let the pages of his “dossier” get filmed…..

In using real (or imagined) threats as instances of the need to curtail people’s liberties yet further, the buggers can’t even observe basic precautions that would not have taxed the spooks of upper-West-Grombooliland – let alone a more serious outfit like the KGB or the Gestapo.

This is what comes of allowing the sinews and wires and electrical circuits and other essential hidden engineering, of the robot-body of a supposedly “great nation”, to fall under alien control.  Control by those half-educated gamma-minus semi-automata, which are the inevitable output of a polity that’s gone to sleep on the job. It’s our fault of course, as I keep saying: we should have stayed awake in 1945. Or earlier. And either got rid of the machinery they could pull the levers on, or else seen to it that the upcoming staff were of suitable ability and leanings.

I’m not saying this Quick fellow who has resigned is necessarily one of the afforesaid automata, but his boss the Interior Minister, certainly is.

Here is the weaponised dustbin for your entertainment

New cheap tool for the 6 guys at S.A.S.

New cheap tool for the 6 guys at S.A.S.

Its a bit tacky, but I’m doing the best I can.

The earlier post about the origin of the weaponised dustbin is here.

Thanks to Fred Bloggs for the idea.

Peter Davis