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PRAVDA…rips face-mask off Lisbon, plus a USSR soldier-robot

I never thought I’d see this here.

Michael Winning

Either it’s a wind-upp and I’m being had or the USSR continus its strategic policy of being open and clear about its objectives and its helpers.

And I spotted this film while I was in Pravda:-


Sorry I cant work out how to directly embed the video like a U-tube whatsit, I’m not a geek. Sohere’s something else you might not have known, or else as I suspect, it’s been PhotoShopped cleverly:-


This is thought to be funny in the USSR:-


And this is just a sawn-off-old-Bear, but with jet-engines stuck on:-


This needs to be known

Michael Winning

I just seen this again in the Maily Dail, like I do sometimes. Current events dont seem to disabuse me of the same notion, like the bastards are still at the honeypot, thinking it’ll last them till they finally get us. I wish more people were more angry than they are. The Boss gets his trousers taken off by commenters for saying that these people will get killed and eaten but what else can you do in the ehnd?

Back to normal, then: [back in the USSR]

David Davis

It says here that the USSR has been playing soldiers on Poland’s borderlands. 13,000 squaddies does not seem like a large number by today’s standards in the more civilisation-challenged countries of the world such as the USSR and North Korea. But these guys like to brandish the larger sorts of plastic toys, and if they were waving lighted rockets about, that’s a different matter. Health-and-Safety will have to get involved.

Perhaps Obama will learn not to take the missiles away next time, but it’s probably too late now: we are back to times which some of the older people among us at least understood very well. Let’s hope these pictures will not become commonplace again:-

Wokers' Paradise

Nothing's too good for the workers! No escape!

Soviet Onion

Fred Bloggs.

I just found this, and I thought you guys might enjoy it.

But we always knew this!

David Davis

USSR plans for “invading” Manchester….

Personally, I’d not have come in via the Trafford route: too many water obstacles, and stuff like that, and you’d have had to take Liverpool first although they’d probably just let you in and the minidressed scousettes would just ride along on your tanks.

If Manchester was what you needed, then much better to seize the heights south and southeast round Stockport and Hazelgrove, possibly using airborne assault with portable artillery and mortars, plus the ring of hills from Bolton, Bury and Rochdale. To do both, too, you could just drive up the M6.

Then you have the entire city at your mercy from bombardment. Forget the “urban guerrillas” – too busy watching the telly. And from there you could just starve the place out.

Packing a pocket-knife?

David Davis

While commenting idly on something over at The Landed Underclass a minute ago, I chanced on this: isn’t the internet a wonderful organism. It throws interesting light on how private-weapon-prohibition in the UK stacks up with other tyrannical régimes and their histories, and how our current predicament is viewed at least by some in the USA.

Vaclav Klaus scragged by walk-outer-MEPs, while a guest in “his” own EU “parliament”

…amd a good plug for Sean Gabb’s speech to Conservative Future, from these good people over there.

There are no videos of Klaus himself being shouted at and with grasping, totalitarian, trough-pigging-socialist-scumbags walking out, but we’ll put them on as soon as possible if they appear.


GAS: RUSSIA. North Sea. Britain should just turn it off. Do not masturbate in front of Russia while talking about gas.

David Davis

I hear a nasty rumour that “the EU” will take “our” gas. This is because the EUmonsters masturbated with Russia the USSR on screen, and have come unstuck. Do not masturbate with Russia the USSR on your screen. Bad things will come to you. Russia the USSR is not exactly anybody’s friend at present, until we have done régime change there, and it has become liberalised and Putin is out of office.

Press ENTER to liberalise Russia the USSR. This may take some minutes, and you will need a paypal account.

In the meantime, go to http://www.libertarian.co.uk and give us some money. In the long run (very long I fear) this will help us to liberalise Russia the USSR. Then, the gas won’t be turned off by them, just because they think we don’t like them – or because they think we might just slightly like Israel.

Israel and Gaza: Gordon Brown thinks “too many” have died. Gordon…how many are “just enough” as opposed to “too many”?

David Davis

I learn that Israel has launched an actual invasion. The problem with home-grounded enemies who attack you is that, eventually, you have to go to them, to take them out. We did, once. (If you read modern GCSE history “syllabuses”, we are beginning to be blamed, a bad sign.) But this is merely what Israel has done. Go now to http://pizzaidf.org and do your stuff then, since the guys need a drink and a snack.

While, as a libertarian, I regard war as a horrible statist solution to otherwise-intractable problems, and thus in this situation the only thing less bad than no war at all and the consequencesof that, I do wrestle with the dilemma, even in my dreams, of what to do about ultra-statists – which is to say, people like Hamas.

Hamas and others like them are imitation-person-troids who arrogate to themselves all the trappings of statehood, such as Mercs-for-Jerks, and rockets, and “ministries” of this, that and the other, while shallowly sloughing off all the concommitant responsibilities for people’s well-being and liberty chiefly, which they profess to care about. Such as for individual people’s needs and rights that high-statists claim to support but actually refute in practice.

Such person-troids are often egged on in their masturbatory megalomania by other person-troids, such as the government of Russia the USSR, the EU, the UN (what did you expect? Spaghetti from these dudes?)

It will get worse. I only fear that ShootinPutin187 will threaten something dire about the windpipe of Europe, and everybody will cave in and support Hamas before it’s too late for the buggers……and the whole thing will have to be done again, later and worse.


WHY has Hamas, and Gaza, got “no diesel” for its power station and pumping apparatus, and which has to be shipped in by Israel (which it brands its mortal enemy, and which it will wipe off the map given a chance) when  Hamas gets all that moollah from the EU all the time? What does Hamas spend its money on?



Five-storey-houses, for its “leaders” and their (four) wives?

Why not some diesel for its people? Even I could buy diesel if I wanted to. I’m sure Hugo Chavez would let them have some, for money, like he does to Castro the (other) murderer.

ShootinPutin187 plays with gas-tap and naked (de)lights, makes wargaming threats….

David Davis

Apparently he’s turned off the gas to the Ukraine…..again….because he can’t shag its PM I expect. I should have known. He’s done it before, here.

Of course, one could argue that it’s “his” gas: well, not in terms of strict property-title perhaps, since it belongs to GazProm until it’s been paid for by someone. There is a grain – but only a grain – of truth in the supposition that he can set light to the entire stock of Siberia’s gas if he wishes: it’s none of Ukraine’s, or “Europe’s” business if he does, so long as they’ve not yet paid for the burnt stuff.

But I can’t help thinking that we should take less seriously on the “world stage” such a man, and that we should move towards showing him up in front of “his” people…why?  For the self-publicising little gun-toting clown that he is. The people of the USSR Russia deserve better than ShootinPutin187, on the way to not having to host any of the f*****g buggers at all, when the poor wretched downtrodden sods are finally libertarianised.  He has similar forebears, here, and the political-development-parallels between the two buggers are uncomfortably congruent.

And to annoy ShootinPutin187 even more, you can send money to PizzaIDF.org, on the link. Hat tip Guido Fawkes.

Stalin, Putin and today’s Russia: so who’s right about Georgia now, then?

David Davis

Just spotted this, and it does not surprise me at all. We need régime change in Russia the USSR, as I keep on boringly saying. The current Russian government the New Communists should be got rid of quietly, elections should be held under scrutiny by the UK libertarian Party, and then the USSR Russia should be invited to join NATO.

I expect Tony’s got something to say about this!

Here’s a couple of good quotes taken from the article-thread…..

Irony: He wasn’t Russian. He was Georgian. But he did KILL 30 million Russians. My favorite Stalin quote: “One death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic.” Any person not working for the Collective was seen as “surplus” by Stalin, and he deliberately starved them to death. He was one of the most evil people in history. At least Hitler had the bad excuse of hate going for him. Stalin did what he did out of pure, callous, amoral, bureaucratic lack of empathy. He didn’t hate his victims. He simply had no practical use for them.
I HAVE been in Russia. Putin is Hitler reincarnate. He even has the “Putin Youth.” Since he has been in office over 300 Russian journalists have been murdered for speaking out against his regime. He has taken away the right of the citizens to elect their own local governments. They are now appointed by the Kremlin. Putin is a totalitarian dictator, pure and simple. The reason for all his Cold War bluster and military buildup is to keep all the oil and gas money out of the hands of the common folk and in the hands of the billionaire oligarchs. He is a fascist.

Israel Gaza Palestinians Keeley Hazell Peter Mandelson UPDATED (experimental blog-triangulation/gun-ranging calibration post)


To get up the noses of fascist Western lefties and Nazis who think “Palestinians” exist and have not been artificially-created in thought-vats by anti-civilisational-Gramscians, you might want to send some moolah to http://pizzaidf.orgGuido thinks that £100 will feed and water a platoon: I think it’s about right, but I guess even £10 will do stuff for four guys in a tank, or a “gun group”.

It’s probably about as much as a “rocket”: think about it.

David Davis

Why is it, that a self-defining nation, aided by all the leftist special-interest-groups in the West including the (very great and important)  BBC which reveres the memory of the fascist cockroach*** “Yasser” “Arafat” (who was actually a pig) and which are called “Palest” “Inians”, has not got a situation where it can allow its merchants to provide “food, medicine, cooking gas”, in a place which is part of that which is called “Palest” “Ine” ?

Why do the Israelis Jews have to provide it, under fire?

I only ask because I want to know (I want to know what’s wrong with the “Arab model of reality”)?

I’d just like to know, being half-Lebanese myself, what the f***** is so wrong with Israel that everybody execrates it.

Look at this nonsense:-

Stockpiles of aid inside the Gaza Strip had dwindled to nothing creating a potential crisis for a place where over 50 per cent of the population rely on humanitarian aid to survive.

The issue of militants firing rockets into Israel from Gaza has been a thorn in the side of the Israeli government for years.

If they can afford rockets, they can affiord food, which is mcuh cheaper!

***I don’t use “pig” any more. The pig is a useful and benign animal for humans to eat.

*****I don’t really know what “The Gaza Strip” is for:-

If it’s supposed to be a “thorn in Israel’s side”,

(1)  then why is it starving and why are its friends, such as Syria and the Harzi-Khazi not supplying its food and power?

(2) why is Israel flying in food, medicies and gas?

And why has Keeley Hazell not got a view on this? Perhaps she has been got at by the mediapimps of socialism, such as “Dr” Robert Mugabe (who still holds 11 honourary Doctorates from supposedly real Univerisites) or other humanitarians jus like him at the United Nations, so that she can freely show her body but not her opinions:-

Here’s Yoram Monrof, playing a songabout peter Mandelson, although he doesn’t know it:-


Oh and I did try, just now, on Youtube, “Keeley Hazell Gaza Strip” – I really did think something would come up, with her taking houri/seraglio-type bras off, but it didn’t.

Perhaps she has not formed an opinion yet. In the meantime, I am prepared, being what my (very very late) East-End grandmother called “another little arab boy” when she first met me, to leave the matter to the Israelis.

(I should add that, being half-Lebanese as I am, my (Lebanese) mother was a “French Presbyterian”, whatever one of those might now be, or ever have been. I strongly suspect that such people are extinct.)

Extremely satisfying news…for a change.

UPDATE 2: Sean Gabb commented on 26th October 2006, about this same problem when the DNA database was, reltively, in its infancy, and was being masturbated over in public by Tony Blair.

UPDATE 1: Philip Johnston in the DT has opinions about what the Stalinists government will now decide to do.

David Davis (not that one, no, I’m just the duty-bumpkin )

The Police are going to be “asked” (I guess that’s what it will be) by the European Court of Human Rights to “wipe” the DNA records and perhaps other info on “about one million people”. Knowing today’s British-State-Policing-Strategy-Directors, whoever they may be, as we suspect that we do, we wonder how soon this landmark event will take place – think what it is…..the absolute destruction of pinpointing information on about a million British males.

Of course 99% of them are males: what did you expect? And a higher-than-average percentage of them are “black” too, and “young”. This is also wrong and should be addressed, but there may be other socialist-based reasons for this apparent crime-apartheid, such as the education system being designed to fail young males in particular as this is deliberate, and the multicultis deliberately separating the socialisation of “young black males” from the culture they live in, via media-music, “rap” (whatever that may be) State schools, Maxo-Gramscian teachers, and ministers who “groom” the said teachers to be lefties, and the like.

Do you think for one minute that the feminazis would have kept so quiet about such a terror-tool, as they have done – their silence is deafening – if even a slightly appreciable percentage of wimmin (of any sort whatever) were on it?

Nay: it is good that there is a “ruling”. I can’t say, personally, what notice the “Police” “Forces” of this state will take, yet, or at all. They may, they may not. They may make a show of “destroying” “records”, of a sort. This will be for Sir Paul Dacre’s benefit.

But it is good that the EU Soviet is at least pretending to look out for people’s interests, in some things, sometimes. Sean gabb and I both agree that the EU is “a” problem for liberty, but ultimately it is not “the” problem – which is our home-grown (sadly) bureauNazis.

I have recently been criticed on here for bandying about the word “Nazis” too freely. I have therefore decided, that, in the manner of Margaret Thatcher, who read the Guardian each morning and then decided to do the opposite of what it recommended, that I do not use it freely enough. Stalinists of even more kinds than before will now be dubbed what they are: Nazis.

The essence of freedom and individual liberty lies in the free use of language, its ability to adapt to changing threats (threats change all the time: Nazis are no more stupid than we are: just wrong and thus bad becuase they have freely decided to forcibly promote socialism.)

They, the leftie Database-promoting-bastards, such as the Home Office, and some Police chiefs here I expect, must live and be and bear it, to thank the German language and its colloquial orthography, for the spoken grammar that gave rise to the single most sound-bitey word I can find, which describes best all that socialists stand for and do. Remember that Stalin was always Hitler’s ally: his only mistake in the war, which was I guess fortunate for him and for the USSR (sadly) was that he had not properly read “Mein Kampf”, and what it said about which brand of socialists Russia was going to be for.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Sean Gabb

According to The Independent, Britain seeks to expand its empire with 77,000 square miles of Atlantic seabed.

Splendid news. I propose Tony Blair as Governor General. We could give him a nice plumed helmet – and a pair of lead-soled boots to help his descent to this latest territory to be painted red on the map.

This is actually a very important point raised here by Sean. If Libertarians care about property rights and what they are and what they are for, (and many of us do,) then there ought to be an agreed legal method, which everybody respects (that’s the point of Law after all, no?) to define what entitiy or “corporate person” or individual, owns what parts of the seabed.

We ought to care about who’s administering such “Law” – in case it is a bunch of “authoritarian-nationalists” (a great term, which I picked up on a newsgroup just this morning, as a description of the government of the USSR Russia today in 2008.)

MUCH MUCH better, than the crass, sad term “nazi” which gets liberals into so much trouble when used by them to describe ordinary socialists accurately.

We here do not care whether there is stuff on or under the seabed round Ascenscion Island or not. Naturally, the inhabitants, of which there are several thousand, will. It’s their life, not ours. But we think that the general point that’s being made in the article is a vital issue for the next 100-200 years, while the Earth is still the primary source of New Property Rights.

Comments please, pronto! (There will be a short written test on 31st August, to see who’s paying attention.)

Gary Glitter, paedophiles, and Jacqui Smith (described as a “Home” “secretary”)

David Davis

Tom Paine at the Last Ditch has a good roundup of thoughts about what to do about this unfortunate man Gary Glitter, and how “Jacqui” Smith’s thoughts affect general liberty. See Sean Gabb’s 1999 article about Glitter’s case earlier.

I;m not suggesting that “Jacqui”  Smith  “wants to see” paedophiles burned at the stake in public, but perhaps if “New” “Labour” wants “an eye-catching initiative” with which “the Cabinet” can “be directly associated”, then this could be it.

Anyway, this is August, so let’s fill up the firewires with stuff about sex, porn, child abuse and the like. There’s nothing else happening, after all, since Russia is all about oil, and Georgia is a faraway country of which we know llittle..

Mikhail Gorbachev in the Washington Post does not agree with me about Georgia

David Davis

And he’ll get more readers than I do.

But at least Kerplunk thinks this instead.

Thank God for Kerplunk.

Richard Littlejohn (terrible, terrible little man, so unpolitically correct)

David Davis
DAILY MAIL   19.8.08
Why haven’t the Left got Georgia on their minds?
Richard Littlejohn

Pity I was away last week. I must have missed the march through London against the Russian invasion of Georgia. What a magnificent sight it must have been – half a million protesters standing firm against tyranny and supporting freedom and democracy.

I’d have loved to have heard Red Ken denouncing the bloodthirsty gangster regime in Moscow, George Galloway comparing Vladimir Putin to Hitler and Tony Benn declaring it was all about oil.

What’s that you say? There was no such rally? I suppose they must all have been too busy demonstrating against Chinese oppression in Tibet and demanding a boycott of the Beijing Olympics.

Or perhaps not. Funny how the Not In My Name crowd always overlooks aggression by Communist or ‘former’ Communist regimes.

There’s no such reticence when it comes to portraying George W. Bush as the new Hitler or daubing swastikas on the Israeli flag. Look at the protests against the wars in Iraq and Lebanon.

The same people who can’t wait to burn the American flag in Trafalgar Square are only too happy to ignore Russian, Chinese and Iraqi genocide.


Where were all the marchers when the Russians were crushing Chechnya? Why so silent on Tibet? They must have been looking the other way when Saddam slaughtered the Kurds.

It hasn’t been difficult to find apologists for the invasion of Georgia. We’re told that the ‘American-educated’ Mikhail Saakashvili provoked the Russians beyond all reason. What did we expect encouraging the spread of democracy in former Soviet satellite states?

No wonder Moscow feels threatened when independent countries it once ruled by military might become members of the European Union and apply to join Nato.

Putting a Western missile defence system in Poland is like waving a red rag at a bull, the sophisticates say. Putin has no option but to retaliate.

I don’t remember them demanding the withdrawal of Soviet nukes pointing at Western capitals from East Germany. Back then, the Guardianistas were all for one-sided disarmament on our  part.

The Left has always been picky about their protests. While they rightly denounce white racism in South Africa, they stay silent on black racism in Zimbabwe.

They bang on about American cultural imperialism, but have nothing to say about Russian or Chinese military imperialism.

America is constantly denounced for its ‘yuman rites’ abuses, but you never hear a dicky bird about the denial of basic freedoms in China or throughout the Muslim world.

Europe’s Leftists define themselves by their hatred of the U.S., yet cheerfully tolerate all kinds of tyranny elsewhere. They’re against ‘torture’ at Guantanamo Bay, but take a relaxed view of Chinese and Russian death squads.

There are still plenty of ‘comrades’ in the Labour Party and the trades union movement who regret the day the Berlin Wall came tumbling down. They’re only too willing to give succour to the enemies of freedom and democracy around the world.

So the official line is that the war in Iraq was nothing to do with Saddam boasting that he had weapons of mass destruction and defying a whole slew of United Nations resolutions to which he agreed after the liberation of Kuwait. It was all about oil.

Yet the invasion of Georgia was justified because Russia was ‘provoked’. So we can assume that Putin never gave a moment’s thought to Georgia’s pipeline to the West? 

What about the announcement last week by a Russian general that Poland was now a prime target for a nuclear strike because it had the audacity to agree to site a Nato defence shield within its borders?

I must have missed the CND press release on that one.

A new survey says that British attitudes towards the United States are governed by ignorance of the facts.

For instance, most people here and in Europe believe America sold Saddam most of his arsenal. The truth is that just 0.46per cent of Iraq’s weapons came from the U.S. Russia supplied 57 per cent, China 12 per cent and the cheese-eating surrender monkeys across the Channel were responsible for 13 per cent.

The U.S. is routinely portrayed as anti-Islamic. But in 11 out of 12 of the most recent conflicts between Muslims and non-Muslims, America has sided with the Muslims.

Other widespread myths such as Americans being denied medical care if they don’t have health insurance are simply not true. Filthy, unregulated Russian and Chinese factories and power stations spew out poisonous gases, but America is branded the world’s biggest polluter, even though it has done more to cut carbon emissions since the year 2000 than any other country.

The ‘liberal’ media has a vested interest in perpetuating such lies. The Left seems to be gripped with some kind of political penis envy of America, which can be assuaged only by sucking up to tyrants and dictators.
If we are entering a new Cold War, you can guarantee that the Left will once again be on the wrong side.

There’s nothing new in this. Forty years ago this summer, the big demonstrations in London were against America’s war against communist North Vietnam, not the Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia.

So no change there, then.
My personal opinions on this sad incident are known to you all. The Libertarian Alliance takes no official line on the matter. Richard Littlejohn says what many people think, who are disenfranchised, notwithstanding the Daily Mail’s questionable stance on many issues, and its possible falsification of an antique letter (see Sean Gabb’s post yesterday.) 

Useful stuff on the worsening USSR/Georgia/USA crisis, from sec. Gates

David Davis


VLAD the invader…

…is correctly spotted, with his pants down, by Freedom and Whisky.

David Davis (still not that one.)

It is a source of great sorrow, to me and to Sean Gabb, and others who write for us, that this blog seems to be all about war and conflict at this time. it is pre-capitalist stalinism that is to blame. We didn’t invent it: it merely falls to us to try to help eliminate it, before we die.

There is no point to be a libertarian, if there is nowhere to be a libertarian in.

David Davis (as if you had not guessed.)

Read John Bolton here.

Better to be dead that red “socialised”.

The USSR says “Poland is now a nuclear Target”. I thought, that with Gorbachev, that the USSR had grown up.

I od hope everybody notices this one, since it it now getting serious (as Stalin would have said.)

Civilised nations DO NOT GO ABOUT defining in public, or otherwise, other nations as “Nuclear Targets”. Specially in a time when OUR companies are enriching, by YOUR PM’s leave, YOUR oligarchs who own OUR Foot Ball Clubs.

Sorry General! You shall have to go. If I ever meet you, even at a Chatham House Symposium, at the Royal Institute (for) (of?) (who cares a f*** which!) International Affairs (or whatever the thingy is called) I, a Lancashire Bumpkin, will have to kill you.

David Davis

How can we sit here on our arses, and say that “what goes on in Georgia is not our concern and _does not affect our vital interests_ … “, when unsocialised, pre-capitalist barbarians say this? “THIS” is a USSR General Officer in the DT, describing what his government would do to Poland, a nation in NATO, because it has decided to have some American missiles, a good move I would have thought in view of the coming war, which crept up on us while we were asleep.

I have to return, to entrench the necessarily hawkish position that I have been taking here. I know that many libertarians are rightly suspicious of statist aggression. I am also. But the present most crying need, as far as libertarianism is concerned, is to defend what’s left of roughly-liberal-western-democratic nations, so as to keep fertile ground for libertarianism itself.

It’s much harder if we are starting out from the Gulag itself, or from the face of a firing-squad, than from London or Liverpool, be they ever so trodden-under by local stalinists.

It’s no use to carry on, if we are all 100% dead, or enslaved. The wicked will then have won.

I repeat: “Russia”, while it continues to be socialoist and to behave as though it can direct events and regimes in other nations, must be regarded as having no “near abroad”.

WE have a near abroad – it is called “the world”. Governments that behave like the current one in the USSR, are making messes in OUR backyard. It is OUR job to clear it up, kick their butts, take names, and impose detentions.

Can’t all you buggers get it into your heads that there is Good, and there is Evil, and that both are objectively definable? A war may come: You have to know how to decide which side you are on.

Georgia again … further to Sean Gabb’s grand piece, interesting view from Down Under

David Davis

… at Kerplunk, tuesday 12th August. Very good analysis, worth reading in full.

I perhaps did not make myself quite as clear as I ought to have done in my very hawkish statements about this conflict that is developing. Because we (the West) have done nothing on account of not really being able to do anything, it will get worse – not necessarily today or in Georgia, but elsewhere. It is my sad prediction that we shall eventually  be forced to intervene, somewhere. I do not think we will raise a finger for the Baltic States, should they come under some pressure, nor the Ukraine, USSR passports having previously been issued in large numbers.

I am afraid that I do not really accept the diplomatic notion of a “near abroad”, in relation to neo-tyrannical powers, such as the USSR Russia. Rather as militant Islamists and Wahhabis view the world, where there is the Ummah-Wahida and the Dhimma. There is, logally for me, no “near abroad” in which the USSR Russia is allowed to behave as an occupying power.

This notion is an illusion, fostered by intellectual sympathisers with socialism, who live in the West, have never grown up and had real jobs, and who can afford to send their servants to queue at “little local shops” for organic food, served to them by a jovial grocer in a brown labcoat, in line.

Now, through all this Georgian hoo-hah, I have realised something. It has come to my notice that I honestly and sincerely view tyrants (such as Putin)  – all of whom are leftists in the end – as Dhimmis.  Thus they are seen by me as living on borrowed time, not with us but somewhere else: also, for now, at our pleasure, in “our” (“our” is not accurate: it is more accurate to say, other sovereign individuals’) lands, and to be dealt with as soon as possible, and they and their actions and beliefs are to be consigned to the dustbin of ideas.

The people they enslave, which is to say, mostly “their” own that they have elcosed in a “Reich”, are there to be liberated (by us.)

Conversely, libertarianism does not, ot me, encompass the concept of a “near abroad”, in which the writ of individual liberty runs, and not tyranny. Everywhere in the Universe is meet to be rid of collectivism. Why? Because is it inherently bad, and that’s the end of the matter.

In this respect, I really am a jihadist turned upside down. I want the West to actively stand up for liberty, without any regard for national self-interest or cost. I believe this on principle. I do not think that it disqualifies me from being a minimal-statist-libertarian with Old Whig tinges.

But we won’t, will we.

Simon Heffer is back, and tells us how to deal with the USSR

David Davis

Here. Yes, I know I said “USSR”. This was on purpose. There is, now, no difference of any substance between today’s “Russia”, and yesterday’s “USSR”. The latter behaved like a pre-capitalist barbarian imperium, with guns, and the former is currently behaving like the same thing but with satnavs, phones and plasma-TVs in people’s houses. Plus Western commercial investors, cringeing with terror, grinning inanely in the business pages, and pretending that nothing that’s terribly bad is going on.

I propose to continue to take a rather firm line on this matter of the USSR, for as long as it takes to enforce regime change there. It is indescribably derelict of the West not to have dealt with this rogue fascist leftist regime in either 1945, or 1989-91, when, at both instants, we had the world at our feet, and Western Leftoid nazi journos were conspicuous by their strange absence. 

However, you will all be relieved to know that I will not be so aggressive as to say “USSR delenda est” every day. Now and then, just to show the buggers that we here have not forgotten about them.

However, there are no two libertarians who agree totally on all things, so I welcome dissent, and will not be invading and annexing others’ column-inches who disagree. (I don’t want a visit from Nicholas Sarkozy. Please.)

Georgia on my mind: What is life, why are we here, and what then ought we to do?

A possible eve-of-war message from the Libertarian alliance.

David Davis (not that one)

 What is life?

Even Alfred the Great, arguably England’s most important King, could not answer that one. But if we are sentient creatures, then we can’t but use time given to make the lot of us and ours better. If Adam Smith and Hayek are right, then we should do it because it enhances our own conditions – self-interest. If the racism industry and its socialist chums are right, then we should do it because we have stuff and others don’t (they call it “fairness”.) Either way, we should act, libertarian non-intervention-opinions or no.


Libertarians ought to be revolted by what’s going on in Georgia. This is of course courtesy of the Soviet Russian government and its wretched, downtrodden people whom it commands – just like the Communists and their Czarist forebears – as a human resource. If it was not for the existence of Big States, and if State power was not delightful for the wielders thereof, most of the ghastly bloodbaths of the past four or five millennia would not have occurred.


Perhaps all of them, and human history will surely have been richer and more full of true progress than it has, even despite the burdens we have endured, placed with force on us by Utopians and pre-capitalists with guns and swords.


Why are we here?

Nevertheless, we in the West live in a still-fortunate civilisation, relative to all others without exception that have existed. Fortunate, relative also to those of which we can conceive – except for full Libertarian or practical-liberal-minimal-statist ones, the realisation of which which we still fervently hope will lie somewhere in the future, and that they are not unachievable mirages, forbidden to us by our current masters.


It’s true that our enemies, of which much the most powerful lurk menacingly at home, diabolically smiling the anodyne, sedative smiles of the Enemy-Media-Class, are doing their level Fabian best to drug us into a Politically-Correct stupor.  They have subverted the universities, the Schools (with the exception of most of the Private Sector, which they also intend to terminate) and the main media channels. By this means they hope to enchain us in a Police State while our back is turned, so that never more can we, the inventors and then the guardians of true individual liberty, frustrate their return of the whole of humankind to a state of miserable enslavement. You have only to sample the outputs of their Wireless Tele Vision channels, and the content, depth and average slant of the “Television News Programmes”, to see that this is so. The mass-circulation-parts of the Dead Tree Press also bear this observation out.


In his life, Chris tame always thought that Libertarianism would succeed in the end by influence of the think-tank type. He wanted to subvert the Conservative Party, but this was in the years when it was fairly liberal and therefore amenable to takeover by peaceful means. This has not happened and probably will not now happen: things came this year to such a pass that there is now as we know a UK Libertarian Party, and we wish it well. But to have any hope of succeeding at all, in the end-times, Libertarians must now get their hands dirty in the rough and tough of comment on dreadful statist affairs, and perhaps take somewhat statist positions on the action appropriate to the disasters that states go about causing.


What, then, must we do?

In the possibly interesting times that may soon come, “we” must be “The West”. Why? Because the Libertarian Alliance is a powerless soap-box, only for superannuated demagogues to stand on, shakily at the best of times, and hoot into cyberspace, occasionally receiving the odd squashed tomato, or egg, in return. Occasionally, someone says something nice about us, or maybe throws us a sixpence, which is better. There is no possible reason for anyone to listen to us, excepting that all others might be mistaken, and that every one of us is a MASTERLESS MAN.


History shows us all that the price of not standing up to pre-capitalists who do evil to third parties, gets bigger and bigger, the more we let the buggers get away with. Initially, it does not seem to matter to us if a bystander in the middle-distance is felled by a bullet, and his body carted away. He is a “faraway country of which we know little”. We may have had pressure put on us by the assassin-thug and his men, many of whom are uncomfortably close to us, or even under our floorboards, to look the other way.


The next thing we know is that the thug actually does plan to perform an act which will do one of two things. It is either fatal for our own honour (Belgium 1914, Poland 1939) because we did actually make an undertaking to help someone, however foolish it was. It is right and good to discharge public obligations, made even for poor reasons, since this links back to the second part of this essay which is why we are here.


Or else it will directly affect us finally. Not necessarily today, but it will at some time. This latter is what Sean Gabb calls going to war over a vital interest. He is quite right that in an ideal world this should be the only reason for a war, and I can envisage Libertarian States – a tautology? – declaring war over something of this kind. If all states were Libertarian, then there ought then to be no wars, but since the scenario is entirely theoretical, I can’t give you a prediction. (But I’d bet you 3p there’d be less conflict.)


In a post yesterday, I stated that Russia has no tradition of liberal pluralist democracy, or of widespread free institutions of any kind. This is precisely the situation that we found ourselves in with Hitler and pre-WW2 Germany. The Weimar Republic took a huge, huge back-of-envelope-leap-into-the-unknown, in 1918, the results of which may have been to leave the German people vulnerable: the development of liberal pluralist structures (likely to be favourable to the use of ordinary diplomacy – not the Bismarckian model, and likely to hinder rather than help aggressive nationalist demagoguery) went ahead, although nobody knew how to use them properly, and the NSDAP cleverly subverted them, until it could abolish them. (See die Ermachtigungsgezetz, of 1933, almost the first thing the bugger did.) The point is that no german-speaking state of 1918 has much more experience of real liberal participation than the people of Russia do now.


So are we going to let the USSR’s Russian govt get away with buggering about inside foreign countries, or not?


If we are here to make planets that we occupy into better places, then we have already taken the wrong action (and I’m not even thinking about the great global warming lie that has engulfed humanity in expensive and unnecessary further burdens.) We have expressed “displeasure”. We have used words such as “unacceptable”, and the like. We have alluded, obliquely, to “measures”, and to “Russia’s standing in the world”. Would Hitler have backed down in the face of this terrible onslaught? I think not.


“Self-determination” was a very bad concept for Woodrow Wilson to bandy about in a world in flames, as he did. It was probably the least bad-seeming-solution at the time, seem from the position of a well-meaning onlooker. But it did enable a few real nations, themselves the products of the beliefs of millions of individuals, to come into existence, and which were undeniably suppressed by the pre-capitalist, pre-liberal structures before them, which force and terror had made persist long after it was time for them to go. The main problems he left us with arose from the specific decisions about these nations that were entirely arbitrary, and thus the product of “planners” (in itself a socialist concept) such as the “Polish Corridor”.


South Ossetia, we are told, wants to go, from Georgia. Perhaps Abkhazia does also: I don’t know. But if they do, then there is therefore also no excuse for the USSR Russia to wade in and pretend that it’s protecting the interests of South Ossetians, or Abkhazians. It’s a matter for Georgia and South Ossetia and Abkhazia. This is therefore a classic example of a scenario in which the Anglosphere ought to commit warlike acts against, not the first and second parties, with whom it has no quarrel, but the third-party which seeks to profit and do a grab (in order to fulfil a pre-capitalist barbarian fantasy) which is the USSR Russia.


If, say, South Ossetia really truly madly deeply wanted to leave Georgia, over, say, taxation policy, or some other injustice, then if that’s the outcome we should allow it. It’s none of our business. But don’t you just get suspicious when the great big heavily-armed (not even a) neighbour jumps in shooting, saying that “SO is being prevented from going, and by the way, we gave lots of them our passports! So we’re going to invade you thoroughly while we are about it, and not go away when you ask us to!”


Western civilisation is the best. It is. Yes. 100%. We not only have nothing to apologise about, to anyone, but, more importantly, we MUST NOT apologise. Ever, ever, ever, to anyone. That includes behaving apologetically towards wicked people, and those who do not share our beliefs. 9/11 would never have happened if the West had not lost its psychological bottle.


Our role, as civilisers, in the grand scheme of human betterment (an idea which WE invented – the hideousness of all other failed branches testifies to this fact) is to teach, and to socialise. Libertarianism, almost a detail – but unachieveable without classical Western civilisation and attitudes and politics-  is the logical conclusion of the entire process. It incidentally takes us a tiny bit nearer towards understanding God’s mind. We have known for centuries, maybe longer, how to socialise children, that they can become sovereign individuals who behave well towards each other as adults, and agree democratically to co-operate in free institutions. What was this all for? Nothing? Is that why the Fabian Gramsco-Marxians took away our ability to do what worked, by statutory means? (You can’t beat even your own child now – you will be arrested, and the State will abuse take away your child.)


States such as the USSR Russia are unsocialised children. (There are many others, most indeed of the UN, but let’s start somewhere, and the balloon is going up just there.) They must be taken in hand, firmly, and treated the same way as  wayward, naughty children whom we want to turn into responsible adults, for their own good. It is not only in a third party’s interest for us to do good (since it directly affects someone else vulnerable and the fate of the Russian people, so heavily abused, past, present, and future if we do not act now at our last chance) but Russia’s that we must take it in hand. Positively. Now. Before it’s too late.

Georgia stuff again

To find out more, go to the Devil. Good genral roundup about the coming war with the expansionist Imperialist USSR expansionist Imperialist Russia, whether you wanted to believe it would come, or not.

THE EU WANTS TO REGULATE BLOGGERS … of all the people in the world whom this could have come from, ESTONIAN politicials ought bloody well to know bloody better…

I would have thought that there could not be a single Estonian person in the world, let alone an Estonian Bureaucrat, who could have the brass-neck or immortal rind or crust, to even think what this bastard has suggested about free speech, let alone say it out loud.

I wonder if Marianne Mikko can ever show his face again in Tallinn, and even under an assumed name, and with a false beard?

If he does, then I hope his Estonian compatriots beat the bloody (literally0 crap out of his intestines, before lynching him, and then kicking his head in for good measure.

David Davis will of course, being a student of history, be as upset as we are about the very fact that this post had to occur at all.

David Davis

TODAY is Magna Carta Day, how appropriate for the following:


Date: 15/06/2008 14:52:26 GMT Daylight Time
From: peter@pwwatson.co.uk
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No, they don’t like it up ‘em.
Your prediction is closer to the mark than you think.
According to the Infidel Bloggers Alliance – link – the EU wants to regulate bloggers.

Here is part of that article:

“…Blogs. Apparently MEPs, those people with all that cash, are worried about them. You see it is all a bit of a free for all. People can write blogs without applying for a licence or being approved by the proper authorities. Shocking isn’t it?

Euro-MPs want action: blogs with “malicious intentions or hidden agendas pose a danger”. Marianne Mikko, an Estonian centre-left MEP, is calling for something to be done in a report.
“Blogs are publicly available web pages, with personal views and links expressing the opinions and observations of a particular person, usually on a specific topic or theme and are usually updated regularly reflecting the personality of the author,” so says the Parliament’s website.
How terrible. Just imagine, anybody can think what they like or say what they like, and all by themselves too. People can (easily, what’s worse) publicly write what they think online. And, what is really worrying is that other people might read it…”

So, not only do they want to steal our democracies, our freedom of expression is now to be subject to their approval.
Thanks, Ireland, for holing the bastards below the water-line.

Posted by Cheeky Monkey on June 15, 2008 1:02 PM 


Libertarian Alliance Showcase Publication No 8. “Not 20 million, not Russians, not war dead.” Norman Davies.

David Davis

Here’s Prof. Norman Davies talking about soviet socialist lies. Lies is normal for these Soviet-governmental-type-people, such as UK leftist “Councillors”, and other bureauNazis, for that’s what all socialists do. There is no other reason for their existence which can be explained logically.

It’s therefore their job and their reason for existing – to Show Humanity What Evil Is, In Living Form, In Our World, in the vain hope that the rest of us will learn by example not to follow, and thus to turn away from them and to turn towards capitalism and thus therefore towards morality and good. I think we are losing at the moment.

We MUST MUST MUST get back our WORDS, from the LYNCHERS. Or we will have to kill them (the lynchers.)

I still can’t get myself to believe that the 2008 Russian Government (under the pig Putin as it still is, despite the end of his term of office) is our friend. Naturally, I did NOT speak for the “people”, who, being human beings as opposed to Dugashvili-droids, might wish to be (our friends, that is.)


Oh and by the way, Norman Davies also wrote “God’s Playground”, a seminal book about Poland and its history.


Montgomery quote of the day

David Davis

  • “The U.S. has broken the second rule of war. That is, don’t go fighting with your land army on the mainland of Asia. Rule One is don’t march on Moscow. I developed these two rules myself.”
(spoken of the US approach to the Vietnam War) Quoted in Chalfont’s Montgomery of Alamein.


David Davis

Just askin’ ….

It was an idea that fermented itself a bit more, when I commented on sean’s comment below.

SHOULD BRITAIN LEAVE THE EU? … UPDATED … and of course NO REFERENDUM on the (not Lisbon Treaty) EU CONSTITUTION … SO now what? Protest is useless, and the alternatives are …

…. worse, in the short term.

David Davis

Libertarians of the world must be gnashing their teeth at the charade in Parliament yesterday, in which an amendment to put the Lisbon Treaty EU Constitution to a national referendum was lost. The entire political history and culture of the Mother Nation of individual freedom as a counterwight to tyranny (can you name one other for me?) is being obliterated. The MPs are voting to give away sovereignty leased temporarily to them, which is not their to give.

Here’s how they voted: (NB I have NOT listed the abstainers yet, which I predict would have made the vote closer if (most of) them had voted in line with their private beliefs or those of their electors!)

NB: Abstainers are now listed at the end of the post.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?view=BLOGDETAIL&grid=F11&blog=yourview&xml=/news/2008/03/05/view05.xml&posted=true&_requestid=416981 THE PEOPLE ARE VERY ANGRY, FEEL FREE TO DISTRIBUTE THIS TO THE WORLD  From the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation MPs WHO SUPPORTED THEIR PARTY INSTRUCTIONS
186 Conservative MPs supported the Conservative proposal
308 Labour MPs opposed the proposal
50 Liberal Democrat MPs did not vote on the proposal
Colin Burgon (Elmet)
Ronnie Campbell (Blyth Valley)
Frank Cook (Stockton North)
Jeremy Corbyn (Islington North)
John Cummings (Easington)
Ian Davidson (Glasgow South West)
David Drew (Stroud)
Gwyneth Dunwoody (Crewe & Nantwich)
Frank Field (Birkenhead)
Mark Fisher (Stoke-on-Trent Central)
Roger Godsiff (Birmingham Sparkbrook & Small Heath)
Kate Hoey (Vauxhall)
Kelvin Hopkins (Luton North)
Lindsay Hoyle (Chorley)
Lynne Jones (Birmingham Selly Oak)
John McDonnell (Hayes & Harlington)
David Marshall (Glasgow East)
Austin Mitchell (Great Grimsby)
Anne Moffat (East Lothian)
George Mudie (Leeds East)
Denis Murphy (Wansbeck)
Alan Simpson (Nottingham South)
Dennis Skinner (Bolsover)
Graham Stringer (Manchester Blackley)
Gisela Stuart (Birmingham Edgbaston)
David Taylor (Leicestershire North West)
Paul Truswell (Pudsey)
Robert Wareing (Liverpool West Derby)
Mike Wood (Batley & Spen)

Annette Brooke (Dorset Mid & Poole North)
Alistair Carmichael (Orkney & Shetland)
Tim Farron (Westmorland & Lonsdale)
Andrew George (St Ives)
Sandra Gidley (Romsey)
Mike Hancock (Portsmouth South)
David Heath (Somerton & Frome) John Hemming (Birmingham Yardley)
Paul Holmes (Chesterfield)
Martin Horwood (Cheltenham)
Greg Mulholland (Leeds North West)
John Pugh (Southport)
Richard Younger-Ross (Teignbridge)

Kenneth Clarke (Rushcliffe)
David Curry (Skipton & Ripon)
John Gummer (Suffolk Coastal)

Gregory Campbell (DUP, Londonderry East)
Nigel Dodds (DUP, Belfast North)
William McCrea (DUP, Antrim South)
Peter Robinson (DUP, Belfast East)
David Simpson (DUP, Upper Bann)
Sammy Wilson (DUP, Antrim East) Derek Conway (Independent Conservative, Old Bexley & Sidcup)
Dai Davies (Independent, Blaenau Gwent)
Respect the Unity Coalition: George Galloway (Independent, Bethnal Green & Bow)
Ulster Unionist Party: Lady Sylvia Hermon (Independent, Down North)
Stewart Hosie (SNP, Dundee East)
Angus MacNeil (SNP, Na h-Eileanan an Iar)
Angus Robertson (SNP, Moray)
Alex Salmond (SNP, Banff & Buchan)
Mike Weir (SNP, Angus)
Pete Wishart (SNP, Perth & Perthshire North)
Elfyn Llwyd (Plaid Cymru, Meirionnydd Nant Conwy)
Adam Price (Plaid Cymru, Carmarthen East & Dinefwr)
Hywel Williams (Plaid Cymru, Caernarfon)
Dr Richard Taylor (Independent Kidderminster Hospital and Health Concern, Wyre Forest)

Two Conservative
14 Labour
Eight from other parties
Two Conservative MPs and two Labour MPs were tellers for the two sides, counting MPs as they voted

Posted by Jonathan Lloyd on March 6, 2008 12:02 AM  2THE REAL GORDON BROWN THE ONE EYED SERPENTJohn Corfield 7:30Brown ” a devious , nasty, liar “.From personal experience here, North of the Border, Brown hasn’t changed since we were both in student politics , when his dishonesty was legendary.

If he runs true to form, he will be emboldened. Expect even worse to come.
Posted by Tam on March 6, 2008 9:01 AM
  3THE REAL PEOPLEQuestion to BrownMy Dad was a quiet and reserved gentleman who took up arms to preserve the life and freedoms of England for his future generations. My uncle spent 4 years in a Japanese prison of war camp and had his achiles tendons slashed for trying to escape (his life was shortened by that experience). Five of my other uncles also fought in the second world war for the same reasons. One of my Aunt got caught up in this aand became one of the ‘Tenko’ women and her only son was born while on the march.Why?That is why I will never forgive you.
Posted by Jill on March 5, 2008 9:11 PM  I have included sundry stuff attached to the bottom, to illustrate to readers around the world who may not be “au fait” with the local detail, how people feel about this matter.

Perhaps all advanced civilisations in the Universe get to this point, which could be why I think there aren’t any. Please link to “The most astonishing video you will ever see”, on this site in december archives, and to here where you can also see it on Devil’s Kitchen.

And here are the abstainers:

LABOUR – Diane Abbott, John Battle, Ann Cryer, Paul Flynn, Neil Gerrard, Patrick Hall, Glenda Jackson, Ian McCartney, John MacDougall, John Prescott, Ian Stewart, Rudi Vis, Claire Ward, Tony Wright.
John Maples and Ian Taylor
Jeffrey Donaldson, Ian Paisley, Iris Robinson, Mark Durkan, Alisdair McDonnell, Eddie McGrady, Andrew Pelling, Clare Short.
24 MPs in total.

I hope these MPs will feel as much of a backlash as those who voted in favour of the treaty!

Political Correctness, Hitler, Stalin, Mao-tse-Tung, Gordon Brown, and culture.

Yesterday Simon Heffer (Simon Heffer for Prime Minister!…..except he’s unsound on drugs – he doesn’t want them legalised) said this in the Daily Telegraph.

Every school child will be “entitled” to “five hours of culture per week through school, and vast shagloads of money (some hundreds of millions) are to be spent on “People’s Ecological Street-Dance-Theatre” type projects, and “Avant-Garde” films including a setup to produce more.

For those of you who went to sleep in about 1940 and have just woken up, “avant-garde” films are badly-shot films about not very interesting stuff, in which everybody has emotional problems and then they all die; the cuts are unsteady and very long, the film “grosses” £1,549.60 in Islington, it goes straight to the bin, not straight to DVD, the characters are “tormented by challenging emotions” (and then they all die) and then they all die – or at least those with whom you most sympathised. And of course the West is to blame, chiefly America, and it’s all about oil or homophobia.

Even Hollywood makes appreciable amounts of this pointlessly self-regarding shite, mainly because the producers:

(a) live under the American Missile Umbrella, so it’s never raining where they are, and

(b) it’s a good way (if you’re rich) to show how (very NOT George W Bushitler-Halliburton) you are, and how (very NOT trailer-trash redneck) you are.

The thesis as read by me out of it is that Gordon is trying to do two things;

(1) pretend to be on the side of uplifting high culture, as a way to mitigate the effect of useless socialist state schools, in their national-curriculum-syllabus-directed mass-production of completely deculturalised teenagers,

(2) give lots of extra employment to luvvies who will then continue to vote for you, in return for paying them to make politically-correct cultural objects so that they can feel important.

The problem is that Brown is confusing “culture” with Culture.

Culture has objective value, whereas “culture” is subjectively defined by the socialist ruling elite, in accordance with what they want what they used to call (while at “Uni”) “the masses”, to think, believe and emulate.

All real socialists end up by nationalising and therefore corrupting culture, art and private creative achievement. Marxism-Leninism showed the way in Russia. Distribution of the products of the graphic arts was poor before then, so that’s when the buggers really got going on the world. Hitler, a most energetic and self-admitted socialist, did the same in what I like to term R-3 (R-x….R-whatever-you-want….R-3 is not the first or the last in this series of murdertroid imperialist structures.) 

What Brown’s “initiative” will achieve is in effect the nationalisation of art and culture in Britain. I wonder what they’ll do, since we have no smoking-chimney-factories, nor even farms of any note any more, in which to depict craggy-visaged workers, er, working?

Oxford Union Debate disrupted by “People’s Censors”. So what’s new?

David Davis

This sort of thing began to go on in my day. Something happened to the fascist left in the 60s; some say that sex and long hair was invented and that they never looked back,  -  others just say that the buggers were let out of their foul cages without being made to bath first, and that we subsequently lost their collars and leads. Here’s the Daily Telegrapph on last night’s shindig – I guess it was a great hoot and a night out for the hired rage-boys;


Perhaps after 20 years by the mid-60s, the rage-boys had forgotten who their role-models were in the Reich and the USSR, and they thought themselves to be normal humans.

But to get to David Irving and Nick Griffin, two characters who seem to attract more than their fair share of spoiled tomatoes and eggs.

David Irving wants to say certain erroneous things about the Nazi holocaust in Europe. Why, I do not know, it seems an odd thing to want to devote your life to doing. Unlike the situation we have with the Global-Warm-mongering-promoters, the Holocaust’s “History is Settled”. There is quite enough evidence for the mass slaughter in general and gas-chambers in particular, including such prosaic items as engineering-design briefs and commercial recipts for the building-costs, Zyklon-B and other materials from the firms concerned; not to mention millions of personal accounts which can’t all be simultaneous fabrications.  In a remotely free society Irving ought to be allowed to say anything he wants; indeed he has already served time in jail for saying the same things in an unfree one, the continental EU. It is probable that he says what he says and writes what he does on account of some personality problems, that make him want to seek attention. Whatever, he is probably a harmless nutter. Ranting and jumping about with placards, and disrupting debates, could make more people give his views more credence than they deserve. The best policy imho would be to ignore the fellow.

Nick Griffin is a Cambridge-educated lawyer. He is the leader of what seems to be a rather left-of-centre, corporatist party, which appeals to the electorally neglected Urban Old White Working Class, on account of its articulating their direct concerns and their externally-repressed sense of lost nationhood. His party has won and regularly now wins the odd local council seat in elections, much to the disgust of the various Nazis in power in Westminster and in the Boroughs, many of which are quite pocket-like and also rotten, specially in the inner-urban areas where he has most support. These facts are clearly what puts him Beyond The Pale for the mediarati and the Enemy Class; his views are not fashionable to hold nor politically correct. There is no evidence that a BNP government would address either the concerns of its franchise-base, or get out of interfering in the economy and civilisation any more effectively than (Ageing) Labour, the “too-New” Tories or the sLip-Dems. Griffin has next to no chance of winning any seats at Westminster in any election soon; all he can hope to do is irritate the powers-that-be by exposing their dangerous lack of support and isolation from reality. Unpalatable as his views are to the UK political establishment, there is no evidence that gagging him, and periodically putting him on trial for saying stuff, reduces his popular support.

Libertarians believe that free speech should mean just that. Not the current setup where an increasing range of views is forbidden in public, and is increasingly criticized or restricted on private premises such as the Oxford Union. Nutters and unpopular prats of all sorts should be allowed to say and write what they please - and that includes Moslem “clerics” who advocate anti-civilisational-violence and “jihad” – whatever that stuff might be. We also should be free to call them whatever names please us – such as fascist imperialists, terrorists, pretentious twats, and the like, and denounce them to the end of our strength and beyond. The laws of Libel and Slander are quite highly-developed, and perfectly capable of coping with any situation that can be imagined. The natural rights of free people in a free nation should not be abated  – either by laws which serve only to inconvenience and bind, or by rentable self-appointed mobs-for-hire of Nazi “demonstrators”.

I hope they dodn’t mess up the Union buildings too much. Though from experience there will be some clearing up of shit and stuff to do today.

POST UPDATE: 19.21 GMT. TWO searches hit us, calling up “coal mining libertarian”, this afternoon. You can’t say we aren’t polymathic in our tastes!

Twelve days to Alamein: the Last Battle of the Old Empire.

Twenty-one years ago, I was rich and used to live in London. I had a drinks party on 23rd October 1986 and the nicely printed invites said “(your writer)….at home….for the 44th Anniversary of Alamein.” Everyone who was anyone was a “Sloane” then. But more importantly, 90%++ of the attendees (it was packed) knew what the date meant. Even the girls with pearls; especially, since most of their fathers were or had been Officers.

My boy, yesterday, in the top history set of his year, didn’t know what the Battle of Waterloo was; he thought it was something in South London. (Look, I DO try! Hard.) I didn’t even try him with Alamein; history-teaching by helicoptering the children in to “topics”, “without trace” destroys any kind of continuum of historical knowledge, which is the objective of course.

This post is about the Empire, and how it un-knowingly gave rise to the society in which Libertarianism could be born. On Tuesday 23rd October, the 65th anniversary of Alamein, this blog will run a discussion-feature on whether the Anglosphere could have been the Only Cradle of Freedom or not. Comments from readers will be published as fast as they can be processed.

Now I know Libertarians will sneer, gasp and cough at the very thought of “empire”, recalling as it does to us the dark days of the USSR, the Third Reich, Saddam’s evil plans for the world, the pig whose name I won’t pronounce and who runs Venezuela and who brown-nozes Jim Livingstone who tyrannizes London, a certain religion which alleges a claim to a monopoly of truth, other generally irremediable statism, and the like. But the British Empire was nothing like that, having come into existence rather accidentally, almost as an afterthought to the actions of individuals who sort of did freedom-stuff around the world, for a little time.

To help my boy, and to correct the mis-representations of a number of history teachers here in the North, whose students ask me for help, I wonder if readers want to comment about this Empire that never really was, and what was good and bad about it? Specifically, whether and how libertarianism could have come into being as a position to take, in any other environment?

Alamein was the last great battle, and start of a campaign, fought by British Imperial soldiers on their own. British; Rhodesian; Australian; Indian; Canadian; Jamaican; Ghurkhas; Trinidadians. What must the Axis have made of that? How in all morality could they think they could have won? But that’s an historical detail, and for the history books – except they have been purged.