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Around the coalition in 80 days

Michael Winnng

It has now been about 80 days sicne the coagulation took power if that’s what you could call it. 6th May to 25th July is about that, almost 80 days exactly. Usually yu do this sort of stuff in 100 days, but today’s headline in the DT, that NHS managers are drawing up a list of “services” to cut, just emphasises how this lot are not really any different from the last lot.

Instead of cutting services, why not let the “managers” fire themselves? More money would be saved and you could have MORE hip operations, not less. The sale of their BMWs alone – and rights to their parking spaces – would pay for probably a whole new hospital.

This whole episode just shows that whoever you vote for, the government always gets in. Under this current dispensation at any rate. Something will have to be done soon.

There will/could be a slight victory

Michael Winning

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, me. I mean, for f***’s sake: we are staring over the cliff-face, the lefties are pushing our butts and even getting ppolice with guns and ID cards to paramilitarise our land around us, and the media is predicting, deadpan, a slight Tory majority. Or none. I need DEFRA passports to even move the pigs about, and I didnt mean the Police neither

WTF is wrong with people here? Why isn’t everybody voting UKIP at the very leats? Or pouring money into the hands of Chris Mounsey at the LPUK, so his bruisers can gatecrash the election on Wednesday night? Wish he had some, sometines,

I’ve got a view about how elections should be done. I might write about it later. But you lot would not like it, not one bit.

Tee Hee (sorry about the poor bloke’s car though)

Michael Winning

Saw this in a Daily Paul-Dacre thing earlier but this report is funnier.

Car crash follows debate

I don’t believe it for a momoent

Michael Winning

The bastards’ll find a way to cling on, and we may even be lumbered with lumbering Gordon. A pessimist is an optimist in possession of all the facts.

Pit bulls and New labour

David Davis

I wonder if there’s a corelation between the keeping of “power dogs” and Labour Rotten/Pocket Boroughs?

A Pit-Bull a day keeps the MP at bay.

Libertarian Alliance quote of the day…a rave from the grave…blast from the past…now and for ever.

From our own comment thread on here.

David Davis

Stuff was in red, because at the time when the Nissen-Hut-chimps lifted stuff bodily from what people other than they themselves had typed, the supervisor-chimpanzee insisted that it ought to be highlighted. Chimps, while being ever so politically-savvy, are not – by socialit-Nazi-standards very intelligent: and so it was merelydecided that the colour of the text would be altered to show external authorship – a rather simple solution. All the chimps agreed, and gyrated about in return for bananas, so it just sort of, er, happened.

Ian B // 7 April, 2010 at 2:42 am (edit)

Sean, I don’t think voting makes much difference at this stage, but as I said before, better to vote counter-hegemonic (UKIP, LPUK, even BNP) than pro-hegemonic. Cameron’s entirely a creature of the Enemy- indeed his plan for 5000 state activists, funded via the Proggie Network, will just broaden and deepen their power. A Tory government certainly won’t help us a single jot. A Tory lose however may throw that useless bunch of quislings into terminal disarray.

I also don’t think Chris Tame’s worthy plan- of influencing the ideological hegemony- is going to ever work. It simply isn’t in their class interest to listen to us, even if the occasional maverick does. The reality is that the Gramscian methodoloy works for people seeking to expand state power, in their own interests. We need a better political strategy that will work for people trying to abolish the ruling class.

So one way of looking at it is, we have to achieve what the Marxists failed to achieve, which is the mobilisation of the proleteriat- in our case, our proleteriat being everyone outside the government, rich or poor. The big problem is that over the past century the state has expanded into every area of life. It’s not going to be easy.

One thing in particular libertarians have to stop doing is attacking weak people. You mentioned in your book the political error of banging on about welfare recipients, and I entirely agree. The Enemy succeed because they always, always, ally themselves with some perceived weak group (the poor, blacks, gays, etc) so that even when they’re doing something ghastly, it’s “in a good cause”. Attacking poor people etc is equivalent to being seen kicking a cripple in the head. Even when you explain he stole your wallet, people will still think you’re a bastard. No wonder the “right”, or the non-left, or whatnot, have consistently lost with such dunderheaded ignorance of human nature.

We may need to rebrand ourselves. We certainly need to start working under non-libertarian banners. Greenpeace may be a socialist group, but they don’t call themselves that. We need to pump out philosophy and propaganda, we need to make whatever alliances we can, and we need to pull together realistic programmes that show how a society can transfer from state dependence to liberty without millions collapsing into poverty, rather than the libertarian habit of arguing constantly about what the Glorious End State will be after some miraculous transformation. We’re in the position of wanting to free some poor desperate population from a ghastly Victorian institution. But the fact is, they’ve lived there their whole lives. They don’t know how to cook, or get a home, or go to the shops. If we threaten to fling the doors open and turf them out onto the streets, we’ll just get terror, not gratitude.

Five more years of Labour, or five of the Tories, it makes no real difference. Whichever we get, things will be more desperate and ghastly in 2015 than they are now. But, things are better for us than they were five or ten years ago. The message is getting out. The Methodist State is reaching its apotheosis, the political class become more transparently fascist and disconnected with every day.

And, we must always remember that the State we’re in is not the inevitable consequence of government. It has the form it has because of specific politicking by specific groups that stretch back a century and a half or even two- kicked into gear by evangelists from nutty sects (Methodists, Quakers etc here, Yankees in the USA (Rothbard wrote a lot on this without quite following it through)). They are our enemies, and they have to be rooted out of the nests they’ve built. The dumb politicians who do their bidding are barely of consequence. Their grotesque schemes nearly fell to bits in the twentieth century, and it was only the marxists who saved them. Well, the marxists are gone now. Once people have lived a while under the new progressive puritanism, that’ll start collapsing too (it’s cracking in places already) and this time there are no marxists left. This time, it must be us who are waiting to take the opportunity.

We can win this thing.

Can we find 500 ways…

…of annoying, perfectly legally (it must be this way) jumped-up-bureaucrats?

David Davis

I had an idea while scanning Old Holborn on Facebook just now. The buggers have created 4,000+ new criminal offences in 13 years: let’s try and match that with the number of ways they can be irritated, annoyed, and obstructed, while staying entirely within the law as it stands. (This may have been an original idea of Sean gabb’s, I can’t remember.)

If they start to move the fences in their enragement at this process, then we will truly know what we are dealing with.

Comments please!

Some good news about “Ed” “Balls”

Michael Winning

Spotted this bitty bit on Guiod just now. The bastard’s likely to go down in his constituency. Time he did, such a bugger. And nasty with it.

I know we don’t have the death penalty for nonces, but it makes you wonder how prisoners in prison get to have razor-blades to use against other prisoners

EDIT: the Maily Dail has it as “breaking news” – that tells you everything about our civilisation. And I wrote it fully 30 minutes ago… and I’m slow and old.

David Davis

This is the first of my long-headline-pieces for some time.

Someone called Ian Huntley, who killed two girls in 2002 in the benighted place called Soham, where I wonder how anyone can ever sell a house these days, got his throat slashed, actually while _/in prison/_

I thought that the death penalty for “capital crimes” had been abolished in 1968. And it seems that this was by the very people who engineered laws of various kinds that criminalised people, increasingly stringently over the recent years, who were thought to think about girls, and sex, and stuff like that, like Ian Huntley apparently is thought to think.

These people are called Fabians. I am not saying that Fabians are the only people that think that strange men should not murder little girls for any reason whatsoever. The murder of little girls is wrong, and libertarians are against this.

Well, there you are. The effing nonce killer has been attacked, with intent, while in prison. Could someone please tell me how prisoners get blades of sharpness, and what for?

I wonder whether this British-State, although having officially abolished the death penalty 42 years ago, has privately decided that this specific penalty _/can/_ be applied, and perhaps should be applied, sometimes, in an “accidental” sort of unsupervised way, but only to criminals which it has decided that nobody will bitch about the death of, and who are already “inside”.

By other criminals, so nobody who matters gets blamed for stuff “going through the wrong channels”?

It’s just nasty buggers killing each other, in a “sort of criminals’ hierarchy”.

How barbaric is that, then?

I thought we were in favour of the “Rule of Law”?


I am not in favour of a “State Death Penalty”. It transfers the obligation to end the life of another human to the State’s decision, which we cannot do and which we cannot delegate since we are currently not allowed that individual right. If we cannot delegate this right, not possessing it supposedly, then we cannot allow the State to allow other prisoners of it to end the life of Ian Huntley.

If we as sovereign individuals are allowed the right to end the life of those that torment and oppress us, then we can kill others, and so someone else who is aggrieved by him can kill Ian Huntley – but NOT the other prisoners. He is not their problem, and they are not his. IF he is to be kept alive by statute law, then he ought to be kept away from scumbag murderers and robbers who’d kill for a half-penny, and who think that they hate “pediatricians”.

Only the parents and relations of the girls he killed could have any traction in this one.

New light on the Stasi, and what it could mean here

David Davis

From tractorstats

They were going to come for our dogs but we spoke out

Michael Winning

just in time then

Simon Heffer explaining things about nation-breaking

Michael Winning

A slow day today I am back inside early and so I spot this from Simon heffer. The man seems more sensible than other intellectual bods I know give him credit for. Didn’t he write a book about 15 years ago foretelling all this? It was called “Nor Shall My Sword” I think it was.

When Tony Blair said in 1997 “New Labour is none other than the political arm of the British People” I cringed in horror. Wish I’d done more and worse I think.

A good read and too right it is

Michael Winning

I found this stuff on Legiron. It is worth tryiong to copy it, so here goes, he calls it the “Bogeyman”…

People are angry. Not just on the internet, not just on the blogs and forums, but everywhere.

You meet them on the street where they point their faces in any direction other than the one they are moving in, just so they can bump into someone and vent a little anger on them. In the supermarkets they angle trolleys across the aisles just to get in someone else’s way, so they can huff when asked to move it. They get really huffy if you just shove it aside but hey, they’re looking for someone to be angry at so I’m just being helpful.

At the checkouts, more and more try that psychological trick of taking small steps closer and closer to you to intimidate you into packing faster. You have never seen anyone take such care over arranging items in a bag as I did this evening. They never learn.

If there is more than one bottle of whisky in your trolley, the hiss of indrawn breath follows you around the store until you start wondering if they have a snake aisle. So I didn’t mention to anyone what Eyebrows plans to do to booze prices next week. I’m sure it will make them all very angry indeed. Let them enjoy themselves.

I’m not going to drink it all tonight, in fact I won’t drink any of it tonight because I have a meeting tomorrow. I’ll get there with the help of an angry bus driver and in the company of his angry passengers. I’ll wait for the bus, smoking, just upwind of the 25% enclosed bus stop I’m still not allowed to smoke under and let the smoke drift onto the angry people waiting there. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining. I have a wide-brimmed hat with a brim that matches the length of a roll-up. It’s green and battered and has a tiny enamel Welsh flag on it. Somewhere, there might be a raddled old harridan surfing the net whose fingers are even now leaving an impression in her keyboard. Yes, you old bat, that was me.

I met this one at Tesco. I had the offer of a lift there and back so I thought I’d stock up because I wouldn’t have to carry it home. My shopping was quick, my lift’s shopping was not so I sat on the bench outside that’s some distance from the doors and is beside one of those bins with an ashtray in the top. And, given that description of the location, it’s obvious what I did next. Inevitably, everyone who passed made the fake coughs and waved their hands in front of their faces and I was enjoying the show so much I lit another one.

Then the old bat, with what I presumed was a grandchild in tow, stopped and angrily demanded to know what I thought I was doing.

“Sitting on a bench,” I said. “Thank you for taking an interest.”

“You know I don’t mean that. Would you mind not smoking?” She hadn’t gritted her teeth by this stage so it was game on.

“I don’t mind you not smoking at all. You carry on.”

“You can’t smoke here.” She really wasn’t grasping the situation at all. Outside, not even near the entrance, and sat next to the biggest ashtray in town.

“I can. I’m doing it now. See?”

“There are children present!” She pointed to her pet chimp. “You can’t smoke in front of children. What will it do to their health?”

“I am not smoking in front of children. I am smoking, and you have placed a child in front of me. Quite deliberately, you have forced that child to stand there while I smoke. That is a form of child abuse and I feel I must report it to the proper authorities.”

That’s when she gritted her teeth. If I’d had a stick I’d have made a notch in it. She disappeared into the shop without saying any more. I have no idea whether she went to find a staff member to be angry at but I’m sure her blood pressure must have been brought to dangerous levels as a result of the smoking sinner she had just encountered. Anyway, my ride home arrived before any officials did. Next time, maybe.

Tomorrow’s meeting is at the hospital, full of angry staff and patients and angry drivers circling the grounds with the evident aim of drumming up business for the casualty department. There will, as always, be at least three more cars than there are parking spaces available. They arrange those appointments to make that a continuous feature of the place. It’s a kind of modern art display and it guarantees a high blood pressure reading when those poor buggers finally get into the place and have to wait another two hours because they are running late. They are not running late. They call you in early so they can crank up that blood pressure and sell you pills. Anger is good business for the medical quango. Real illnesses cost them money, but created ones are profitable.

Everyone is angry all the time. Daily Mail readers are angry because Labour have ruined the country and Guardian readers are angry because Labour might not get the chance to finish the job. Photographers are angry at police harassment and police are angry because whenever they catch a real criminal, the courts let them go. The military is angry at the lack of support their government shows them and at the lies told to cover up that lack of support. Radical Islamists are angry because that’s their job. Everyone is angry, all the time.

The thing is, most of the angry public don’t know why.

They think they are angry about John Terry or Tiger Woods playing those one-on-one away games. They think they are angry because something called 6 Music or whatever is to be closed down. They think they are angry at having to wait in a traffic queue or supermarket checkout even though they are in no actual hurry to be anywhere else. They are, in fact, angry because they are frightened.

Frightened that Gary Glitter will steal their child away. They see him everywhere, all the time, in every stranger’s face. They are frightened of escaped lunatic murderers who could be anywhere. They seem to escape to conveniently coincide with awkward moments for the government, don’t they? They weren’t frightened enough when Jon Venables was alleged to have been in a fight, so now he is alleged to be a child porn merchant, an accusation that is levelled at so many these days it’s a wonder we have any children left at all. Everyone who gets arrested for anything has their computer confiscated and there’s always child porn on it. I’m beginning to wonder if Microsoft puts it in with the operating system.

They are frightened in case they do something illegal without knowing it. Very easily done these days. It’s now actually illegal to be a smoking ban denier and soon it will be illegal to be an EU denier and a climate heretic, if it isn’t already.

They are frightened of the police. They don’t tip their hats and say ‘hello’ to the bobby on the beat because the police don’t look like Dixon of Dock Green any more. They look like Robocop. They look intimidating and all too often, they act intimidating too. People are learning to be extra-careful towards the end of the month because arrest targets must be met and wearing a loud shirt in a built-up area could be enough to attract attention.

They are too frightened to protest, they see nowhere to turn for support because the officials they expected to protect them are the ones they are frightened of and that makes them angry. The reason that woman scarpered instead of continuing her harassment of me smoking perfectly legally and in nobody’s way had nothing to do with her realising she was wrong. She still doesn’t realise it now. She left because I mentioned bringing her child (grandchild, shaved chimp, whatever it was) to the attention of the authorities. She was frightened. Far more than any fear of imaginary secondary smoke, she was terrified of letting the social workers know of the existence of her child. Exposing that child to a smoker would cause her a lot more problems than if the child said a bad word.

I very much doubt she complained about me to the store staff because in the back of her mind, she knew what I might say to them. Sure, it was nasty of me, but if people are conditioned to react in Pavlovian ways, is it any surprise that some of us will make use of that conditioning in our own defence? Especially if those people are nasty to us for no sensible reason.

Is there anything they are not frightened of? They are not frightened of the country’s debt because those kinds of numbers just don’t fit into a human head. I can’t imagine that much money and I read about it all the time. Al-Jahom has compiled a handy list of things people don’t seem too concerned about and most of it is because they can’t conceive of anything that bizarre being real. They are indeed frightened of front-line officials of all types but they don’t link those officials with those who control them. That’s why they keep voting the controllers back into power.

They are frightened by the news they read every day because every day, someone’s been stabbed or burned or beaten up and it reads like it’s happened just down the road. Lately, a lot of the horror stories have to be read in full because some way down the page you’ll find it actually happened in Idaho or Alabama or Brazil or in the booze-addled mind of a reporter with a morning deadline. The headline and opening paragraph often doesn’t make it clear that it wasn’t a UK crime at all, and many people will skim those stories. They’ll see the headline, read the first few lines and think ‘Something should be done’. Something has been done. You, Joe Public, have just been conditioned.

If you’re looking for the source of the conditioning, it’s in the news. The BBC is a bit obvious about it, but it’s in all the news, all the time. The four horsemen roadshow is coming to town and you’d better fit in, you’d better conform, you’d better not make a fuss or you’ll be noticed and then they’ll get you. What for? Who knows? Labour have introduced so many new crimes that it would take a whole firm of lawyers twenty years to learn them all. The police don’t know them all. No individual possibly could. So they treat any deviation from drone compliance as suspect because there’s probably a law against it.

I don’t blame the police. They’re all frightened too. Targets must be met every month and the continued application of common sense could put their jobs at risk. They have to have those arrests. Eventually, in that situation, they will all start to think of the public as nothing more than a source of check-marks for their monthly score card. Just as the public are conditioned to be sheep, the police are conditioned to be sheepdogs.

The news teaches us to be scared of the police, the courts, the social workers and children, and it teaches the police and social workers and all the rest of them not to be scared of us. There are consequences if they miss targets but no consequences if they get it wrong and ruin lives in the process. The people are scared of the officials, the officials are scared of their managers, the managers are scared of their area managers, and so on up this one-way line until we get to the top, where the Brown Gorgon is scared of Count Mandelstein, his creator. Is Mandelstein the top of the fear tree? No, it grows ever upwards to the land of the goose that eats golden eggs, the EU. Even Herbie Remploy-van is scared of someone. Mind you, that could well be Mandelstein too. If he was on one side of the road and a gang of fifty hoodies were on the other side, I’d risk passing the hoodies.

Everyone is scared, and everyone is angry about it because being scared when you can’t see who you’re scared of is frustrating. Where is the bogeyman? When you can’t see him, you start to think he’s everywhere.

Everyone suspects everyone else of being the bogeyman. If you happen to be 27 years old in the UK, everyone suspects you of being Jon Venables even though everyone knows he’s currently in jail. If you’re around sixty, everyone suspects you of being Gary Glitter. If you buy a bottle of booze, everyone suspects you of being a wife beater. If you say you’re not married they’ll assume you buy Polynesian wives to beat or nip next door and beat the neighbour’s wife to save him the trouble.

If you have a dog, everyone thinks you train it by giving it child-sized dummies stuffed with mince to savage. If you have a computer, everyone thinks you spend all day looking up porn and playing World of Wasteoftime. Actually, I know a couple of folk who do. Straight porn, nothing nasty, but I have felt obliged to point out that they could buy the entire top shelf at the newsagent’s for far less than a computer and a broadband subscription. If you have more than one cat you are a witch. No question. That’s an old one but it still works.

If you have a car you are polluting the planet even though only six of those container ships produce more pollution than all the cars in the world. If you have a filament light bulb you are killing the polar bears whose numbers are increasing. Good job we’re killing them then, or we’d be overrun and they make huge holes in skirting boards. If you are extravagant enough to heat your home to the degree that there’s no ice on the inside, you are melting the polar ice caps that are increasing. Iceland will thank you for it one day.

If you are a smoker, well, you are the Antichrist personified, here to spread war, pestilence, famine and death among the masses with your Little Sticks of Devil-Leaves. You are the most evil thing ever to have walked on the Green God’s earth and don’t you think it’s about time you started acting like it? Get out there and terrorise someone. They are expecting it of you. Don’t disappoint them.

It’s all fear. Why are we battling the Taliban? They might be loonies but they are someone else’s loonies. The invasion of Afghanistan was to catch the Bearded Binliner but he left there a long time ago. The Taliban were and are no threat to this country and given their minimalist approach to life, never could be. Neither was Madman Hussein, who could not have fired a missile at us with 45 years’ warning, never mind 45 minutes. He’s dead now. We’re still there. As long as we are there, the threat of Islamic reprisals remains. Fear. The Islamic scary boys don’t need to do anything to terrorise us other than pop out from under the bed and go ‘Boo – in the name of Allah’ and we’ll collectively shit ourselves. They know it. They aren’t the real bogeymen. They make use of our conditioning the same way I made use of it with the antismoker harridan earlier, but they didn’t do it. Our government, and not just this one, did it.

Which brings us to – why? Why does our government insist on pursuing policies and releasing news that helps nobody other than underwear manufacturers and high-strength washing powder sellers?

Think back to when you were little, you didn’t want to go to bed and there was school the next day. Remember ‘You’d better be asleep before the bogeyman comes because he takes naughty little children away and boils them up’? You did as you were told because you were scared of an imaginary terror who might crawl out from under your bed.

Second hand, third hand, hundredth hand smoke.
Muslim scary boys.
Passive drinking.
Having your photo taken in the street even though you are continuously on CCTV.
Gary Glitter.
Escaped psychos.
Hoodies with knives and guns.
Jon Venables.
Footballers and golfers shagging someone else’s girlfriend. Yours next?
Rapists and bullies on Facebook.
Fat people eating your taxes.
Thugs let back onto the streets no matter what they do.

It’s Bogeyman control. With a whole army of bogeymen.

When you were a kid, the bogeyman your parents threatened you with wasn’t real.

This time, he is, but he’s not in that list. He’s invisible and you can feel his breath on your neck right now. You can’t see him. He could be anyone. You can’t trust anyone, just in case. You can’t confide your fears in anyone, just in case. So you hold the fear inside and try to live without catching Bogeyman’s eye. It’s frustrating. You want to confide in someone but you dare not because the Bogeyman might be listening – or that person might even be the Bogeyman. How can you tell? Look for traces of underbed lint on his clothes? He might have brushed it off. There’s no way to tell who can be trusted and who can’t.

No wonder everyone is angry.

It’s enough to make an Englishman say ‘tsk’.

Posted by Leg-iron at 23:51

I smoke, me, and there should be justice for this man

Michael Winning

It says at Guido’s that  Nick Hogan is in a violent prison, for non-payment of a fine of…what? £10,000? WTF is oging on with these people who say they are our masters? Aren’t we their masters and they our servants?

When did the changeover between ours and theirs take place?

Apart from anything smokers like me, I do about 20 a day and so pay about £4 a day towards Gordon’s debts, are starting to feel victimised and vindcitive.

Who knows when they’ll order me not to smoke round the animals, mostly in open air? Can pigs be affected by passive smoking on a Lancashire hill? You tell me!

Idle parenting means happy children…but…

David Davis says it depends on the kind of idleness…

from Old Holborn.

If the parent or parents is/are (a) GramscoFabiaNazi creation via deliberate-scumbag-non-schooling, then perhaps not.

Could Mandelson be describing Stalin?

David Davis

Truly, Lord Rumba of Rio wins the circumlocution Grand Challenge Cup 2010, for this statement as part of a defence of his boss puppet Gordon Brown.

He is demanding of himself, he is demanding of people around him, he knows what he wants to do, he does not like taking no for an answer from anyone, he will go on and on until he has got a policy and an idea in the best possible form which he can then roll out.”

Truly, also, we The People are just a “human resource”, upon whose supine canvas “policies and ideas can be rolled out”.

NewLabour surrogate mother of the day

Michael Winning

says I saw this on Man Widdecombe, its quite funneh…enough work today, and I fell in a ditch and a pig fell on me.

Sion Simon sees the light

Michael Winning

I always thought this man was a class-A1-lackey-and-running-dog-of-the-new-political-boss-class, since he made such a prat of himslef on some Newsprog or other, here:-

On this blog here and there the Boss mkaes reference to MPs possibly not being paid at all. I agree that they ought only to think about  “entering parliament”, as they used to call it – at a time of life when they can afford to support themsleves while doing public good by refusing to legislate hysterically about everything.

Truly in the last ditch

David Davis

It says in The Last Ditch what the prime problems will be from now on, with The British State’s functional removal of jury-trials.

A lot of work will need to be done straight after the Revolution, to put back what has been lost or destroyed. There can be no partying or hanging about for a few hours, let alone days, rejoicing at the demise of the scumbags. Much will indeed have to be done all at about 02:00 am in the morning of victory.

Aaaaaaah…..that’s so sweeeeet

Michael Winning

The Dark Lord is going to join an oil company….

What further prtoof do we all need, of the iniquitous connection at social levels, between Enemy-Classpersons and otherwise normal persons in things such as oil firms?

THere’s nothing wrong with being an oil co or working for it. Just that these outfits seem to play into the hands of people who’d demolish them, such as greens and peope who throw green stuff at people like Mandelson.

Labour to “win next election”.

David Davis

I have constantly warned that the deliberate communications strategy of “bashing the toffs and the rich” will work. Legiron says it better than I, but I would add this: no possible amount of public philanthropy, hair-shirt-wearing, refraining from hunting with DOGS, selling the Mondeo (Ghia 24v, very economical to run) undergone by these poor liberals will do anything to deflect the GramscoFabiaNazis from their deliberate course.

The important strategy thet Libertarians ought to think about is not “who is the best party to form a government, based on policies?” On this ground it would have to be LPUK or UKIP. But neither will stop new Labour on its own, and both will damage the Tories, as most libertarians (or even people who COULD be persuaded to vote  for libertarians) are conservative in outlook – most think that a conservative/classical liberal/minimal state is the least bad guardian of an environment in which liberty can begin to grow again.

Sadly, although we will have to hold our noses while so doing, a vote for the Tories this time round is the only viable option, to retard the headlong slide into the cesspool, if only a tiny bit. The important election, in reality, will be the 2014/5 one, or the next after that.

He knows he is right

David Davis

Phil” “Woolas”, described as an “Interior Ministry Commisar”, knows he is right. Footballer-sized “bonuses”, compensating for the very real risks to life and limb which are faced daily by “immigration” “officials”, are clearly the right thing to offer.

Mere soldiers, fighting and risking actual corporeal death in far countries about which we know rather a lot, and mere bankers, trying to plug the BOP-gap by the simple act of attempting to earn profits for their banks and their shareholders, are a mere nothing by comparison.

His remark was obviously intended for internal departmental consumption primarily, which simply adds to the evidence that he, and the rest of the Enemy Class, will have to go.

The bastards are plainly not interested in the fates of the rest of us at all, which just confirms my hypothesis that they have turned themselves into droids which are the way they are, on purpose.

"I thought he was Lavrenti Beria, until I discovered..."

Old Holborn exposes the (real) class traitors

David Davis

I had no clue that so many, many GramscoFabiaNazis, in the Labour(ing) party, went to private or grammar schools.

Clearly a case of “I’m all right Jack, I’m pulling up the ladder and never mind you”.

It merely compounds the evidence, that their unfathonably deep malice towards ordinary sovereign individuals is deliberate and focussed. How they got like that, having had the finest education that money can (or even cannot) buy, beats me.

What is a government “sexual health policy”?

I didn’t mean really to write about this at all: I simply scanned the paper this evening, and this popped up. But the sub-heading about “sexual health policy” made me wet myself in hysterical laughter. If I did not think that what the British State is deliberately trying to do, to turn 70 million people into cretinoid uncritical enslaved barnyard animals, on purpose and via long-term strategic (and focussed) planning, I would think it was merely funny…….

David Davis

If the Government owns our bodies, then it can dictate a “policy” about how our bodies go about interacting with other bodies. If it does not, then it can not. It has only to come clean about what it intends.

A “sexual Health policy” smells strongly of things that Baldur von Schirach, or Stalin, or Mao or the dead Kim Jong-Il, or one of those other Nazis whose names I can’t presently recall such as that funny woman here somewhere in the 1900s, would have instituted.

I am a former Anglican through parental force-majeure when younger ["Does the school offer confirmation? Let him be confirmed!"], and in 2001 I decided simply to Walk To Rome one sunny Sunday in a Catholic Church (no “instruction” was needed here. I just walked.

You see, our problem- and our Burden –  is that Libertarianism Means Never Having To Say You’ve Lost Your Moral Compass (because you haven’t)…you ALWAYS know where you are going, and it enrages “ordinary people” with an intensity not to be contemplated – which is why most libertarians will be murdered one day…  Being moreover a molecular biophysicist, I am not sure I approve of abortions for convenience’s sake. They smack to me strongly of a Feminazi way of undermining “men”, as one tactic for reverse-engineering the fragile threads that hold Western Civilisation together.

The potential arrival of a small child, together with crying, sleepless nights, pooey nappies, the necessity of strange and hard-to-prepare-foods, the lack of intellectual/epistemological-conversation with it for at least six or more years, and the like, seems to me to be the potential cost of all this “free” sex which was invented by Kenneth Tynan in 1963. (Sex in this age and time is never free! Think about it…) Like crime, for which the only motivation is an individual decision to commit it, the most important motivation for the occurrence of sex is the decision of two people to have it now.

Stalinist governments interfering in individual human sexual relations simply project onto populations whatever the “government” thinks people should be doing in bed. If governments pay teachers of 6-year-olds in primary “schools” to tell the said 6-yr-olds how to “have safe sex”, and how “mutually-pleasurable” that is, then that is what they will try to do as soon as the boy can “get it up”. As the Wireless Tele Vision is so riveting, and cannot be missed, then abortions of human foetuses will therefore occur.

Ken Clarke rubbishes Harriet Harmperson rubbishing George Osbore

Michale Winning

You couldn’t make it up if you tried.

I’m holding the frot today for the Boss who is doing chores he has to do sometimes.

The trouble with Labour’s reversion to “class war” in the coming election campaign is that it WILL work as a strategy. People are brought up under the school system to believe all that tosh.That’s why Labour are playing the class card because they know it will get them lots of votes.

You have to believe it’s deliberate. Just one look at what the poor blighters in schools, the childrenm of my farming colleagues, have to learn for English GCSEs and exams, tells you what theyre supposed to come out believeing. In two ticks you can persuade people educated like this that the Tories and toffs and Labour are “on the side of working people”. All that twaddle.

There’, Ive tried to write an intellectual essay. I hope its worked!

Let’s stop pretending…

…pretending what?

David Davis

Pretending that this government is “inept”, “out of touch”, “has lost it”, has “given up governing”, that “Gordon Brown has no idea…”…and the like. Even Benedict Brogan thinks that all it’s able to do is Scorch the Earth in advance of a (probable) Tory win in 2010.

Wrong. Everything, and I mean everything, that it has done since 1990, and likely before that, was directed towards the outcome we now face. I would go further, and take the start-point back to the synthesis of the evil called British Fabianism.

Brown, with Blair’s connivance, actively ran the UK’s credit into the buffers, so he could _destroy a future Tory administration charged with the impossible task of clearing up_ . It didn’t matter, and won’t matter, if the Labour Party was/is/will be fiscally bankrupt after the next election, for the British masses /will/ vote out the unsuccessful Tories (or whoever) and put back “the people who know how to get on with the job”. Their friends in the media will ensure it.

Nothing will be done to break this cycle. Not until a revolution comes: and the sad thing is that there are not enough people left alive here who know how to make a successful one happen. That is why my post of yesterday was so pessimistic.

They are playing with us

David Davis

I don’t much care if the Iranian government wants to have nuclear weapons or not. I don’t think it’s worth going to war over…..yet. Not unless they actively threaten Israel, which is the primary point of the things.

A firm, well-morally-grounded and self-confident libertarian foreign policy, actively Jihadizing liberty everywhere regardless, is the enemy of any wannabe “rogue state” which gets guns and stuff.There are no “rogue states”: all States are rogues and ultimately have to be re-rogued, and many simply dismantled.

But it does irk me that we as a nation are seen as a plaything-target by people like I’madasadinnerjacket.

I wonder to what extent Gordon Brown tipped off the Iranians to do this thing to us and ours, to take everyone’s eye off him.

L is for Labour, L is for Lice

What the British State DNA database is for

Michael Winning

(Not too many tupos I hope,)

This article may disappear. No really. Apparently it’s done so once already* and may do again. Legiron who Ive just found has posted thispiece here, which tells of a woman, a lawyer in fact, who now can’t get a job as she’s “on the DNA database”. Just that it seems. She lost an employment opportunity (with the State no less, but wait till tesco and others get on the roller) because of a wrong accuastion, and even about something trivial.

So what’s in store then for those accused – also wrongly – of worse things like British-State-thoughtcrimes? They wont’t even get shelf-fillers’ jobs in Asda or Kwiksave – let alone Waitrose!

So this is what it’s for – and there are 6 million people on it nearly, the Police sure have not been idle, all those swabs to take by force, eh? Need personpower for that, you do!

*Someone called Longrider has got a link to the piece too.

Might as well quote this from Longriderer:-

Update: The Economic Voice has more.

This effectively creates a new class of criminal, the ‘guilty innocents’. We used to have a system where you were either guilty or you were innocent. Now you can be left in limbo for 6 years. Remember also that the government’s original plans, but for the intervention of the EU, was for indefinite holding of DNA! Food for thought.

Had she not been going for a job that requires police background clearances she may well never have realised the repercussions of these new rules. Most people will just dismiss this as an isolated case to be ignored, but it could easily happen to anyone by just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just because it may happen infrequently doesn’t make it right.

Quite. Remember, if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.

But to cheer yous all up I’ve found this:-

Rigged, as is natural

David Davis

Glasgow North-East

58% of 30%: that’s about 17% of the electors on the list. The GramscoFabiaNazis would almost certainly have got in anyway, so why they needed to rub the point home by stuffing all the boxes and issuing 12,000 postal votes is a mystery. Maybe they needed to show the sort of support for Brown that’s characteristic of the régime of the late Kim Jong-Il.

Socialism can be understood by any child: so why bother to try and force it to win, even after you have deliberately created a race of the buggers?

Will opposition to the EU fragment in the face of new Labour….

...and what ought to be done about it?

UPDATE: there is a good debate going on over at Samizdata, here.

David Davis

There is a school of thought (to which I do not subscribe) that the Tories are cleverly allowing themselves to be the hard-done-by party, courtesy of Labour who has reneged on a referendum promise about Lisbon. The “Labour has boxed us into a corner on this one, so we’ll have to make the best of a bad job” might wash with Old One-Nation-Tories, and perhaps with neo-Labour-voters coming across. But what about the increasingly large constituency of liberals (both Tory and from elsewhere) who think UKIP is more in the right?

There is a danger of fatally splitting the Tory vote in constituencies where it matters, either for the Tories to hold on to them or to throw Labour out on its ear to simply get a bare majority. We must agree that, if Labour failed properly to rig the election-results in its favour (it  _will_  try: you and I both know it) then a Tory majority, however slight, might give sovereign individuals precious time: either to get out to Montana or Alberta with their assets intact, or to continue to oppose GramscoFabiaNazi creep and EuFederalism, for a bit longer – so that there might – just might – be created what Chris Tame used to call “enough people to make a difference”.

More than one of us on here has already stated that we propose to verbally assault the Tories (if they manage to form a government) just as vehemently over their Europhile and other GFN-type policies, and for their flagrant betrayal of liberal ideas. But the election that matters is _this_ one. There may not be another chance after it.

Their election is (a) more probable than that of UKIP,

and (b) the ratchet of GramscoCollectivism will proceed slightly more slowly under tham than under ZanuLieBorg.

Imagine if you will the re-election of a Gordon Brown administration, next June. How do you all think the bastards are going to feel, and therefore to proceed with all their most nefarious plans? And at what sort of pace?

MPs expenses…the new brief is to bankrupt the Tories (and UKIP as a side-order) while you still can, while letting the GramscoFabiaNazis off with a slap on the wrist

David Davis

Bernard Jenkin (I thought he’d died years ago, I really did, I thought he was some sort of B-movie-comedian or something) is the subject of the Daily GramscoMirror’s ire today***, over an “eyewatering £63,250″. Yup, it really is. Eyewatering I mean.

One law for them.

And Tony McNulty (who’s that? How can you give a job as a politician to someone called “Tony”?) can “keep the £60,000″.

Another law for us.

***Through a Glass, Dully.

And it’s now even worse than in the post under this one…

…if you go to Old Holborn and read this stuff.

David Davis

This is how and why Gordon Brown will resign and soon

David Davis

Here you go. Health reasons. It’s the best way probably for him to go, but not for us: we needed to _inflict defeat_ seriously and with great power, specifically upon anti-English, deliberate, directed and focussed socialism, with an anti-English and wicked socialist in charge at the Helm of the Enemy Class Fleet.

This will not be as possible with somebody prettier and more Wireless-Tele-genic, later.

We need a vast and bloody defeat, inflicted on purpose, at challenge, against the Enemy Class of the Untied Kingdom (yes I typed “untied”) really in the next three months. I do not know how to bring this about, but it is strategically-necessary: anybody got any ideas?

So there you are – they NEVER apologise…

…for being GramscoFabiaNazis, and thus wrong.

David Davis

I fully expect that many ballot-boxes will become stuffed, specially in the more marginal of their rotten and pocket boroughs. After all, what is the point ofmass-promotion of postal voting at all, if you can’t use disadvantaged immigrants’ postal votes  for your own party?

Maybe nothing can now be done for these people

Michael Winning

I meant the hoddies, not the woman and her daughter. Labour’s artificially-created client-underclass may contain many individuals for whom there will be no earthly use. It is a tragic and useless waste of human potential.

And ive just found this here.


I,ll reprint it just in carse, I’m sure the man won’t mind. The blog master says it should be in red to show its been lifted.

Ed West Politics Last updated: September 29th, 2009

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Well, this is possibly Labour’s last ever party conference in power, so I was expecting some big gimmicks, but Gordon Brown’s attack on 24-hour drinking is weak.

The move will be part of a wider package of crime measures that the Prime Minister will unveil in his crucial pre-election party conference speech. He has previously indicated that he is unhappy with parts of the licensing law changes that were brought in while Tony Blair was Prime Minister but has stopped short of overhauling the legislation.

As a teenager the one cause I really felt passionate about was not global warming (as we called it back then), third world poverty or the Rwandan genocide (which I don’t even remember) – it was 24-hour drinking. I hated the fact that all pubs shut at 11 and we then had to find a nightclub, queue for ages, and then pay over the odds to stand around somewhere so loud you wouldn’t hear Ian Paisley if he was standing next to you. Lloyd George ruined my teenage years.

Conservatives, who win most arguments through the law of unintended consequences, were strangely averse to the obvious fact that our First World War-era licensing laws only encouraged people to drink quickly and then head to even boozier venues. It was left to New Labour, in a rare moment of liberalism, to change the law.

The phrase “24-hour drinking” is misleading, creating the image of some Oliver Reed-style epic bender – often it just means theatre-goers popping in for a couple or people choosing to stay in their local past 11 rather than making a night of it. And it does not make alcohol-related social problems any worse – it doesn’t make them hugely better, but it doesn’t make them worse. In fact the number of venues open 24-hours is tiny, and the number of pubs open past 1 am is not huge, either.

The Government knows this, of course, but the real problems with alcohol are too difficult to deal with. The initial inconvenience is that too many city centres are dependent on alcohol – if they raise the duty on alcohol or arrested drunks wholesale or did anything to reduce the number of rubbish chain pubs then they may as well evacuate Liverpool or Newcastle.

Secondly, and more importantly, too many members of the violent community are also part of Labour’s 5-million-strong welfare army, people who do not pay fines because they know the authorities won’t chase them, and who do not modify their bad behaviour because they know the state won’t kick them out of their taxpayer-provided homes. This is why “drink Asbos” won’t work:

The measure will be part of a wider package of anti-social behaviour policies that the Prime Minister will unveil. It includes “drink anti-social behaviour orders” being extended to force courts to consider imposing a Drinking Banning Order against anyone convicted of a crime who was under the influence of alcohol.

The Drink Asbos will give magistrates the power to bar problem drinkers from bars and off-licences, Mr Brown will say.

Parents of any child guilty of anti-social behaviour will be given a parenting contract and where they refuse to comply with them, their benefits will be stopped. He will also announce a four-fold increase in the number of families covered by ‘family intervention projects.’

He will say: “These are binding contracts which require people to take one to one support or lose their benefits. We will double the number of these family intervention projects so that for the 50,000 most chaotic families and their 100,000 children there will be clear rules, and clear punishments if they don’t comply.”

But Asbos have been a terrible failure – half of them are breached and most of the time the authorities simply give the hooligan another “last chance” warning, like some ineffective and weak teacher. On the other hand they are genuinely illiberal and can and have been used by the authorities to persecute the merely eccentric or children with serious disorders.

This issue is relevant to the suicide of Fiona Pilkington, driven to her death by yobs while the police did nothing (for fear of “criminalising” the bullies by sending them to prison), because even if the authorities did intervene to stop her ordeal, they would still be bound by the law to re-house Miss Pilkington’s tormentors, the Simmons family, and scumbags everywhere know that.

If Labour really wanted to get tough on anti-social behaviour, whether committed drunk or sober, it would change the law so that the state no longer had to find a home for criminals among ordinary, decent people. But then, you wouldn’t want people to actually take personal responsibility for their behaviour, would you?

ZanuLieBorg may (perhaps) become irrelevant next year…

…or perhaps not, if it rigs the Election, or invokes the CCA…

David Davis

…but the Enemy Class has done all the important preliminary damage to English liberal civilisation already. They’ve done in under thirteen years the equivalent of the first 5-minute part of the Air Raid. This is the bit in which, with hard-case ground-penetrating bombs using short-delayed-pistols, you must break all the water-mains and gas-pipes, sever the underground parts of the city’s electricity-grid, and knock out the transformer-substations.

I guess we should give John Major a mention, for laying down the coloured sky-markers for them to assault.

Now that Matthew D’Ancona has left the Spectator, he seems to write rather better.

_But_ I urgently counsel all of you not to assume that David Cameron is going to be the next PM. We’d all here like the LPUK to form the next government as a prelude to a permanently much much smaller one. But canvass all we might, on our hands and knees in the windy rainy nights, and yet give it all the money we can scrape up, it’s not going to happen in 2010.

We as a voting nation, if allowed, may yet possibly succeed in consigning this current crowd of wicked “movers and shakers” to political oblivion, for a time if not for the rest of their own working lives. We ought not to worry about them for they have shafted plenty of money off us, so they may perhaps not starve in the street. However, what’s still to be done about the facts that (a) shiny legislative machinery has been left behind purposefully, for use later on, and (b) a very very large cadre of unapologietic activists has been and is yet now being created, in things called “unis”?

What’s to happen to the “National(ised) Curriculum”, deliberately crafted to turn out tacit helot supporters of the prevailing hegemonic discourse, if not also active prosecutors of it where clever and evil enough?

As I have said recently, it’s no use either to professional libertarians or indeed even to ordinary living humans, if the structures placed by the Enemy Class for our permament future enslavement are not demolished and replaced by all the free institutions and previously-freely-allowed interactions between humans that existed before the said Class really got going.

Charles Clarke articulates everything about the GramscoFascist-Left mindset

David Davis

It’s all about “power” and being “progressive”…but I think we all gathered that some time ago. Progessive towards what, of course, is what matters. As libertarians we need to sit down and decide whether or not to Get Serious about those who frankly and openly want our defeat, because they fervently believe us to be wrong, and that they are right. We need to decide what to do about the (now real and dangerous)  force – of many kinds – used by them, against us and against individual humans who resist intellectually. They know they are so right that they ought to prevail : against truth and reason, and against anyone who thinks they are “mad”, “illogical”, or beginning to think about sometihng called  “Political Correctness Gone Mad”…

…as you all are tired of being told by me, we MUST NEVER ever ever use that phrase, for it legitimises “Political Correctness” in that it admits of a “mad” condition which it might adopt. As if it was not totally “intelligently designed” (which it is.)

PC is designed to do, under fully-logical and quite sensibly centralised intellectual direction, those things which it has done and intends to do. Which is to say, destroy the ability to articulate certain words and therefore certain thoughts. Until there are only the allowed ones.

Now then: Charles Clarke, the old Marxist student “activist” (all today’s fascist bastards were, so what: they never had real jobs in their lives – pity I didn’t run over his sandals with my motorbike when I could have done) may be doing one of three things.

(1) He  is either wanting to seriously help along the “Project” – which is to say, total and irremediable enslavement (and deletion as even an idea or concept) of the one people which “progressives” have most hated in all history, and so he cares that “Labour” should win the next election.

(2) Or else he is just expressing the usual GramscoFabiaNazi emotions on finding that their now-frankly-expressed policies and objectives are less than fully-popular all the time with everyone.

(3) It’s the power thing, and he sees his last chance of getting the Main Chance. Even if it’s for a few months only. And as he knows, you can always rig elections and stuff ballot-boxes, or get lots of “postal votes” – specially in Rotten Boroughs, but especially in those that are not quite so rotten that there is a chance of a Non-Labour-non-GramscoFascist-lefty being elected. The ballot-boxes to be stuffed under the tactical-terms of the “Project” will be in these places which matter.

Cameron (for it sadly will probably be he) ought to be under no illusions about how his “poll lead” will strangely have been seen to have evaporated, on election night, owing to a “huge last-minute-groundswell of support for Labour”.

Libertarians, in my sad opinion, will have to be prepared to be very, very, very unforgiving, in the sense of “unconditional surrender” towards principal members of the Enemy Class. Classical liberal niceness towards defeated enemies, certainly for the duration of the War which the GramscoFabians cheerfully trumpet is going on, will have to take second place to seriousness about our objectives.

And probably for many many centuries afterwards until all trace of their deliberately prosecuted, unfathomable wickedness is lost under isotope-traces in sedimentary rocks.

“We have found traces of evidence that, 3 billion years ago, a class of persons in an ostensibly modern civilisation actually _thought these things! (Horror!)…

(1) There should be a “State” (chorus: what’s that???)

(2) Its employees could _take money off you by force_ !!! (chorus: Naaaaaaaaahhh !!!…. errrrr?….uh…?????)

etc etc etc

How West-stalinist governments destroy education and deliberately de-civilise – part 2942A/-3. Bullying in schools

David Davis

I chanced on this just now.

This government is not content with forcibly occupying schools in the Austro-Serbian-1914 manner. Nor indeed in the manner of that of R3 in post-1933.

I respectfully suggest that this government is determined to exclude from society, and if possible destroy physically even including the use of death, any children whose outlook and innate relpectiveness might prejudice the growth of a population of biddable pro-GramscoFabiaNazi helots.The (a)moral position is halfway achieved already, since today British children are, functionally, State Property.

Hence, “bullying”, a custom long in use by children (until they learn property rights and about liberty)  but hiterto controlled adequately by real schools, is allowed and promoted pro-actively. This is actively accomplished in schools by plans known as “anti-bullying policies”.

“Bullying” is probably a primordial hominid-survival-mechanism, useful perhaps 300,000 to 1 million years ago, and probably co-eval with the reise of language as a skill. It may have had a utility in ensuring that the most aggressive and the most “celebrity-clubbable” juveniles (of either sex but mainly males – and who would be popular on account of their size/outgoing-nature/use of growls to threaten predators/warped-sense-of-humour/…etc) survived better in the presence of scarce gatherable resources, to reproduce, at the expense of the more retiring and noncommunicative ones in a group environment. By either killing the “geeks” or driving them off into the bush to be eaten by Short-Arsed-Bears, the survival of the more clubbable and aggressive juveniles could be helped.

My hypothesis may imply that “bullies” could be quite “intelligent”. This is not a problem for me, for most bullies I have ever met were at least not very much more dim than most normal people, and probably had other useful qualities if only these could be exposed and/or channelled.

Regarding “Policies” …. I relate the story of the Bishop who, when asked what was his policy regarding SIN, replied “I’m against it”. Schools today in the UK, for the benefit of our overseas reader, all have to have “policies” tod eal with “bullying”. these are often highly comples and deliberately unintelligible documents (we don’t want parents detecting that the verbiage means sod-all now, do we) which talk about the appointment of “peer mentors” (which is to say other children) to whom one should go on being bullied. Or that “The School absolutely does not tolerate bullying of any kind, and works with the appropriate practitioners, carers and organisations towards a strategy of agreement on how to co-ordinate the relevant activities, measures and experts’ skills in order to  formulate a pastoral-care-pathway designed to eliminate the ….”...f***-it –  I could go on.

In my day in the 1950s and just after, there was indeed bullying. My parents firstly tried to help me combat it by saying to the bullies: “But I will go to University and you will not!” Poor buggers my parents: they simply didn’t understand the mind of the English young male post-war bully. But schools had a more robust attitude happily. After a little time I was encouraged by the teachers, mostly ex-WW2 RSMs and redundant ex-Imperial ADCs from upper-Jipoopooland, to take matters into my own hands. I was not strong or large, but there were sharp things such as my teeth, fountain pens and compass-points, which it seemed I was not … officially … discouraged from using. So I did.

Injured bullies leaking blood were generally chastised by the nearest teacher and sent to Matron to be sewn up again and given permanganate swabs, plus a stern note to their _Father_ . It stopped after a few weeks, and I was not thereafter troubled.

Bullying will stop if recipients or “bullees” are permitted to retaliate with force. I believe that there are no conditions under which it will stop if the existing “policies” (which expressly preclude absolutely any retaliation by bullees) are allowed to continue. Since the kinds of people targetted as “bullees” are generally either not the product of the Labour-spawned underclass, or else do not generally conform to TV-driven “cultural norms” such as chavs, thugs, hairless-male-youths-who-crash-W-reg-white-Vauxhall-Novas-full-of-girls, and celebs, then “policies” for “anti-bullying”  must be a deliberate attempt to wipe out, by self-harm, the young population of those reflective enough not to conform and agree.

I rest my case.

…sorry…the end of the poll-question should have said “The New Utopia”.

Liberty: did we ever have it, and need to regain it, or ought we to fight for it A Priori?

David Davis

The following piece in red was harvested off a comment thread on Samizdata, all reacting to whether we here achieved and enjoyed actual liberty, or whether we never really had it. This is in reaction to our esteemed occasional commentator Ian B’s elevation to the Peerage, by being given a Samizdata Quote of the Day award….

I would not presume to judge the British people, whom I greatly admire, but I do question the premise of the statement.

In human history, freedom is the anomaly.

Living in a condition of generalized liberty,

able to move about with few restrictions,

able to speak freely, read books and view a wide range of videos, both fictional and documentary,

stand at an intersection with a different house of worship on each corner and decide for oneself which one to attend,

open a little shop and try to make a living,

attend a world renowned university, even though your father and mother were farmers or factory workers,

live in a little cottage that belongs to you and your family, and which the highest magistrate in the land has said even the monarch cannot enter without your permission.

In defense of these utterly pedestrian (to us) aspects of your lives, the British people and their allies have stood against some of the most ferocious and deadly threats to the future well-being of humanity since Attilla, or the Saracens at Tours, or, indeed, the Black Death.

You may find yourselves dissatisfied with the current state of affairs in your society, as I and others are with conditions here ocross the Atlantic, but that is not a cause for despair.

If it were not so ingrained in you, as Britons, to expect to live as free men and women, as it is in those of us who have derived our system of rights and liberties from your example, this question would never even arise.

All across the world, in socieities ancient and modern, on all the continents that your own explorers first contacted centuries ago, the concept that each human being is unique, sovereign, and possesses natural rights that cannot be abridged at the whim of another, has resonated and reverberated.

Of course there have been setbacks. Of course there are enormous and complex challenges to overcome to maintain and expand this extraordinary birthright.

Those born as British citizens have been bequeathed the pearl of great price, paid for with blood and anguish, courage and fortitude, beyond anything most of us are ever asked to demonstrate.

Our task is to gather the courage and determination to fight and win the myriad lesser battles, in the local school committees, local elections, the classroom debates, the neighborhood meetings, up to the great national policy debates that may steer a nation onto the rocks, or back on a true course.

The letter says that of the great virtues, that of faith, hope and charity, the greatest is charity. It is wrong.

Hope, hope, and endless, indefatigable hope is the bedrock upon which all else is built.

For free men and women to lose heart, surrender, concede the field to the collective, secular or religious, is to condemn future generations of people all across the globe to a life of darkness and bitter despair, denied the very essence of that which makes them human.

For millenia, humans survived from day to day, living in an uncertain world in which violence was the only arbiter.

For a short time, in these last few centuries, we have been priviledged to participate in a radically different vision of humanity, based on values which recognized an innate dignity in each human life, something that should not be trampled upon by church or state.

We are now challenged by both of those ancient enemies. One believes in the sword, the other in magic.

Both fear the only true human weapon—the rational mind which will not surrender its committment to its own integrity and rational purpose.

The needed response to the many difficulties and challenges we face, in your society and mine, is an implacable determination to pass the greatest of all treasures on to our children, and their children in turn:

The knowledge that to be truly human is to be free in mind and spirit, and that nothing else is more worthy of our devotion, and our lives.

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August 17, 2009 05:35 AM

Socialism, Baby P, scumbag-creation and de-civilisation-strategy

David Davis

Sometimes one just gets arsed off with writing, daily, daily, daily and more, about the effects of deliberate and directed GramscoScumbagism. We all know that the Enemy Class has, on purpose, created and is creating, and has cultivated and farmed (and is doing so even more fiercely while there’s time) people, so that they shall become specifically sub-human and de-socialised.

I didn’t mean to write about “Baby P”: but the images of the people directly involved shocked me – and I didn’t just mean the GramscoFabiaNazi “social” “workers” who “have lessons to be learned”:-

Only following orders

"Only following orders"

The socialisation of a person, for him (her…it…) to live peaceably in a modern complex civilisation with others, is a long and difficult process. [By complex, I mean anything that uses writing and that records history and thoughts as well as deeds, and probably after about 1,800 BC.] Painful and sometimes futile, sometimes successful, experiments were conducted in education and upbringing. These, and empirical data, brought us to about the early/mid 20th century, in which probably a higher percentage of humans than ever before was educated and socialised as children to a stage where a high Western civilisation, such as Britain, could regard barbarism, pointless savagery, totally-unrelieved destitution, and other pre-capitalist horrors as the hideousnesses that they have always been and sadly still are.

Orc, created deliberately, to do what it did, by wicked destroyers

Orc, created deliberately, to do what it did, by wicked destroyers

What that awful picture says, about what wicked, wicked, evil socialist “progressive” ideologues cheefully and with conviction and deeply-felt seriousness, do to ordinary people in the name of their doctrine, is utterly and unbelievably terrible. If I did not live in 2009 Britain, I could not credit that some people really, really aredeeply and sincerely driven to make others into machines that could do that, and that could get like that. Slavery is too small and innocuous a word for it.

I will thus maintain, in public debate if required so to do, that the poor tormented person in this photo has been created on purpose. She along with many, many thousands of others, of all the many different and mostly artificial sexes, is a planned construct of, and has been emplaced by, the Political-Enemy-Class. Like a tank-trap, or a mine. The job of these enslaved individuals is to do, individually, having been collectively manufactured, as much mortal damage as possible inside the structure of a normal civilisation which lives by evolved and mutually-agreed customs and behaviour. They will be maintained while they do this, with money and “outreach”: the fact that the money is confiscated in taxation off those who are to be destroyed afterwards, is as I said yesterday, the very, very most utterly secondary consideration – the very reason for comtemplation and execution of the evil deed is the problem itself. The people who invent these monstrosities are the wicked evil ones. The money is just “there”.

When these poor sad machines have served their purpose, or if they get slaughtered mostly be each other in the process, they will be discarded. The Enemy-Class cares not one jot or tittle. All that matters is that ordinary, classsical liberal nuclear-family-based civilisation, encompassing at least some useful education, is flattened. The majority must be forced to live in an endarkened, violent, lawless and chartless world, fighting for scraps both of food and energy and anything useful, while the _honestiores_ feast on tribute, lord over the _humiliores_,  and shag whoever’s daughters it pleases them to do.

Sons too maybe – although I firmly believe homosexuality does not exist at all, and is also a fabricated Enemy-Class wind-up. I have never been shown any evidence to convince me otherwise. (Forget ancient Greek and Roman literature about it – it could all have been carefully fabricated by Oscar Wilde for the purpose. You know! Just like how the US fabricatedall the footage of the Moon landings.)

I digress: sorry. There is so much sadness and torment in the world, that it is hard to know where to start, or how often to branch off on a by-way and gun something down there, before returning to the straight-way.

But these tragedies exist because the wicked are paying, with stolen money, for them to be set up.

Please, please, somebody:

Please try, try hard, to convince me that the GramscoFabiaNazis have not actually designed the entire system of State-intervention solely in order to convert people into mindless machines, and that they have not deconstructed liberal education as a particular strand of this strategy.

“Talking Politics” – Their Last Judgement (Yahoo! News UK)

Sean Gabb


The last judgment

Fri Jul 31 09:31AM

Yesterday saw another little bit of Britain slip away quietly, as the law lords delivered their final judgments in the Lords chamber.

By Alex Stevenson

There was something very British about the whole affair. Something almost pathetic.

Certainly the atmosphere was one of constrained anticipation before the big event. The public gallery was packed, with the queue stretching off and away through the ghostly Palace of Westminster. Inside the chamber, the usually deserted one-row galleries to the sides were full to brimming with as many people as possible seeking to see this little piece of history. There was no vulgar shouting or barging, just polite interest. Utterly British.

Proceedings began as they always have, and will no longer. In trooped the clerks, bewigged and be-robed. Perhaps you could get them to judge whether the latter is a word. In any case they wasted no time in getting proceedings underway, with all rising for the lord chairman to take his seat on the woolsack.

It is with deep shame that this journalist confesses a lack of knowledge to all but the final case. The usual formulas passed by, with each law lord revealing their opinions as they and their predecessors have since – how long? The chief clerk, solemnly bowing between each pronouncement, fiddled absent-mindedly with his white bow-tie. To all intents and purposes it looked like just another day in the office.

But that wasn’t quite true, was it? For prowling the edges of the chamber, appearing insidiously on the steps of the throne and in various galleries, photographers snapped voraciously away. The noble and learned lords studiously ignored their presence as they recorded the demise of parliament’s centuries-old judicial role. Were they ignoring their impending doom? It looked an awful lot like it.

Finally, they came to the Debbie Purdy case, a major news story in its own right. The law lords involved solemnly revealed their intention to force the director of public prosecutions to publish “offence-specific policy” about the case of the right-to-die claimant. There was something fitting about their final judgment resulting in a real shift in the law. It was the law lords at their best.

But it was now over. “My lords, we have delivered our last judgment,” one uttered. “Sadly, our time has come to an end.”

And sad it was indeed, as smiles played over the faces of the wise, implacable ones. This was to be no ground-shaking work of oratory, merely a simple passing away into history. We were told the clerk above the bar had beneath him a Latin inscription to the effect that all things must wrap up.

“We could prolong this session a little longer but the fact is there is nothing left that I can do,” the Last Law Lord bleated.

And that was that: the law lords in the House of Lords rose for the last time, trooping out of the chamber for the final time.

The official sitting in front of me scratched his head thoughtfully, musing on this magnificently understated moment in British history. “I wonder if they’re selling it on DVD?” he pondered.

Talking Politics – Yahoo! News UK

“Universal Broadband” (in the UK…) this is exactly how and why (socialist) governments get everything wrong…


David Davis

If people want broadband connections, then the market will discover ways to give it to them at profitable prices. It is _not_ necessary for a (socialist) state, in its death throes, to charge _everyone_ £6 a year to pay its favoured toadie-suppliers of “broadband”, for a probably substandard product such as 2Mb/s (would you guess?), so that this can be provided to the last 30% of people who have not got it already.

This is a back-door-content-receiving-licensing-scam, just like the BBC “TV license”, only worse, and now.

The next step will be a compulsory levy on purchase of (and later, annual ownership of)  home computers.


You just watch.

Here’s an exerpt:-

“The report proposed a 50p-a-month levy on all fixed telephone lines to help bring next-generation broadband to the whole country.

This money would go to an independent Next Generation Fund that would provide subsidies for operators to deliver super-fast internet to areas where it would not normally be commercially viable…”

“Not normally commercially viable” …? That’s the “countryside, ducky, you know – that place you have decimated and re-created as a sort of GramscoRamblerNazis’ theme park…

Well, all I have to say is, it’s strange and surprising that  __THIS__  government wants to “deliver broadband” (at “commercially-viable rates” )  to areas which contain none of its voters!

Very odd indeed. I smell a rat, and I see it floating in the air….they are up to something, the buggers, so they are….I think it wants to remotely-scan their hard disks, so it can clear them out once and for all.

The Labour government is coming apart at the seams. Should libertarians care at all?

David Davis

I can’t really summon up much self-hysteria for this matter.

It’s like when the Berlin Wall fell while being videoed on live Wireless Tele Vision, in November 1989.

I sat there*** rocking back and forth, and silently crying, on the sofa-that-is-long-junked, and then I staggered up to bed with my (then) live-in-girlfriend, and we slept the sleep of the unconscious together – no sex that night. Or like the Cavalry-Major who witnessed the Armistice in 1918, and said what an anti-climax it was, as his squadron’s bicycles could not keep up with the retreating Germans.

***I saw it put up, and prophesied in 1987 that it would fall down “soon”, (and got sacked from my employer for my pains – although to be fair my beliefs on this one formed part of a generally-disliked-pattern of liberalism – my then-employers thought with deep sincerity that they were “communications management” “consultants“) and then I saw it fall down.

The fall of this lot here in Westmonster is trivial in the extreme, when compared with those events 20-odd years ago.

Where do the buggers get the money with which to “repay the Fees Office”?

I wonder. Don’t you? David Chaytor it is now. Never heard of the bugger: must be a “Blair Babe” then. Jesus H Christ…there were 101 of the ****s. At least Polly Toynbee condemned this phrase as a “casual mysogynist tag” - one of the good things she has said.)

Bury (er…) “North” (it couldn’t be a Labour-rotten-borough by any chance, could it? if the whole of Bury district has about 65,000 people, then “Bury North” can’t be more than 40,000 or so…hmmmmmmmmmm…………..)


The buggers can’t all want to be going into debt, in the first months of a serious recession – the seriousness of which was universally agreed by themselves? Or have they all bought shares and property and capital on the proceeds of their expenses?

Nobody I know could find that sort of money on the nod.

David Davis

And what does all this tell us about the central problem for the future of liberty, in the face of socialists who refuse to let their discredited meme die?

Yesterday I said that Thierry Djanogly (a footballist?) whatever he is called, should have his gates, because in the coming socialist-driven-wished-for-endarkenment, then we all should, as this is “fair”. Here is another idea.

David Davis

Whoops has hit on what I’d say was an unlooked-for advantage of high-rise tower blocks, in the coming Endarkenment.

(Here’s what I said about Thanogly-Djanogly. Perhaps he ought to be a foot ball-ist, with a name like that, not a politician? Look, he needs his gates, ‘coz people don’t like him, or else he thinks they don’t.

But you’d better hope your assaulters have not got artillery of any kind, I suppose. That the lifts might be put out of action by it, is the least of your worries! What if the building falls “at terminal speed”? (Load of pilotsfortruth9/11.org crap). How will you get out?

How about a Motte-and-Bailey castle, or better, a proper one, or even the really really strategically-focussed ones, such as was built by Edward I, like this one? (It’s about two and a half hours down the road from here on Richard Brunstrom’s cameraed-roads.) This was his contracting-engineer.

There’s still time to buy something if you have the dosh. Sell your yacht. Now, and take it in cash, gold or silver bullion (not “money”).

Insofar as a powerful State has any meaning for libertarians, I would now make a request to the Queen to dissolve this Parliament.

David Davis

UPDATE1:- It seems that The Queen may “suggest” to Gordon Brown, some remedies, to his Parliament’s predicament. I can’t guess what those might be, but we live in hope.


Libertarians disagree in friendly ways all the time about the correct constitutional structure of a limited or minimal state.

Presently, here, we have what is increasingly inaccurately called a “Constitutional Monarchy”. I think most British libertarians are prepared to live with this arrangement, if it would merely deliver its supposed advantages. I have just been to The Last Ditch where I found an admirable call for The Queen to do what she is entitled under our constitution to do:

dissolve this Parliament, and call a General Election.

This particular Parliament, unprecented in nearly 400 years, has lost such meagre respect as it still retained after, among other sins, handing, entirely unauthorised and incidentally to the extreme detriment of The Queen’s own position as Head of State of the United Kingdom, nearly all its powers to a junta of unelected foreign potentates with which it has wished to make friends, for what are merely personal pecuniary reasons.

We here may quibble internally about whether the UK ought still to exist  – I know that Sean Gabb and I would not lose any sleep if it broke up tomorrow. But most libertarians would be on the same side about the modern inability of the people of these Islands – however they might wish to describe themselves – to arrive at their exiercise of their own sovereignty, by themselves.

(I have just hit “publish” by mistake, but have not finished….)

Mr Eugenides thinks (or perhaps his post implies that) the problem might be soluble merely by bringing about the resignation of the Speaker and his replacement by someone who believes in the idea of parliamentary authority based on the inherent morality of the individuals who (ought to be) in that institution. We here do not agree.  The rot has set in too far, and short of a Revolution, which might be destructive and would call down the ire of the present administration which is just _aching_ to invoke the CCA, the best solution is for The Queen to actually exercise the real powers that she has, designed for just this eventuality.

Afetr all, has not this government truly f*****d up? Has it not f****d up the Banking system (on purpose) so as to faux-nationalise it, and decide who gets money and who does not? Has it not f****d up British agricultural and fishery production, so as to hand over at least partial control of our food supply to others as a way of initiating rationing? Has it not f****d up “public education”, so as to deliberately create an uncurious race of compliant helots? Has it not f****d up the Armed Services, so as to eliminate – by calumny, depression and indignation –  from their ranks those who would not cheerfully agree to orders to fire upon their own people?

That lot is enough, for a start. Time the buggers went. I doubt very much that The Queen reads this blog, but perhaps someone who knows someone who speaks with her, does.

Please, Ma’am, just do what you were brought up to know how and when to be able to do.

Please also do it, sort of now. it can be combined with the trouser-ripping that’s already scheduled for 4th June. It’s also “Founders day” – David Cameron and Charles Moore will be pleased.

Er, the vats of boiling sulphuric acid are out there and people are very angey and I don’t know why WordPress deleted the title I had which was wonderful, while I was editing the post. But I just thought all you GramscoFabiaNazis in ZanuLieBorg ought to be made to understand why you are so hated even though you are God’s Gift To ManKind or so you think, even though you are quite sure there is No God (except yourselves) and even though you know that taking our money is part of your job and destiny. There, that was almost as good, but not what I posted first.

David Davis

(The title is longer, and less good, than my first effort, but it will have to do.)

Hello, all you GramscoFabiaNaZianuLieBorgs. (Follow the  _money_  while you still can! It will come for a year, or so, but what shall you do after that? Honourably break stones in China? Or get a UB40?)

Bastards. I bet 11p, at 4-to-11-on, that 46.9% of you Nazianus don’t even know where Tibet is on a map, for f***s sake. Tibet is where you would be stonebreaking, under the carefully-scientific and watchful gaze of the Chinese People’s Army, if I had my way. You might die there, but you’d have an exciting time getting there, and living there, for a bit.

I just thought I ought to bring something to your attention. This is since so very very many of your people read us as I now know from our stats. Specially from Labourlist. You come to us, we know….. Now also we know that some emotional people over at Guido’s place are expressing sentiments about what you Fabians have been doing, are doing now, and want more to do, to this nation.

Here’s a small exerpt:-

Margy says:

May 12, 2009 at 5:56 pm

Probably because the nulabourites all thought this expenses lark was part of the job. We know how the left hate other people having money because they want it all for themselves ie poltics of envy & hate etc etc. They are just all f***ing idiots and we are bigger idiots for letting them get away it.

If this had happened 30 or 40 years ago it would have brought the govt down. Nulabour (who clearly have very little understanding of anything other than ‘taking’) can’t even apologise. I genuinely think people like Blears still don’t think they’ve done anything wrong. If she had any backbone or integrity, she would have resigned as would that piggy pink faced Margaret Moran with her 4 homes.

So called bloody socialists – their duplicity knows no bounds.



Goat says:

May 12, 2009 at 6:05 pm

I detest this government with a passion so intense it actually radiates venom and I now have no friends. Small children run screaming in the street, and I feel violently compelled to take all of the fifteen bins I now have and shove them, forcefully up the rear end of the next Labour politician who dares cross my path. I am past apoplectic and into a stage of hatred that is beyond anything that I thought even I could imagine. It has took well over a decade to get to this point.

So what do they do? They know they are hated, they know that everybody with more than two brain cells to rub together wants a chance to kick them into the long grass. But no, the bastards will hang on till the last minute so they can fuck us over one last time. They really do seem to be trying to destroy the country so that the Tories will have a shit time and they can get back in and abuse us again.

Forget piano wire and lamp posts, I want eviscerations and torture. I want to see them burned at the stake using a bucket of Thermite. I want these people tortured slowly.

And breathe…

Hoddles Waddle says:

May 12, 2009 at 6:11 pm

ditto to goats comment….phew

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gollums knob says:

May 12, 2009 at 6:51 pm

fucks sake Goat, don’t hold back – tell us how you really feel.

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Why does this affect libertarians?

It does, because the less of this kind of Enemy Classperson we have to deal with, and take stuff off and repay it to taxpayers, individually, in thousandths of a penny per person, upon our attaining executive power, the fewer acountants (who often vote socialist because they have been Eagletonianized) we will have to employ.

Here’s some more:-

Constantly Furious says:

May 12, 2009 at 4:53 pm

Yeeeeeha! As I said here: I Bloody Well Told You So

The filthy-rich Tory “Grandees” could easily afford to pay back the money, whereas the Labour “Flat-Flippers”, whose money is tied up in devalued flats and plasma TV’s, could not. A great opportunity to score points, eh?

Expect Cameron to go on the attack now: “We’ve cleaned up: why can’t they do the same?”.

Expect Brown to vanish off the face of the earth for days on end.


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Dr Nuts says:

May 12, 2009 at 5:17 pm

I don’t care if their properties are devalued – that’s their problem. They shouldn’t have misappropriated the monies in the first place.

Thieves aren’t allowed to claim clemency of ‘it’s not worth as much now’ in the court of law. There’s a simple rule – for all… give back what you shouldn’t have claimed, it should’ve come out of your pocket in the first place!

ID CARDS: MANCHESTER: LET’s get all the gamma-minus-semi-moron CHAVS on board now while nobody is looking…

David Davis

“Pharmacies and Post Offices” – that’s where the State’s Wards congregate, during what others would call “working hours”,  isn’t it?

Once Tacqui Jacqui Jacquboots has got about 8 million of her specially-crafted-underclass on board, what hope is there for the rest of the people?

Wonder when Polly Toynbee ever visits a “Post Office” or a “Pharmacy”?

And I didn’t know about the fine comments on Mr Eugenides either.

BBC “does not like old people” shock horror surprise

David Davis

June Whitfield (anybody old enough to remember her!?) thinks so.

Well, it’s the arm of the ZanuLieBorGramscoFabiaNazis, so what did you expect? They’re all 22-y-o-alternatively-abled-androsexdroids from “Uni”.

I actually hope they all do get really realyl quite old, and suffer from really-old-people’s diseases and conditions, like Rheumatoid Arthritis, and incontinence, for a very very very long time, and are of course refused medicine by their GPs because they are old and white, and then they might die, slowly, without friends beside them, in a NHS “hospital”.

If I’d uttered the word “Uni” in, oh, say, 1969, I’d have been killed.