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Been to a concert tonight

in which one of your blogging team played 3rd Cello.

David Davis

If you are not careful, footage may be put up. In the meantime, here’s Mike Oldfield:-

Something to share

Michael Winning

I saw hwile over at Obnoxio the Clown’s place that these people, called Counting cats, would like this to be shared.

So, here it is! (Boss man says this stuff if lifted, has to be in red…wonder if I can do that)

BBC Bias (Again)

Feb 28th, 2010
by NickM.

I saw a small bit of a thing on BBC News this morning. OK, this is from memory and I didn’t watch the whole thing because I would have been sedated to prevent me from hurling the cat at the Samsung. And neither Timmy nor the telly deserve that…

I would though chuck an irate ocelot at Harriet Harman’s minge. That is another story though…

It was about “The Rise of Climate Scepticism in Australia”. It described climate sceptics (they’d burn ‘em if that weren’t “polluting”) meetings as being like an “American religious revivalist meetings” (that’s so BBC on so many levels, that’s the sort of thing to get the average Indy reader priapic) and it was just generally horrendous. Despite my inchoate rage I did though clock something which outraged me beyond feline-throwing comprehension.

It opened with a shot of the cracked, dry Australian Desert. You know that thing that Australia has a lot of but also had a lot of when Captain Cook made landfall and even had a lot of during the Dreamtime of the Aboriginals with this soundtrack:

Yup, whilst the BBC now calls us “sceptics” and no longer “deniers” it plays music from a symphony written specifically about the Holocaust.

Where do you think that band is performing? Don’t look much like the Royal Albert Hall to me unless that gaff has really gone downhill very recently.

So the likes of me, PA and Cats wanna disagree with the “consensus” on a scientific issue and we’re ushered to the “naughty-corner” along with that cunt Nick Griffin. Well, some of us, Aunty Beeb actually not only can parse the science but will not fall for cheap tricks like that. Some of us know what an adiabatic lapse rate is and some of us have also been to Auschwitz. Some of us even listen to C20th orchestral music.

Some of us also know what pride comes before.

PS. Fellow bloggers. Take this. I want it known. I want it screamed from the highest parapets.

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Teh funneh

Fixing chaps’ amplifiers today

David Davis

I’ll put up a shot later, of one I fixed earlier.

Here it is:-

Great amp, underdesigned power supply and fusing, needs soft-start

Wish it was for ready money….

Friday Night is Music Night: tomorrow, Dresden…

And “now”, as that not-very-nice-man John Cleese always used to say… “for something completely different.” Tomorrow if I am not mistaken is the 65th anniversary of the raids by RAF Bomber Command and the USAAF on Dresden, for which the poor Western Allies (unlike Stalin who demanded them) got to carry the can, and got to be made to feel really shitty and ruthless and cruel, for six decades and more. We can by now probably all agree that this actual raid was not strictly necessary:  the war was effectively over, apart from clearing up the already-ample rubble, burying the corpses, trying and sentencing the villains, re-connecting up the Mains Services across Europe, and getting a functioning Market Economy running again.

But Stalin, bless the evil little bugger, wanted and demanded a show of “shock and awe”, loosely coupled to a less-than-needful wish of his Armies to have all enemy comms in front of them obliterated. He couldn’t range artillery that far  – be there ever so many Soviet “Artillery Divisions” (which there were) –  and his air force never quite had the heavy-lifting capacity ours did. So he got what he wanted: Roosevelt the scoundrel loved him anyway, and nobody was listening to poor old Churchill by then. The ally that bought the time in the first place, to form a coalition of allies, was by then regarded as the least important, and moribund, with a crumbling Empire to boot.

The result was the consigning down-the-memory-hole of chaps like this one in the video below. There has never even been a campaign medal for RAF Bomber Command, which suffered about 48% fatal casualties, around 56,000 men – a higher percentage even than the Merchant Navy.

The whole sorry episode should be a real object lesson to peoples who have some vestigial abillity to appoint and dismiss their governments.

You people all around and around, including us here, ought to be bloody careful who you vote for – you might get tyrannical psychotic murdering messianinc megalomaniacs, masquerading as caring liberal social democrats. I’m not saying quite out loud that Obama is one of that crowd, but you Americans who come and watch this page should tell your compatriots that they were not really thinking straight when you/they voted for him en masse, now, were you. He’s never been anything in his life except a gauleiter, after all – and look what a society surveilled by gauleiters brought to its people…

There’s not much time left here for us to avoid it.

Bill Bailey and the Ger-Bills

The Internet, Mandelson, dinner, Geffen, File Sharing, data, film, music, and all that other stuff you don’t really want

The internet has probably got past the stage where it is a collection of dumb machinery. From now on, I think that  it starts to behave as a thinking organism. If attacked, it will interpret slicing and chopping as a threat, and will heal ways around that.

There is not a thing that I, or these other guys who had a dinner, can do about any of that, any more. I have only one word to say: China.

Forget “new government plans”. I think they are re-arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.

But I like courgettes, silly girl

In a world of endarkening, here’s some fun. Why is it that European pop-singers are so much more musical and also better-looking that ours?

The guitar-instrumental part, half way through, is totally wasted. Peter Davis, one of my expanding young writers, would be able to construst two more interesting Cello parts, for each of the two useless dudes is the middleground. they would need to be electrically-amplified, but that is not a problem. An pair of electrically-amplified Cello parts would synchronise better with her movements.

Get on it, boy.

Those who want can go here for an alternative youtube version.


When the Enemy Class has taken everything else, which is can and will, all that’s left really is sex. that’s the only pleasure they will leave us, but at their behest.

So perhaps we’d better kill them all now?

New inside look at OCR ICT education…….. …..First hand experience!

Peter Davis

I did this last year at my school, and you could just tell that this task was thought up by the government.  May I point out that the task was to create a video in Windows Movie Maker about recycling.

I think that, well yes, its fair enough that we have to make a video, as we would learn the skills to be able to do it…..But do we have to do it on ‘Recycling’?

Anyway, this was my submission for OCR nationals Unit 23. It got a very high mark, and it took me 20 minutes. I hope you enjoy it … or maybe not.

Yes, you saw it: this is what your children do in year-9 at secondary school it the UK (for foreign readers, this is 13/14 year-olds.)

Blogeditor says:-

Something to do with this stuff would have been more fun…

(…but most of the poor buggers don’t even know what these things are, let alone that they might have even existed.)

The Steel Beast gets its WW2 meters working at last…

David Davis

It really pissed me off, man, that I could not get the blasted meters to do their stuff before. Got it now. And we can even adjust each side arbitrarily.

The new proper meter amps, crafted in a drunken stupor this morning at about 07.00GMT as the old setup was too insensitive for the Transformx outputs that existed in reality (where I decided to take off the meter signal), are linear – which I guess is a slight pain – but we will live with it: it works, and we get sexy meter-deflections at most listening-levels.

The meters do actually zero properly, when it is upright.

Logarithmic amps would be boring and modern, like what you get on VU meters…

But you can have log amps if you want on your copy of this.

The price is still £2,750. Today…

…but if the “economy” recovers, then you will possibly have to pay more, so why not comment now to the effect that you want one?

Fred’ll like this one…

Woz it really that Reynhard Heydrich fellow in the audience? I thought he’d been wasted by those Czechoslovak chaps.

A bit busy today.

David Davis

Not time to think about what sensible and topical stuff to write…so I may just broadcast some music later. Or possibly the expanding young writers will just weaponise another dustbin for you lot. Wish they’d do a proper socialist wheelie-bin.

Eurovision update

I’m just watching the Eurovision thing now, and Russia will win


More on this later.

Peter Davis

(They didn’t win – wonder what went wrong?   PD  )

(Seriously, Norway’s song was fun, but the Iceland girl was prettier.  -ED- )

Odd but interesting

Valve amplifiers coming on – you too can have one of these.

David Davis

Libertarians ought to be looking for other things to do as we enter The New Dark Age. I am not sure how we will be able to power machines like that I have created below, after the Lights Have Gone Out: lots of chicken-shit for biogas I expect, and highly-restricted viewings/listenings of the stuff, as methane in sufficient quantity is available to drive the Honda 2KW-generator (fast, high-eating-rate-chickens required, and someone who knows about motors in pumps.)

Yesterday, the Steel Beast made its nearly final journey to its hopeful owner. (Valves obviously taken out for lifting and transport, as it weighs about 59Kg and we can’t afford even one 12AX7 breakage, let alone one of the 8 matched KT88s.)

After some false-starts and terrible oscillation, it functions now (almost) perfectly on both sides. Still some AC mains hum to smooth out.

I will build you one of these, similar to that shown but with an all-metal case not a ceramic embedded tile which was a pain and a torment to me, for £2,750 for labour and all parts, including the specially wound set of 4 transformers. And you’ll have to have more modern meters, not that rare pair out of Avro-Lancasters. It would have been more than that price ideally, about £3,600 taking time into account, but there’s a recession on and I need the dosh.

You can power 4, 8 or 16-ohm speakers from the transformers, as you decide. The feedback is adjustable by yourself, for you to vary the colour-tone of the sound. HT voltage and current is avilable for up to 160 watts RMS per side if you wanted a Glastonbury-gig-job, but I’d initially build it for 20 watts at less than 0.6% harmonic distortion.

You will have to arrange your own collection, as I don’t think couriers’ delivery vans have strong enough springs.

It will of course work using 8 6L6, or EL34, or 5881/6550, with the correct bias system changes. Personally, I’d like it best with 6L6s, at about 50 watts a side and 0.8% to 0.9% distortion, with 585V at the anodes: quite hard and bright and tight, but also bassy, with restricted midrange.

I also like to build transistorised stuff, which of course is much much cheaper and lighter, and uses less pounds of chicken-shit-per-hour, as there are no heaters to power. But you don’t like that do you.


Off home

Off home




First burn-in

First burn-in

The light comes on!!!

The light comes on!!!

Cheeer-up time: old men are here to save the world ‘coz they know what’s what and can play Fender Strats

Better than the Shadows original – you just want to do a jig to this one, at Glastonbury or somewhere:-

And what d’you think of these? I think the second one is too Hawaiian:-

And this is nice:-

Saturday night is music night

Peter Davis

“The lost city”

Here’s something I play sometimes, with the Formby Strings:-

Wednesday walk down Memory Lane. Before and after.

No music tonight, just this.


The Night Duty Boy-First-Class Type Writer, commanding his Chimpanzee Shift, might put some music up as it’s Saturday: we shall just have to see.

Hat tip The Landed Underclass. That blog just gets better and better, and he will outlive us in The Line.

Some people are more equal than others now.

The Policeman concerned has found a clever and opaque way of saying he’s not the friend of all people: just those of them that happen to be powerful today.

Well then.

On totally unrelated matters, readers might like this book.

Thursday night is (organ) music night…

The Art of Fugue cont. IX :-

Some good footwork:-

More footwork (how does his brain know what to do all the time?):-

And just a boy, on such a powerful machine (Liverpool, down-t’road):-

Some lesser-known Widor:-

And from Poland, at the second-most-revered pilgimage site in the country:-

And now some music and humour…

Peter Davis

This one gets realy nice at about 1:03:

Here is the humour to brighten up a boring, uneventful Thursday night:

Someone tried to put part of an episode of Top Gear (My favourite show, Jeremy Clarkson is GOD)  into a game, wich is quite fun:

And some music…

Peter Davis

How does he play like that?


This is quite funny… … … … … Sort of

Everybody’s doing it!

Do the Twist!

David Davis

Here’s your blogeditor’s score:-


And it’s an excuse for some music, which my junior staff have been too lazy – or too overcome by homework – to air for a while:-

Wonder why that rhythm always makes me think of Walschaerts valve gear?

The politically-correct drunken sailor, and destruction of culture by Gramsco-Marxians

David Davis

The Landed Underclass, in the Master-at-Arms’ Office on deck 4, brought this to our attention here on the Bridge. I wonder what the buggers will rewrite next – the national Anthem? (I forgot: they have already provided the replacement.)

Sunday morning rapping

…it is called “rapping”, isn’t it…?

And I stumbled on this, research reading to catch up on.

And now some music, stars space and explosions, and America, Kim Jong Il is Ronery, and why are Orchestras and composers now stuck to making music for games, and some more nice music, and some music I can play on my cello…

Peter Davis

And its America, F*** YEAH!

I can play this on the cello:

and some more nice music:

Bruce Springsteen knows best, naturally.

David Davis

I thought he was a pop singer?

Yoram Monrof plays The Shadows “Frightened City” – very appropriate for Gaza! Also “Creeping Death” played by someone called “Cellos on Fire”….that’ll be the Jews coming for you, then!

And here’s Harry’s Place, about a “peace demo” in London.

Friday night is music night…

…..and we might add the odd track later on, so stay TUNED.

And this is rather interesting to watch…

The Wednesday saddo-slot

Cartoon characters play some nice music…

Peter Davis

Tom and Jerry grand piano duet:

So, obviously, the Warner Brothers saw this, and had a crack at the same song too:

Both songs are variations of Hungarian Rhapsody, by Franz Liszt, but who do you think was better.


Also, here is Kim Jong-Il and friends: YES HE CAN:

Since I always do a poll:

Bet he would drive a FIAT Saddo-Turbo too.

Music for a blue Tuesday

And we haven’t done GWR castles yet, but here’s the Earl of Mount Edgecumbe:-

And here’s 5043, doing its stuff:-

And to edify you tonight….

If it says “embedding disabled by request”, then just go to this place:


These last two are from Swieta Lipka in Poland. We go there sometimes:-

Special Christmas Day Post coming: “ANNOY A BUREAUCRAT FOR THE CHILDREN AT CHRISTMAS” – Please could all readers contribute ways…?

David Davis

Please…..? Either on this comment thread, or else on the post just below.

And here’s Mike Oldfield, at Montreux  27 years ago:-

The Saturday doo-bee-doo-Derby

I just love that sexy woman’s dancing bottom…but nobody seems to be feeling her up. Such a pity she’s a blonde, what a shame, even though she’s clearly having a gay time….What a bummer (as they say.)

Final countdown Cello…you idiots have just got to watch this shit

And at about 3′ 40″ (ish, I was so pissing myself I didn’t count) one of the mad dudes’ spectacles fall off:-

The Shadows on Thursday

David Davis

We may regret the coming Endarkening, and feel powerless to do much about the buggers who assail out liberty at every turn. But Western Civilisation has left an enormaous and unexcelled Canon: of giant science and engineering, immortal literature, unassailable philosophy, and shit-hot music.

The devil may have had all the best flags and uniforms, so as to reduce sovereign individuals to multiply-directed automata, who would then do his will, while thinking it was their own.

But who the f*** cares, when we can do this to his face, on a blog?

That's better, that's more like it, see if you can pick up  a St Hilda's chick while wearing that.

That's better, that's more like it, see if you can pick up a St Hilda's chick while wearing that.

Music for Monday, and more Tornado stuff.

Music to go coal mining by….

I threatened to do this earlier today.

Eurovision “song” “contest”: there will be no reason to be forced to watch it at all (at-all-at-all-at-all) now that Sir Terry Wogan is not performing.

David Davis

I have always wondered what the point of the Eurovision “Song” “Contest” was.

In the 1970s and 1980s, there were some fairly good Beat Groups, such as ABBA, and even some soloists, such as Cliff Richard, who sang fairly musical stuff, which was kind of about something or other that people cared about. (I count ABBA as honourary British since they could (a) sing, (b) write music, (c) they were Swedish, kind of,  and (d) they sounded quite good most of the time.) The times were pre-the-rise-of-the-EUSSR-supersoviet, and so people tended to vote for the best song, and never mind whow their awful neighbours were whom they had to be seen to publicly-placate-on-EUSSR_wide-TV, so that they would not get into trouble with the authorities Gestapo afterwards and have their benefits EU handouts withdrawn.

Then, we were dragged more firmly into the EUSSR EU, and we started to stop winning. This in itself didn’t totally matter, as we had Sir Terry Wogan to compère it and be suitably cynical about everybody on there, in his charming way, the good Englishman that he is, so he is, to be sure, to be sure.

Now, there is no point in being on. Not only do we not win, or even come next-to-bottom as opposed to absolutely totally and utterly bottom, but we absolutely tank. This is because nobody feels they have to pretend to like us any more, as we are Maritime-liberals with no land borders and they are Euro-authoritarians with very very long borders with other scratchy neighbours.

But the worst thing culturally speaking, about it, is that nobody even pretends to vote for the best music any more. They vote for whoever is the most powerful neighbour, or the one with most “clout of the day” in the corridors of Eurofascism power.

Furthermore, dear old cynical, funny Sir Terry is going. What’s the point of the thing? Why don’t we just read some books instead, while the blasted thing is on?

I don’t think that Libertarians would object in any way if the European subject-peoples of the EUSSR want to self-flagellate publicly to “music”, on the Wireless Tele Vision once a year, while pretending to sing songs which they think will be “for” “Europe”. But I guess that most liberals, being somewhat puritanical (unlike socialists) about time and resources wasted on pointless acts such as flag-waving, parading and collectively performing – especially acts which are only designed to get the “act-or” into the Public Prints, will think twice about this fascist smugfest in future.

Goobye and good riddance (I hope!) Let’s hope against hope that we get “invited” to “not participate”.

Music for tonight

Here’s last night’s music you were promised.

Monday night is music night….

And, it’s Sunday, so here’s some music, so there is, to be sure!

And this!

David Davis

Franz Liszt was a good-guy. And Liverpool CoFeEE-cathedral’s just down-t’road from us. We forgive them for being schismatic, for they did go and build a grand cathedral, with that sodding great organ in it too.

And the bells are fine, so they are. My mate Raymond Woods (who employed me for a year) rings them every Third Sunday of the Month, so go and hear him if you can and if you are in Liverpool at all (at-all at-all at-all.)

Music and advent … and let’s remember all the forgotten boys we lost in Vietnam too, and what a wonderful land we still live in today, in which people can still become “disappeared”

….like this guy, courtesy of The Landed Underclass having noticed something sinister, about our guvmint and its antics.

Let’s play some music for the guys:-

Friday night is music night!

David Davis

I don’t really relate to dear old Harry Haddock’s choice over at Nation of Shopkeepers, but you can go and listen to it if you like. It’s probably ‘coz it’s really really deep and meaningful and I just don’t understand it.

Thought I’d try this instead:-

Might put up a few more tracks later. Let’s make it a Tolkien night, I think. The Great Film of our time.

And now for some more music….and let’s recolonise the Moon while we are at it.

Time for a spot of music…

Very interesting and slightly wacky interp of Northstar (not sure it’s quite right.) It could be scored, creatively, for a rather good pipe-organ, as a fugue witht he following-parts spaced by fifths:-

Here’s the real Northstar:-

And now, here’s some music…

And some people might like this sort of thing too:-

And I hope the pig Castro let them pay these people handsomely, for I suspect strongly from the architecture and the dancers that this was shot in CUBA….

And after sex, now here’s some music….

Here’s an example of grossly Fabian destructionism:-