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If arms offer power and protection, they belong in the hands of the People

David Davis

And no I didn’t invent that myself: it is the formal policy-position of the Swiss “Government” (if that word is not slightly tautological.)

Paul Goodman at ConservativeHome nicely articulates the position most of us take on here, which is that now is definitely not the time to do kneejerk, Tabloid-Million-Moms-driven legislation to further restrict, or even ban entirely, all firearms, thus taking us as a people into the territory of the Third Reich, wherein Himmler said that private gun ownership and licensing was “inconvenient” for the State. Except for Göring of course.

I have been excoriated on Facebook, for saying that these periodic massacres, ostensibly by lone crazed lunatics, are set up by the “authorities” every time they want to ratchet up the gun controls here. With hindight, I’m prepared to suspect (but only suspect) that I was wrong in this particular case. But my major thesis still stands I think. We will anyhow know the truth about Dunblane in about 80 years’ time.

Not a problem

David Davis

If Sikh schoolchildren ought to be allowed to wear their ritual daggers, that’s fine by me. As boys in the 1950s, we routinely had folding pen-knives, at school and everywhere else. I still carry mine. We used them to whittle sharp sticks in “break”, to poke each other with in class, and to make wooden guns with which to go “yadda-da-da-da-da-da-da” when playing “British and Germans” on the football field.

The more children that carry working knives as part of normality, the better. And for equality’s sake, everyone else ought to be allowed them too. Then, we can move on to guns, at last, and discuss those.


David Davis

The Last Ditch talks about what’s worrying us all, all the time.

How to tell a “local yokel” from a scumbag: six handy tips for Police

David Davis

It is reported that a “leaflet” has been issued for the benefit of the Police, about how to tell if a human person is a “legal shooter”. Here are some tips for the Glorious People’s-Armed-Police, metropolitan politicos who regard the countryside as a theme-park peopled with cardboard characters, and for other Occupying Armies:-

(1) The “countryside” contains all sorts of humans not typically represented in the People’s Ecotowns of Young Britain, which is a Young Country of multicultural people living in harmony with Nature and the People’s Countryside which is a theme park. Some of these humans are caled “local yokels” or “local people” or also may be “Bankers” out for a day shooting small birds and animals which is a traditional “banking” past-time.

(1a) But sometimes, the “Countryside” also contains dangerous or irritating animals and birds which have to be discouraged and controlled, and sometimes killed with guns, and other useful quaint “Countryside-friendly” objects such as Potassium Cyanide, big sharp spades, gin-traps and snares. This is so that children and hard-working-families can buy local produce in season, for local people, at little shops and not at Tesco where everything has to be flown in from Peru.

(2) A human being with a “gun” is almost inevitably not dangerous: humans who wave knives do it in Young Britain’s People’s Ecotowns usually. They typically wave knives at humans, and display the normal shiny clothing of scumbags. Humans with “long thin guns” are almost always dressed in browns or dirty greens of matt reflectivity, and are pointing their “guns” at animals and birds not people. It is not considered polite among humans to point guns at people.

(3) You can easily spot a scumbag. His trousers are made of plastic and have two white stripes down the side, and are normally too long and tucked into two objects called “trainers” which look like a sort of plastic boot without the normal long top piece. Female scumbags wear all-over bright pink towelling pyjamas during the daytime. They can be confusing, because they do not usually have guns or knives, only phones held out as if for offering, in the right hand.

(4) If you get a report from a human about another human in a field or some bushes with a very long thin gun, ask the reporting human if he/she lives in “the countryside” him/herself, or inhabits a People’s Ecotown. If he/she does not live in “the countryside” or instead inhabits a People’s Ecotown, discount the report. If the reporting human does live in “the countryside” ask if the gun is a shotgun, a .22 rifle, a .303, an MP5, a Bren, an AK47 or a Barrett .5″, and what bird the shooter was aiming at and whether he/she brought it down.

(5) If it is carrying or using a long gun, it is almost certainly not a scumbag but a human: see (6) below for clarification.

(6) If you point your MP5 at a “local” “human” dressed as described, shouting “ARMED POLICE!!” then he/she will drop the “gun” and put his/her hands up. If on the other had it really is a scumbag, it will turn to face you with its gun (unlikely as it does not normally carry one, and certainly not a long one) pointed rather absently and indefinitely at or near you, an will say “Yer-wha’?” or “Pardon?” or something similar.

So you will always be able to tell the difference before having to open fire.

Observe Health and Safety Best Practice!

Always check first!

I may think of more during the day…

Nobody has guns except scumbags and The State

David Davis

So why is it being flagged as such a mystery that some poor bugger has been gunned down at an ASDA?

Either the State wanted him dead, or his “friends” did. He had no chance either way. Perhaps he was a doctor, and HMRC just wanted to “encourage the others?” Proper States, the real thing ones, the hard-guys that are “quite serious” about being fairly properly statist, such as Stalin and Robespierre and Gordon Brown, “have no need for doctors.” They know they are right.

As guns disappear more and more from the normal environment of, and from the ordinary physical knowledge of individual people, you must now expect this sort of thing to happen more and more.

“Security-Theatre” will of course be deployed by The Police (who will all have to go, sadly, including even many normal ordinary officers who may be blameless because they are merely trying to arrest bad-people of whatever sort, and we will just have to start again from Ground-Zero, as the problem of politicised policing is too deeply-engrained now owing to “institutionalised anti-liberalism”) to “reassure” “shoppers”.

I know a few coppers: they are fine upstanding men, whom it would be a pleasure to drink with in the pub – and is. I am lucky. But they are all under the thrall: it will have to come off utterly, before the good can be purged out of the bad, and we can start again.

Until ordinary shoppers can carry concealed automatic pistols of calibre at least 0.30″ with them while shopping, this will happen. When Libertarians run the government, whatever is left of it, this will not be necessary any more, thank goodness. But you would be allowed to own what shooter you like best.

I favor machine-crossbows personally. Not illegal now even. You could even make a very very small one, which would be quite disabling to a scumbag.

But a “machine-longbow” would be a sight to behold! Can someone tell me how one could be fabricated? (You’d need space for it to load and fire, that’s the prob I wrestle with right now…)

Jesus this is hillarious…

Peter Davis

THIS is how you knock down a door…

And if this is what we are up against, I shouldn’t worry…

Here you go, dont say i didnt warn you

Michael Winning

Armed Police” with machine guns, to be deplyed on streets for first time”.

Well we are a dangerous and uncontrollable people as everyone know and it’s surprising it toook so long. Can’t have people rebelling now, can we.

How has it come to this that the UK now has machinegun-police on our streets, what did we do wrong. This will be hailed as a “success”, it will be “rolled out”. You’ll see, and remember what I said.

‘We’re not done yet, insists Brown’- Sounds horrifying, init?

Peter Davis


I have a propsition:

List all of Labours achievements to this day, I won’t, since [a] i can’t be bothered, and [b] my laptop would fall apart because of sheer over-typingness (if thats a word) as it is shoddily made.

then tally up:

1.how many have been a complete waste of your money, and have been engineered to put this nation at an educational, tactical, and economical disadvantage,

2.how many have actually been benificial.

i think you’ll find that the ultra-huge-vastly-immense majority will be: a complete waste of your money, and have been engineered to put this nation at an educational, tactical, and economical disadvantage

And, Brown says, ‘We’re not done yet’…

it is now 22:07 GMT and my brain has almost completely shut down, so i expect Fred Bloggs to do a humerous, but serious follow-up to this, while i set up the weaponized dustbin in our ultra-super-secret-weapons testing lab for a ‘demonstration’. expect to see the fabled weaponized dustbin in action soon:








The progressives’ disarmament of British Subjects of the Crown…

will now being to proceed. This time it will be Air-Weapons.

I of course cannot say if this tragic accident has been staged on purpose by the GramscoFabiaNazis as is always the case in “gun accidents”, since no participants appear to be American-bribable-male-teenagers-with-girlfriend-difficulties, or lefty-connected-autistic-perverted-scumbags like Thomas Hamilton.

These human subgroups are the usual material that Fascists like to use as catspaws, such as this poor young idiot. he got mixed up with only slightly more serious people that we are fighting, and look what happened to him.

This individual tragedy might just be a genuine accident, as sometimes happens. People even get accidentally run down by trains and cars.

But I await events.

GramscoFabiaNazis say things like “if it saves the life of one child, it is worth it”.

Similarly, if it costs the life of one child to advance their cause, I guess they will also deem it worth it.

I wonder if they will be able to ban longbows?

David Davis

It’s not so easy to be The King

David Davis

You might get your watch taken off you by a clever subject. I wonder if the said watch will inexplicably “be recalled” to “its owner” later? Russia is still an exciting place, even now: how sad.

This amused me today. And he really is shootinputin187, as it shows.

Ah yes, I have like this one, gun also...

Ah yes, I have like this one, gun also...

Fred’ll like this one….

David Davis

Spotted at Theo Spark…

Beats weaponized dustbins...

Beats weaponized dustbins...

New inside look at OCR ICT education…….. …..First hand experience!

Peter Davis

I did this last year at my school, and you could just tell that this task was thought up by the government.  May I point out that the task was to create a video in Windows Movie Maker about recycling.

I think that, well yes, its fair enough that we have to make a video, as we would learn the skills to be able to do it…..But do we have to do it on ‘Recycling’?

Anyway, this was my submission for OCR nationals Unit 23. It got a very high mark, and it took me 20 minutes. I hope you enjoy it … or maybe not.

Yes, you saw it: this is what your children do in year-9 at secondary school it the UK (for foreign readers, this is 13/14 year-olds.)

Blogeditor says:-

Something to do with this stuff would have been more fun…

(…but most of the poor buggers don’t even know what these things are, let alone that they might have even existed.)

Join our safari-cruise, travel to faraway countries, meet interesting pirates, and kill them.

David Davis

This is either extremely clever, or a windup. Spotted at Samizdata.

This whole story sounds “made up” – it is a mechanism for…

removing more guns.

Sad man crying and being “violent”, and “seen in possession of a gun” and “waving it”, by a “member of the public”.

Police turn up, shoot man dead.

Police happy: end of story.

Guns = bad. Stalinism = good. Killing of 30 million Russians who opposed collectivism = good (as they had no guns.)

“Mums” = happy.

Yesterday’s technology, for today… tomorrow: Working together to combat ‘Enviro-Crime’ for the children.

Peter Davis

I know that on the last weaponised dustbin post I said it would be the last one, but Fred Bloggs has exceeded the terms of the strategic dustbin limitation treaty (Here) with ‘Fluffy’


More weaponised dustbins:






New, improved weaponised dustbins.

Peter Davis

Now, I know that I and Fredd Bloggs are going about this like a couple of children, and I apologise, but these will be the last weaponised dustbins. 

(I promise…  …unless Fred does one thats better than mine)

Oh, here you are:-

The Flying Dustbin

The Flying Dustbin





Links to the other weaponised dustbin posts:




Weaponized dustbins, and doing athletics for the children because the government says so

Peter Davis

Recently there has been word on this blog about weaponised dustbins, now I suspect that Fred Bloggs got the idea from  this German WWII weapon called a ‘Goliath’ wich is like a radio controlled tracked mine and he wanted to stick a bin filled with explosives (obviously) on top of the Goliath, and then a mounted machine gun on the top.

Expect a better version of this later today or tomorrow.

And also there is something very intresting I was told by a teacher. It was last Thursday, and it was the first lesson, Games. We had just finished playing football and my team as usual lost all the games that we played. At the end of the lesson, we were called in to the teacher, and he briefed us on what we were going to do next when we come back after the Easter holiday. And he said – and I quote from his exact words- “we are moving on to athletics next, because, well, the government said so”.


And here is a poll:

A Victim Disarmer Bleats

Sean Gabb

Malcolm Redfellow’s World Service

Guns: confiscation of legally held weapons in Germany will be next.

David Davis

UPDATE1:- On second thoughts, perhaps the poor tormented bugger was just deranged and so could not get a girlfriend like we even managed to do, despite being barking and turning into libertarians. See … Here.

…..But….why do the deranged always seem to have access to shagloads of guns? Does the presence of guns actually lead to mental derangement? I’d not have thought so, but I do not know. Do you?

David Davis

I almost can’t watch this saga any more – I really can’t. It’s like a tragic play, in which you always know what’s going to happen in the next scene, but you’re not sure where.

In one civilised Western nation after another, a multiple-fatal-shooting is staged, usually at a school (to maximise the parental anguish involved, and to mobilize a million mums, plus harden public opinion against “shooters”.) 

The Australians were clever: they did it at a popular tourist/beauty spot in Tasmania. The British rather overdid it at Dunblane, using a primary school (really gross, that – you could just about stomach the slaughter of secondary-school pupilas but not little kids, surely?) but I guess they were in a hurry to get all of absolutely everbody’s firearms before the 90s-Tories’ New Labour Project was to kick off properly.

Then, in more or less short-order, “legislation is enacted” to deprive one more section of the law-abiding community of all its guns – category by category, one at a time.

Of course, illegally-held weapons remain untouched. Some “security-theatre” about “amnesties” is staged, for effect, but produces little. In the meantime you can go to a pub in Catford, get to know certain people, and get a shooter, and some food if you’re rich, in the fullness of time, for a wad of cash. I expect this is still the case.

A totally-disarmed citizenry is a pre-requisite for a tyrannical government being able to entrench itself permanently – just look at the Third Reich, and Stalin’s USSR before that, its mirror.

At least the USA still has the Second Amendment, but for how long I wonder?

A libertarian wonders to what extent States are now prepared to go, via the public slaughter of (chiefly and on purpose)  children, to deprive citizens of all the world’s most civilised nations, of firearms. When will they start on kitchen-knives, I wonder, or angle-grinders, or power drills? Or chain-saws? (Perhaps that’s why you can now be fined for doing moderate electrical repairs in your house, like rewiring it yourself, or changing a window without certification….)

Why doesn’t this go on in Africa, which is bursting at the seams with guns? Or South America? Or Saudi-Arabia? Or Syria?

Why the first-world West? Can anybody help me here?

…and I think Mr Underclass quietly agrees with me, about my main hypothesis.

Packing a pocket-knife?

David Davis

While commenting idly on something over at The Landed Underclass a minute ago, I chanced on this: isn’t the internet a wonderful organism. It throws interesting light on how private-weapon-prohibition in the UK stacks up with other tyrannical régimes and their histories, and how our current predicament is viewed at least by some in the USA.

The killing of young children in schools and nurseries is quite modern. Is it socialism trying to use incidents to exert more control, or has something really gone wrong in the software of individual people?

David Davis

There has not been a mortal attack on a school or nursery here in the UK  for some time. Dunblane was the worst, but was not alone. I firmly believe, AND not being a conspiracy-theorist myself, that it was deliberately staged as an incident to justify the forced removal of all “hand guns” from the population of the British Isles. I have no evidence for this assertion at all, and I probably never will, nor have I time to find out. But the choreography was all so smoothly executed, and so fast – within hours – with total compliance from all side of the House of Commons. There was another one, in Tazmania.

Those of us who don’t do conspiracy theories such as the 9/11 crap, but who are quite able to impute base motives to our leaders in matters such as gun control, have probably been bracing ourselves for an event involving young children, or, preferably, babies. So here it was, but in Belgium, and involved knives not guns.

So: is the covert state strategy the same as before… “guns in the hands of the people are unacceptable, but let’s demonise knives more, so we can take those away too in time”?

Or…has something gone wrong in the way people relate to each other at a basic family level, and which also could be due to socialism or at least its lovechild femiNazism?

FemiNazism, I must explain to those not familiar with the clever leftist chappie Gramsco-Marxski (whose works are often bad-mouthed on here)  is a software-program that is for corrupting instinctive human interactions at a family level. This then creates desocialised sub-humans who go about killing autistically-defined targets – such as children or babies, or Kulaks (if you are Stalin), or “intellectuals” (if you are Pol Pot) or Jews (if you are Hitler or Stalin or Lenin or Hamas – whatever that might be – or AlQuaeda – whatever that might be, perhaps it will turn out to be the UN in disguise, we shall all, if possible, have to stay alive to find out.) FemiNazism’s principal weapon is the humiliation of males at an early age, by removing the authority – or even the presence – of the father figure.

I obviously know even less than the poor stressed Belgian Police do right now, about this poor tormented creature who decided to attack babies and their carers with a knife, while dressed as a “batman” or something. Libertarians would agree that we don’t think it’s important what he was wearing at the time. But these sorts of crimes all share a common thread:-

(1) They are terribly visible – strange, if you are going to do a crime? Why leave a trail? And in front of the MSM?

(2) They are against terribly vulnerable individuals – children, babies, unarmed teachers for example.

(3) The perpetrator is often killed, or commits suicide at the scene, such as Thomas Hamilton – also very, very, very odd – why? or is arrested and then kept in isolation for ever, such as Martin Bryant.

AND….why is there no wikipedia page for Thomas Hamilton? Eh? You are redirected to “Dunblane Massacre” only, which you already knew about or you’d have buggered off already.

Very odd. But even against that,  George Bush will be shown by history to have not blown up down the twin towers and told all 4,711 Jewish employees to stay away made it look like the “Islamists” wot dunn itttt……uuurrrrrrrrrrr, duhhhhhhhhhh.

Oh, and I’ll put a pound on that. So there. A Pound of Silver against any one Truther at 50-to one. Watch. Let’s see if truthers watch this blog. If I’m right, you pay me 50 pounds (729.9 TROY ounces) of silver metal. In metal. Here. You will bring it or courier it.

I want Silver, not Gold, sorry.

I have to say I find all this very odd, given that privately-owned firearms were quite commonplace in my youth in the 1950s, and that almost no crime was committed with them whatever. if one was, then it was a seminal and global event, and was mentioned on the WireLess Radio News, on the BBC Home Service.

The fact that “incidents” have been multiplying (and I have not even talked about the various campus-massacres in the USA) lead me to deduce that either some males are going mental under the stress of socialistic-FemiNazism, and fail to be properly socialised as free individuals able to take decisions about not harming others – therefore being reduced to the status of primitive apes, or else the State – whether it be here or elsewhere in the Anglosphere such as Australia – wants to obliterate the ownership of any kind of lethal weapon….for the protection presumably of the Statists themselves.

But how will Jamie Oliver react to the blanket prohibition of kitchen-knives for example….after the “amnesty”, of which there will inevitably be one? How will we prepare his tucker, for the cheeky-chappie?

I just ask to be told, that’s all. And here’s what somebody else whom I do not know, but who seems sane, thinks.

Keeley Hazell doesn’t want you to get burgled, so buy an i-Pod with a gun attached…..

David Davis

So that you can shoot straight, it seems you need an i-Pod now:-

Here she is, I expect the gun fits between the boobs, without being observed quickly:-


And, thanks to The Remittance Man, we have this, just in! When I grow up, I want to be like mommy:-

And here she is again….(update, someone on the interwebthingy seems to have removed the image from the link…)

The price of socialism, part 46,574-C/5-a : one home burgled every two minutes

…..and where is the safe haven, just askin’ – as it’s an interesting question……….

David Davis

Well well well: the powers that be have noticed that crime might rise if people are struggling to find their daily bread. But only if you are intent – as Fabianazis and Gramsco-Marxians deliberately are – on creating an anti-civilisation of bad-people, whom you think will vote for your handouts, or better – not vote at all on anything.

The answer is more guns, and knives. In our hands. if the bastards get gutted, or blown away in shreds and their remains have to be hosed off the front path, it’s their problem.

Gr8 stuff chinkies! More beer bottles for ships going past “Somalia”

David Davis

So droll from Samizdata. The more pirates are hung, beer-glassed or drowned by the crews they attack, the fewer pirates there will be.

This is what you will get when you only let the Police and thugs have guns.

David Davis

This is what I believe is called a “Face Book page” or “Face Book group”. I have no clue what these things are at all, but I have looked at it, and it sort of looks like a blog I suppose. Thanks to The Remittance Man (who lives and works sufficiently far away from all this sordid stuff to be able to comment disinterestedly) for flagging up the business to do with poor Rhys Jones, of whom I guess by now that the world has heard. Not the sort of posthumous fame he would have wished for… What the world thinks of the socialistically-trashed city down the road I can’t dare to guess.

The Army’s got the right idea though.

Libertarians have been banging on, mostly unheard or ridiculed, for decades, about the need for all free people to have, and to be trained to use (by their fathers, which mostly they will have) guns. This sort of rubbish, of gun-toting unsocialised teenage gansters, would be moonshine in such a civilisation. They would last about five seconds.

Rhys Jones and justice: no, it has not been done; He is still dead. “Sorry” from the (real) murderers, who are the people who took our guns from us, is not enough.

David Davis

Rhys Jones’s father says “justice has been done”. I do not know what he thinks really, for one of my sons has not been murdered. One of his has. I could not want to be in his shoes, even if you gave me all the gold in the world.

The point being deliberately missed here by the dead-Tree-Press, the MSM, whatever you call it, is that none of this tragic stuff would have occurred if Stalinist socialist layabouts had not taken away the ability of the English People to be armed. 11-y-o boys would not walk in fear, in “Tockie” and “Crockie”, if their fathers had legally been able to teach them how to arm and protect themselves against socialists bad people their hired footpads, with guns, which all could have.

All this tragic stuff will go on until this matter is solved.

PIRACY: big discussion going on at Defencetech

David Davis

Isn’t it nice NOT to have to talk about the BNP membership list any more! Lancaster Unity is miking it for all it’s worth. I guess they have “nothing useful to say about anything”, as Duncan Money said about me, in his comment on this posting. (Of ours.) We’ll send you some traffic, Duncan, old chap, there you are, we’ll paternalistically toss you a penny as we pass.

But if you go here, hat-tipped by Samizdata, it’s quite illuminating what people think and why nothing much apprears to be being done. It’s a “Human Rights” problem, apparently. Hmmmmm…………..

Pirates are a problem, caused by Global Climate Change. If you go there, then you will see why. The “precautionary principle” of course shows why we really all ought to reduce our “carbon footprint”, and only burn chicken shit, in order to eliminate piracy.

As Auberon Waugh would say: “I am not suggesting that we should all shoot all pirates on sight, but it may help to reducde the problem”.

Baby P: What’s this got to do with libertarianism? (Big-States, guns and children. Let’s smell some rats.)

I’ll tell you.

David Davis

When you beget (as you do, for one does) a child, and bring it into the world, then, whose property is it? Apart from the fundamental Human Rights aspect, which is that that (human) child belongs to itself, it is to all intents and purposes “yours”. While it is of an age when it can’t legally or informedly take certain kinds of decisions (all for obvious reasons) then you own it. It is yours. It is your child. I don’t think even the most absolutists Popes or Emperors, with the possible exception of sadly many failed civilisations and Papistic juntas authorities would have disagreed with this position.

This sad business of “Baby P” (the poor sad bugger MUST have had a _name_, for Christ’s sake, for he was Human!!!) is sadly illuminating. The “agencies” which were “involved”, and the “practitioners” who “lost opportunities” , are clearly not interested in the individual fates of individual children, at all. Firstly, we are never to know (officially) who this poor person was. Secondly, and worse, even, the organisational structure, which we have paid for (who else did?) will close ranks about itself and anodynely reassure us all that “lessons have been learned” (but I thought they said that earlier?)

This is part of what Theodore Dalrymple has just said:-

The first is that the work of child protection is very difficult, emotionally wearing and even dangerous. Staff turnover in the organisations that carry it out is often rapid. Most British paediatricians in training have experienced threats from parents or guardians, and 5 per cent have been assaulted sufficiently badly to need medical treatment. If this is true of doctors, who generally still retain a modicum of public respect, the situation of social workers is likely to be even worse. There is nothing like a constant fear of violence for undermining both the will to do anything and the judgment.

The second is that the fundamental purpose of the British public service is to provide a meal-and-mortgage-ticket for those who work in it, especially at management level. The ostensible purpose of an organisation is rarely its real purpose. I know this from my experience in the Health Service.

The State can’t assume ultimate control over the lives of all, until it can dictate not only the fate of children but also the begetting and ownership of them. People who will be designated as good “guardians” of children will be things such as “Lawyers”, “Administrators”, and the like. People who will not be so designated will be things like “Agricultural Workers”, “Retail Assistants”, ” Plaster  Ers “, “Brick Layers”, “Wait Trons”, and the like.

I am beginning to think that there is an agenda going on down here, regarding who will and who will not be “authorised” to have children.

Mechanisms that make it look like ordinary people (sometimes carefully-chosen like in this case) can’t or oughtn’t to be allowed to have little children near them, are good for the advancement of this kind of State control. Here’s what we said yesterday, in the beginnings of our rat-smelling-operation.

Baby P: Child Abuse, Social Services, and socialist boroughs. This is quite interesting in a macabre and sinister way. Guns and children. Let’s smell some rats.

David Davis

(Here’s what we are gong to say tomorrow, about Baby P.) This is what’s commonly and Stalinistically called: “a leak”.

I don’t quite know how far to come out in the open and risk enemy fire, here. But I am sort of intrigued in a Sherlock-Holmsian way, you know, sort of, by the seemingly endless trail of poor wretched children, mostly from inner cities and under the care of Stalinist New Labour Soviets boroughs, who seem to be left to die, by “Social Services” while “under their observation”. The news only gets out after the poor child’s terrible death at the hands of a violent male or some other feckless “carer”. there was the Victoria Climbié business some years ago, and now this, from Obnoxio, but also reported on Guido.

I decided not to pick it up as the issues are not strictly theoretical-Libertarian, but I do begin to smell a rat, and, er ….. and see it floating in the air.

Could it be that a regime of draconian State “Child Protection” (and State-child-databasing) is being engendered (and by whom?) through a series of “regulated and allowed” high-profile cases of the death of a small child, in which the “Social services” are instructed actually NOT TO intervene until it’s too late?

Are the “pretty children” who occur from time to time in these scenarios, (who of course will need to be saved immediately) being farmed off quickly somewhere (and by whom, and for whom?) which is why we never see any?

Or hear about them?

And why the poor dead ones have been those few who were really in the soup beforehand? And about whose deaths “lessons can be learned”?

Is this rather like the Dunblane business and guns?

I just need to say this picture again. Sorry chaps. Your T-shirt is NOT cool, it makes you a wanker who loves a murderer who was a failed lawyer.

Earlier on this evening, a nice and quite possibly harmless woman, called powerfulmothers, told me that she would not tell her daughter “what war is” – this was on our today-post about Barack Obama and what Simon Heffer thinks of his prospects.

I think that “daughters” ought to know what war is – they ought to be told quite early on, so as to know who to go to bed with, and not to. This is because they might, then, as mothers, tell young men (whom they have brought forth) not to go off in a drug-crazed huff and “fight for” socialist causes …… such as Nazism, Communism, Gramsco-Marxianism, and also the wilder wings of certain pre-capitalist-desert-survival-guides (that I could mention.)

This would make life much easier for liberalism, for we would not then have to buy soldiers. Liberals don’t really want to kill people.

David Davis

Guys dressed like that don't get to f*** girls.

Guys dressed like that don'.....

‘t get to f*** sexy girls. if you’re a murdere with the face of a skull, they won’t want you even to wear a condom, they will pay for you to be removed.

This is (apparently) the guy who “threatened journalists” in Glenrothes, that they “may get shot and then it’s not my problem”.

I didn’t know that the British State Soviet now employs young boys. Perhaps these are the “end times” and we are in the Siege of Berlin…..but somehow I sadly doubt it. Hat tip Landed Underclass who got it from Old Holborn. Old Holborn wants you to email the guy and tell him what you think about him suggesting that he would allow his compatriots to be shot by his apparatchiks…..or should that be apparatshootiks?


Also, what fun! I didn’t know that this chap was called Gweeds! What a hoot! I shall go to town on “Gweeds”, for some while.

The velvet gloves come off, to show the steel ones….

…and the iron hands were always inside. (From the Scotsman.)

Graphs and things

David Davis

here’s a good one. Hat tip Burning our Money, via The Landed Underclass.

The trouble with socialism is that what it does is a parasitic/evil reflection, a sort of anti-chimera, of Christian charity. Just as Morgoth made orcs in corrupt imitation of elves.

Just as orcs cannot ever, ever emulate elves in any way, (see The Silmarillion,) big States and bureaucrats cannot ever, ever begin to “solve” “problems” of “unequal distribution of opportunity, wealth and access to public services”.

People go along with it, because (a) it looks sort of charitable and “big” (ie it might work, sort of, and they have not time to scratch their arses anyway, let alone give a few dollars to someone today) and (b) the statists have GUNS.

More on metrication, the EU, and British home-grown fascists

David Davis

Earlier today I just flagged this up. I now have time to say something. (The original post is not only lower down your page but also here.)

The EU, with its usual disarming frankness about objectives, has gone on record as saying that it’s not really important if people here (or by inference elsewhere) go on using pre-metric, which is to say “Imperial” measurements. For one thing of course, these are still commonly encountered in all sorts of places on the continent of Europe.

The real subtext of the assault on “Imperial” measurement use in the UK is of course, and always has been, ideological and manichean. It is obvious, now that we know the facts. Those kinds of people who so publicly have championed “metrication” (and that also included the quite un-necessary and politically-motivated “decimalisation” of our currency) share a fully philosophical objective: what is this objective, then?

It is the exemplary punishment of Britain: especially, it encompasses an objective of the destruction of a place which they view as “England” – together with all its customs and traditions which act as a sort of conservative glue. The whole idea of “England”, historically, is essentially conservative. England’s history returns almost like clockwork, to a theme of looking to tradition and custom (as understood at the time of decision about the future) to decide what to do. This is mortally dangerous to gangsters like Lenin, Marx, Stalin, Hitler, Gordon Brown, Pol Pot, Kim Jong Il (who will continue to remain dead), Huggy the Chav, Ken Livingstone, Castro (who has been dead for some time) and whoever that bugger was who ran the Sendero Luminoso (I hope there won’t be a pop group called that any time soon.)

This stuff, this conservative glue, hard to create over the centuries, but easy to abolish with a Gestapo-sweep of A4 paper containing “enhanced statutory requirements”, holds a free people in friendships and relationships in a comfortable place, and confers order on civilisation. This of course is quite inimical to the fascist/stalinist concept of “more and faster change”, beloved of “management” “consultants”, or one of the other ones, which is “best practice in health and safety”.

Most importantly, it is because an essentially conservative civilisation is all that stands in the way of the intended destruction of what helps ordinary people to live and get better and better as time advances – that destruction which is crucial for the survival of wreckers, murderers, fascists, socialists and other theoretical idealists who have never inhabited anything more important (such as a factory or a mine or a ploughed field) than a room at a university. These latter groups know, with every fibre of their being, that their usefulness and significance diminishes visibly and fast, with the arrival of every person who can make his own way and decisions in his life.

You can’t, if you are a statist, allow people essentially to better themselves and their lives…and then you just go home and grow stuff or watch TV. The hog won’t slaughter itself.

There will come a time when they won’t need you or your “help”, and they will be able to know it. If they are armed, then you are toast already (so you’d better have got their guns off them quite early on.) If they are unarmed, then you will still have a difficult time, and you may have to shoot the right people (they didn’t in this case), but you may get through if you can manufacture a scare or two, preferably together, and hobble them further.

I think that British statists, being cleverer and more (what Stalin called) “serious” than continental ones (their weather is better and the food and girls are nicer, so they don’t really have to concentrate so hard) are far, far more finely-tuned to the threat of incipient liberty arising in a population, than their European conterparts.

I shudder to think with what ruthless efficiency the Police authorities in the UK would have complied with Nazi orders to round up people and have them “resettled”. Anti-Imperial-measure-police-and-Soviet-staff are merely taking a “directive” at its face value, and applying it to the letter, together with their own ingrained (ought I to say “institutionalised”?) racism against a civilisation which they (rightly) see as the one which has done most to try to make them as redundant as possible.

Another school mass-shooting…another State arms-confiscation plot?

David Davis

Another one of these harrowing horrors. Finland this time…and apparently there was one last year there too. The Finnish government must think, like ours, that it has a problem with privately held firearms…

Am I the only person who thinks that these repeated, and terrible, events are staged in some way? It’d be more plausible to think that “agences” are involved in these, than in the “Thermiting” of the Twin-Towers. Less expensive: fewer people to bribe, for less number of years, to keep silent. And you only have to rub out one guy (it’s always a  guy…what do they promise him, that so makes him do that thing? Sex? Money? More guns?)

There’s something fishy going on here down in the State-Cesspit, and I’m damned if I shan’t, one day, get to the bottom of it.

You can’t be “against” a physical object: only against the people that use them to kill.

David Davis

I have just got in and seen this. Without having to read it, I know exactly what it says. It’s like shagging Elizabeth Taylor (when she was young and pretty): one did not need to, for one could imagine precisely what it would be like.

Among those speaking out against violence is the singer, Jamelia, who said: “If you stay silent you’re part of the problem.”

I’ve no clue who “Jamelia” is, at all, but I’m not going to be silent, so I must therefore be part of the solution.

The problem of knives is created by socialism, used as it is as a weapon to destroy liberal civilisation.

Socialism, existing as it does and pursuing the Fabian ends that it does in liberal civilisations, causes the production of unsocialised young hominids. These have been put through a Hegelian dialectic sausage-machine of non-education, and therefore they end up, in their teens, functionally adults, with the minds and cogitatory power of chimpanzees.

There are two things we could do:-

(1) Send the Police (remember them?) round every household in the nation, armed and wearing “stab-me”-vests (they’ll have to be, and it will have to be at 4.00 am) and collect up ALL knives. All kitchen knives, pen-knives, chisels, blades of electric-planes, screwdrivers (how sharp are some of the smaller ones, eh!) Stanley-knives and all loose blades, loose razor-blades (must be some still about) modelling and craft tools, and scissors. Axes (better make sure.)

Ordinary garden shears, such as for “edging” a lawn…. I could think of several ways to make someone suffer with those – much better also, against a knife-hoodie in a dark alley, after clubbing and finding yourself out too late at night, eh, sonny? Like a sword against a knife, and the blunter the better – hurts more, and the bone will mend less well!

As this is New-Lieborg, decree an “unlimited” fine and “life” imprisonment. for resisting or with-holding any item proscribed. This will of course play well with “Brooke Kinsella” (whoever she may be.)

It shows great love and empathy and “feeling of pain”. It’s “good television”. The government can pretend that “a full-scale enquiry into the initiation of strategically-focussed and pro-active initiatives” for “addressing the comcerns of” “young people” and (I bet 50p) “working mothers”, is “planned”, to be “in place” by [sometime or other].

(2) Or…

You could (a) arrest, and immediately intern in the Udenopticon, all lefties and other fascist recipients of State-salaries, who have had the bad fortune to be caught with their trousers down and their wallets thus clearly open and gaping, in “Public Service” posts to do with education, employment, crime, local government, policing, schools, “prison reform”, “outreach”, “culture”, (regulation of)country-pursuits, “traffic management”, parking services”,  “Congestion control”, “countryside issues”, and the like.

That should get the f*****g criminals anti-liberal-pre-capitalist-barbarian buggers off the street for the present, ot a place of safety, where they can be “resettled”, for a time to be determined (by due legal process) and enjoy each other’s company in a “natural” environment. Very natural indeed; it ought to suit their deep-green tendencies.

(b) You could train everyone, at least all males (besides basic grammar, maths, writing, Latin and Greek, the history of Western art and music, and joined-up-English history from 2000 BC to 2008) in the use of knives and guns, to defend your loved ones. They would HAVE loved ones, unlike now, after about two generations, if this project was to go ahead. Yeh, it could take that long, so much damage has been done.

The result of this is that guns and knives will be respected and will NOT be carried about as socialist status symbols. It will take some time – at least a generation, and probably two. The poor bastards probably have never heard the word “socialist”, let alone have any inkling of what it means for the destruction of human civilisation, and why their carrying and use of knives now, as weapons if intimidation and murder, is so useful to New-Lieborg.

This raises questions about the death penalty. I am against it, as of now, as “used” by States. This is because I cannot delegate a right, to any agency or another person, to carry out an act which I have no right, as things stand, to do. if I had the right to cary arms to defend my and mine, then I would have the right to kkoll in that defence. In that case, i can delegate the right to a suitably limited state. but these do not now exist, so I can’t.



David Davis

Have the Trash Who Rule Us Done Something Half-Decent?

Sean Gabb

(For those not familiar with the background to this story, the Blogmaster adds a comment:-

Since the Socialists set out to destroy British civilisation in earnest for what they thought would need only to be the last time, in May 1997, there have been carefully-disguised but also sharply-rising crime levels against the person.  In particular a recent spate of lethal stabbings of (mostly) teenagers and young men, in the citadels of New-Labour-urban-Stalinist-Soviets, such as Britain’s major cities – where their Political Writ runs most surely.

So……the government seems intent on letting citizens take back some of the burden of law-enforcement and retribution. Truly, we are heading backwards into the future. The real solution is of couorse based on only two things:-

(1) Better people, this to be ensured (but it will take some time) by abolishing all the trappings of politically-correct socialist “education strategy” in the UK,

(2) Armed people, which is to say that weapons, possibly up to and including semi-automatic firearms, may be kept by Freeholders or (nett) taxpayers.)

(3) And here’s some other stuff about crime statistics and “reporting” of same.


Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 (c. 4)
  Main body
  Part 5 Criminal law

Reasonable force for purposes of self-defence etc.
This section applies where in proceedings for an offence
an issue arises as to whether a person charged with the offence ( D) is entitled to rely on a defence within subsection (2), and
the question arises whether the degree of force used by D against a person ( V) was reasonable in the circumstances.
The defences are
the common law defence of self-defence; and
the defences provided by section 3(1) of the Criminal Law Act 1967 (c. 58) or section 3(1) of the Criminal Law Act (Northern Ireland) 1967 (c. 18 (N.I.))(use of force in prevention of crime or making arrest).
Click to open 76 Reasonable force for purposes of self-defence etc.Prospective - this provision has not yet been brought into effect


The question whether the degree of force used by D was reasonable in the circumstances is to be decided by reference to the circumstances as D believed them to be, and subsections (4) to (8) also apply in connection with deciding that question.
If D claims to have held a particular belief as regards the existence of any circumstances
the reasonableness or otherwise of that belief is relevant to the question whether D genuinely held it; but
if it is determined that D did genuinely hold it, D is entitled to rely on it for the purposes of subsection (3), whether or not
it was mistaken, or
(if it was mistaken) the mistake was a reasonable one to have made.
Prospective Version Click to view attributes for this levelProspective - this provision has not yet been brought into effect

Self-defence etc.

But subsection (4)(b) does not enable D to rely on any mistaken belief attributable to intoxication that was voluntarily induced.
The degree of force used by D is not to be regarded as having been reasonable in the circumstances as D believed them to be if it was disproportionate in those circumstances.
In deciding the question mentioned in subsection (3) the following considerations are to be taken into account (so far as relevant in the circumstances of the case)
that a person acting for a legitimate purpose may not be able to weigh to a nicety the exact measure of any necessary action; and
that evidence of a person’s having only done what the person honestly and instinctively thought was necessary for a legitimate purpose constitutes strong evidence that only reasonable action was taken by that person for that purpose.
Subsection (7) is not to be read as preventing other matters from being taken into account where they are relevant to deciding the question mentioned in subsection (3).
This section is intended to clarify the operation of the existing defences mentioned in subsection (2).
In this section
legitimate purpose means
the purpose of self-defence under the common law, or
the prevention of crime or effecting or assisting in the lawful arrest of persons mentioned in the provisions referred to in subsection (2)(b);
references to self-defence include acting in defence of another person; and
references to the degree of force used are to the type and amount of force used.

Guns. People. Defence. Crime. Time for a re-think.

David Davis

I could not help but feel so sorry for the two French science students in this murder-story. And the girlfriend of one of them, who looks just like my wife looked 20 years ago. (Lucky me (then), lucky him (recently) but sadly he’s dead now, and so the poor wretched girl is now alone.) What a bloody embarrassment it causes too, because of statism, and the socialist policies that engender it. It makes us, as a nation, look like prats, that we seem deliberately to produce buggers like whoever did this, via (the enemy class’s) “education system”.

Science students: researching at ICL. What a f*****g waste of talent and future help for humanity, that socialism, and Nazi-gun-control, causes, and will cause.

IF WE ARE TO HAVE completely-unsocialised adult hominids (I assume it was an adult or adults who did it) roaming our cities and our country, then a rethink about our protection is overdue.

The British State (crazed as it is with fear of worker’s-uprisings-since-1917) has signally failed to safeguard our bodies from the evil acts of products of its education experiments (which it performed on purpose, because its socio-droids have hated, hate, and will hate, us and what we believe in and stand for.) There is not one remaining group of liberal English-cultural-people  – which includes the French, who ought to be our friends – for which socialism and Fabian ideas have not reserved the torments that Dante categorized as being explicitly for the damned.

It is time for ordinary, good people to carry guns. Small but lethal ones at short range. Today. Always, and until further notice. Perhaps it’s not time to arm ordinary taxpayers with automatic rifles, but that time may come. We shall have to suck it and see.  If people can’t go about their lawful business, like playing computer games at home, without this protection, then guns (and, more important, ammunition for same,) is what they must have.

But the opposition will be vociferous, massive, numerous and well-funded. This is the nature of modern state Stalinism.

I’m not suggesting, however, that in retaliation, all the puchchair-wielding yummy-mummies from Harpenden and from Formby and from Limpsfield, who will be featuring in the anti-gun-demonstrations as being against “all guns”, and all of whom are to be well-filmed by the BBC, should be mown down in a hail of automatic fire. No. Guns will simply have to be made freely available to all those non-crims, such as French science students, who want to play computer games without hinderance, and without any fuss.

I’m sure there’s a EUroLaw somewhere that will allow it: there seems to be for everything else. Clever chaps these enarques – they want to be seen to have thought of everything.

More about capital punishment

David Davis

My esteemed LA colleague from Scotland wrote a piece the other day, here. This was, _inter alia_, referring to the issue of capital punishment as ought to be able to be inflicted on unfriendly intruders onto one’s property, none of whom can have one’s interests at heart while they are where they are.

He and I are both iffy about the possibility of the “State” being able to dispense such punichment. History shows that in almost all cases, we are right. This is of course, as everyone will agree, with the absolute exception of Britain and the British Empire and the Anglosphere. Elsewhere, this dispensation has been unsuccessful as the buggers-in-power have never been able to be trusted not to abuse such a delegated right. Or, indeed not to simply usurp that power unilaterally, for various spurious doctrinal Utopian reasons.

However, “polls” show a consistent majority of British people in favour of a return to capital punishment. This is all very well, but they want the wrong solution to the wrong problem, although they think currently that it’s the right solution to the right one.

The problem is that violent and “medium” crimes are out of control because the British socialist state does not want to reduce or control them. It is convenient for it to have a monopoly of force and power of arrest, and for no weapons of any consequence to be held by anyone who cowers in terror, which is most of us – excepting real criminals who don’t mind hurting people in the course of ordinary business.

This is excepting knives, which will be hard to eradicate and ban the possession of, given this British Socialist State’s obsession with forcing us all to eat what my wife calls “unprepared food” – that is to say, stuff that you have to peel and boil (without salt) or even grow, if you are unfortunate enough to be a farmer. Apart from knives, everything else has effetcively been cleared away from all those who most need the gear. I expect that compressed-air-weapons will be next. The number of staged “accidents” involving “boys” is rising.

The State made a contract to propect individuals from harm, crime and loss of property or llife, in return for us surrendering our right to exercise force in the defence of those rights. It has failed, and has signed away our right (delegated to it on our behalf) to kill serious evil-doers. I am therefore not (at this time) in favour of the death penalty returning, unless the reciprocal right to harm or even kill an assailant (vested in an individual) is returned to individuals.

Then, we can properly re-delegate the exercise of that right to a State, in absentia. but we can’t do that, unless we previously have that right ourselves. Discuss!


Libertarian Alliance Showcase Publication No-16:

David Botsford

Why the Right to Armed Self-Defence Against Criminals Should Not have Been Suppressed in Britain, and How It Might Gradually Be Re-Established.

GUNS telechefs food gordon ramsay jamie oliver rick steyn garry rhodes delia smith that other chap whose name I can’t remember two fat ladies diet stalinism

David Davis

The gunnery-director of REVENGE will, in due course, “shift target to next-ahead”, from telechefs to, er, something else. Not quite sure what, yet, I have not decided. But they are food for thought for some posts yet. 

I really do feel like savaging these guys (and they mostly are guys, God Blast them) for some days. Poor old Delia Smith, and all she wants to do is tell you how best to boil an egg, for God’s sake, is sheer harmlessness by comparison.

Long live female telecooks. Great chaps they are. (Not that Tamsin-thingy-woman who is a poseur, because she has a rather large garden which telly-wireless queers want to wet themselves in, while filming, and thinks she can tell people what to eat as she is quite rich, like poor mad tortured Prince Charles who is a socialist although he genuinely believes that he is not. I don’t know what to suggest that we do about him: poor, good-natured and honest, tortured man that he is. He can’t be engaged as a KIng, for sure, it would be too dangerous in the present world political climate. His mind is not focussed on real threats to the Anglosphere.)

Sorry. I don’t really watch the wireless tele vision. I don’t even remember what these people are called. She might not even be a Tamsin, even.

Fog and smoke in battlefield area. Probably not any good to poor sad dead Heath Ledger, though, for you can “search site” for that one post where we got roasted by someone who said “f*** you!!!!!!” (We don’t print 4-letter-words on this blog. I don’t allow it. No. Not. Nada. Zilch. Only in the comments, put in by others, to show who we are, and who the enemy are.)

Oh, and “Two Fat ladies” are great, even though one of them is dead.

This is absolutely great, and there is now hope for the West, but it is not what….

….the peace-loving Danes who invented LEGO intended!

David Davis

I was idly scavenging up stuff from the Grandest Library in the History of the World, without which we would all be intellectually poorer and even less free than now, when I came across this on Boing Boing (stupid name for a blog, sorry, it just is. Change it while there’s time.)

Samizdata alerted me to the fact that the Grauniad had published a list of the Earth’s 50 most powerful blogs. As the “Huffington Post” came top, and I have to confess to not regarding that, er, Miss Arianna Stassinopoulos in quite the positive light that the rest of the world does (I heard about what she got up to at Oxford and sort of er later), I skipped number 1 and went to number 2. So you got a story instead.

As a Lancashire man, I have often been saddened at two things about LEGO – (1) its later-lifestage in which it degenerated into loads of pre-fabricated parts that killed the creative initiative, being already moulded to look like people, trees, aerials, propellers, headlights etc, and (2) its total lack of military hardware. This has now been remedied in part by the bits now available from this third-party source!

The same degeneration happened to Meccano in the 1970s-onwards, the Great Imperial Science and Engineering Toy of Man, first made a couple of dozen miles south of here, about 90 years ago.

Since the degeneration of Lego is now probably complete, but others have cottoned on to what boy-Legoers require, I soon expect tank-track-links, turrets, 120mm smoothbore artillery, and a 7-barrel-rotary-machine-cannon in steel-colour, with authentic depleted-Uranium rounds.

The almost complete elimination of WORDS to describe guns, let alone the items themselves if even in plastic, from British nurseries and schools, is a source of worry, since it presages a world in which people look to the State to defend their lives and property against evil-doers, criminals and other socialists. I cannot forsee this ever being an effective defence strategy, as we all know.

Finally, fraternal and collectivistically-liberal congrats to our fraternal Brothers and sororical Sisters at Samizdata, for being rated as a world-blog – even if it’s by the lefties themselves.

Shooting skills, young boys, and prostitutes. Learning to shoot, and defending the Free World against wankers, socialists and “extremists”.

General Peter Cosgrove (Australian) had a lovely exchange with a lady-fascist interviewer, here;


From: Joan Northam

To: Peter W Watson

Sent: Friday, February 08, 2008 11:32 PM

Subject: Fw: Best Comeback line of 2007

Pete -Major General Peter Cosgrove should also be added to our very short list of modern heroes.  You’ll LOVE his response to the addle-brained noodle-witted limp wilted lettuce leftie here! Joan

—– Original Message —–

From: Stan Parr

To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;

Sent: Friday, February 08, 2008 10:38 PM

Subject: Best Comeback line of 2007

THE BEST COMEBACK LINE for 2007… For those that don’t know him, Major General Peter Cosgrove  is an “Australian treasure!”General Cosgrove was interviewed on the radio recently. You’ll love his reply to the lady who interviewed him concerning guns and children.  It is a portion of an ABC interview between a female broadcaster and General Cosgrove who was about to sponsor a Boy Scout Troop visiting his military headquarters.

So, General Cosgrove, what things are you going to teach these young boys when they visit your base?

We’re going to teach them climbing, canoeing, archery and shooting.

Shooting! That’s a bit irresponsible, isn’t it?

I don’t see why, they’ll be properly supervised on the rifle range.

Don’t you admit that this is a terribly dangerous activity to be teaching children?


I don’t see how. We will be teaching them proper rifle discipline before they even touch a firearm.

But you’re equipping them to become violent killers.

Well, Ma’am, you’re equipped to be a prostitute, but you’re not one, are you?

The radio went silent and the interview ended